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Found 3 results

  1. So I made this little meme vid where GBA Fire emblem had Xenoblade style chain attacks and I would love if you could check it out! 🙂 If Fire Emblem had Xenoblade style chain attacks Does anyone here play Xenoblade? If yes which one is your favorite? I'd love to know 🙂
  2. Post your questions, comments, concerns, cries for help, here! story thread OC name origins! Gamma, Clip, Keagan, Alexa: Name generators on Springhole.net, mostly the cyberpunk one. Raymond/Ray: Just how it's described in the story itself, along with a nod to gamma rays. Joan: Joan of Arc! I figured it was a good name for a female warrior type, considering her namesake literally was a female warrior. Russo, Stephen, Lulu, Cal, Clayton, Garth(not an OC but anyway): Random choices off the top of my head. Scipio/Scip/Skippy(don't call his 16 year old self that last one, he hates it): I wanted a kind of Roman sounding name for him for some mysterious reason. It works. Vincent: Vincent Van Gogh. He's the son of two artist types who I can also see being hipster parents who'd give their kid a kind of hipster name. Reyn's mother is named Sienna(meaning a red/orange color) and Gamma's mother is Candela, also name generatored, no connection to Pokemon Go.
  3. Feedback thread These are AU drabbles, written before I finished the game (I still haven't). The game has dropped some bombshells on me and now some stuff in here doesn't fit canon. That being: Try not to spoil anything you think I wouldn't know in your feedback. Constructive criticism is okay. But I'd highly prefer if you don't say "this is bad, that's bad, kthxbai", tell me what's good about it too, or if something made you lol or reminded you of something, etc. Mainly Reyn, but other playables do appear and have roles, along with necessary OCs. I'm in the process of adding one more drabble, but for now, enjoy these. PM me for the smut in Wild Hearts. Eclipse told me to handle it that way. Without the smut, it's PG 13/T rated. These are posted in the order they take place instead of the order I wrote them for your convenience. We start with: Wild Hearts, kind of a romance story. Part three is a meme from Deviant Art known as the pregnancy meme, where I filled out the prompts. Grand Theft Auto, Colony 9! Everything's here, folks, from ornery teenagers to hookers to, well, grand theft auto. Don't worry, the hooker part is tasteful, nobody orders her services. To be continued...
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