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Found 1 result

  1. Serenes Forest. I used to lurk in the old days; a time of peace where the Fire Emblem Awakening forums is still stable, albeit some sparks and wars. I decided to join, and I wasn't disappointed. But that was a long time ago. Everything changed when a cult called Galeforcers, the people who worships Galeforce, a special ability which allows you to grant an extra turn during battle, attacked. Formed by Olwen, they are trying to summon the embodiment of Galeforce. The deity was said to be not evil though; but it will bring doom to those who misuses their power. The Galeforcers wished to summon them to show the true power of the Galeforce. Some people surrendered to them, which includes bearclaw13, Zeem, and Constable Reggie. Worse, Constable Reggie named himself Constable Galeforce and took the lead of the Galeforcers, and bearclaw13 is a tragic victim since he's used to be a cool guy back then. Currently the effects are starting to hit GameFAQs, a place which have lost their glory long ago, and there is yet a hero who could stop them and return the balance again. But I haven't lost my hope yet. I believe that the storm would end soon, and said hero would stop the wars and return the peace of Serenes Forest(and perhaps GameFAQs too). I was bored
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