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Found 6 results

  1. I don't know how to go about this but I made a few of splices and now I'm going to share them. I'll add to it when I get the mood to make splices again. Also, I may be making some OC's of mine that I make for roleplays. I may also use these characters in roleplays here. (Lemming is coming soon.) Purple-haired knight girl Used: Amelia, Vanessa, Eirika, random village girl from FE7, and Lyn. Palettes from Vanessa, Eirika, Wolt, and Geese. Used: Dozla, Wallace, and Brendan. Palettes from Wallace, Brendan and Garcia Used: Dozla, Ross, Garcia, and Bartre. Palettes from Ross, Bartre, and Garcia. (Oh hey it's my OC Chigai) Used: Myrrh, Colm, Fae, Fir, Roy, and Florina. Palettes from Florina, Colm, and others??? Accepting critiques that will not ruin my self confidence ;w;
  2. So I read an article on ign recently that got me thinking about the concept of gaming hype. Or the buildup of games prior to release. Sure its always been around just look at old ads for NES and Genesis games. But with the growth of the industry as a whole and the explosion of the Internet we now get to see parts of games more frequently and some such as Smash get built up pretty high. Why not do this? It is essentially pregaming and advertising for the developers and the companies involved. It builds on the emotion surrounding the game and in theory should make more people want to buy it. Well there are some out there that would debate that hype is actually a bad thing and that all it does is build people up only to get jaded and disappointed and in their eyes the game(s) just become a taint in the series they once loved. So where do I stand? Well not going to lie I've bought into hype numerous times (how can you not at times?) and left games feeling slightly disappointed or that they were not as good as I thought they would be. But this is mostly my fault due to a lack of experience and probably reading up more on the game than I should have. That being said its not to say these games were not good games they still were. But I do notice that the less I know about a game I tend to enjoy it more because theres more suprise and discovery involved (this was my case with Awakening) and you get that sense of something new. Hype isn't a bad thing per se especially for the producers but from a personal perspective I've just learned to be cautiously optimistic and take things as they come with a grain salt. EDIT: Link to the aforementioned IGN article if you're interested. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/01/31/opinion-hype-isnt-always-a-bad-thing-hype-is-hope
  3. Topic. Only game I have for 3DS atm is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I technically own Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but I have to talk to my cousin to give it back. Waiting to get Smash as well. Only adding family and a few internet friends. Now, I got Pokemon Y. [12/28/14 12:33:53 AM] John Little: GUYS [12/28/14 12:33:55 AM] John Little: WHAT DO [12/28/14 12:33:59 AM] John Little: I got Pokemon Y [12/28/14 12:34:16 AM] John Little: Do I do a Boy to make him look like me? Or a girl to make her look as adorable as possible?
  4. LET'S DO THIS [spoiler=1-P]MY BABIES AND NICO Tried to split exp somewhat evenly between the two, since I'm using both and DB has that ever-so-sucky lack of exp (only using like 5 units from it though permanently). Miccy used the Dracoshield early on. Miccy's sacrifice was useful for helping Eddy survive the boss, so yeah. Stats: [spoiler=1-1]Nolan was useful as chip+wall here (AND MY AXE). Edward got nice exp. Micaiah got a gr8mazing level up somewhere as well. Dunno if I'm gonna use Nolan long-term yet, but he might as well get some exp now. Stats: [spoiler=1-2]Miccy got to chip quite a lot here so yeh lots of exp to go around~ Eddie got a gr8mazing level up at the start here, which was nice. c: Sothe got more kills than I'd like, but meh. Miccy got the boss kill due to Thani atk bonus + I was in a rush. Stats: Also anyone know how to do that stat sheet thing without screenshotting off Excel like I've seen some people do?
  5. So, I just got KH1.5 from my dad we had this religious thingy over the weekend so he forgot to give it to me but i wouldn't have been able to open it anyways so oh well But he just gave it to me, and I'm about to open it! Then my mom's going to bring KFC apparently, and I can fully enjoy Kingdom Hearts FULLY
  6. anyone a fan of a good documentary???? i am! what are your favourites, good forum people heres some of mine Dig! brian jonestown massacre documentary End of the Century ramones documentary Touching the Void The King of Kong
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