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Found 1 result

  1. Galactic Century 0251 Time passes as humanity advances on the small blue rock known as Earth. Currently, two warring factions strive for dominance: The Allied Nations Federation: The Allied Nations Federation, formed through an unison of technological advancement, strong military, and nigh capitalism, ho! The ANF as a faction extends from the Americas to Oceania, as west as the Eastern Asian Islands. Being the first faction to heavily fund space colonization, the ANF succesfully developed 5 colonies currently orbiting the Earth, and it is there that most of its research and development are made. The continents hold a strong army with new technologies being relayed from the colonies fairly frequently, and is fairly self-sufficient in fuel and energy. Weapons development has veered towards all-purpose, in and out of atmosphere combat. and the Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union, as its name suggests, is formed majorly by Europe, extending to the Middle East and inching its presence towards Central Asia. In addition, Africa is entirely under the faction, and Russia is not! While the EU presents itself as a democratic faction, political power over the Union's decisions and resource allocation is very clearly biased towards Europe, with Africa and Middle East housing subordinate ministers. In the grand scheme, EU has been one step behind the ANF on technologies and space exploration, but has made up with its larger available military and access to pivotal fuel and energy supplies. With the ANF having won the space colonization race, EU's efforts have been centered in persuading and allying itself with neutral countries to expand its influence within the planet. As a result, most of machinery and weapons are also designed to excel in land rather than space. Both are trying to form a single party government so that they may control the political sphere on Earth, and neither are willing to budge. A cold war has formed between the factions, as any real, full on war would destroy the planet they are attempting to control. Despite this, there are small skirmishes that take place on their borders from time to time, but these are typically disobeyed orders, and are swiftly dealt with. Though, while the ANF searches for peaceful resolution to their rule, the EU is constantly trying to bully their way into power, starting most of the disputes over the globe. While this stand off occurs, both factions rush their technology and fuss with their policies, in an attempt to gain power over the other and to curry favor with the remaining unaffiliated factions. These unaffiliated factions consist of: Russia, the Antarctic Circle, the Mars Colonies, and for the EU, the Earth Orbital Colonies, which currently belong to the ANF. During this time of cold war crisis, a phantom group has risen in prominence. They call themselves Apotheosis, and they threaten the entire world's order, fighting for neither side. While this rebel group had made no large scale assault on any ANF or EU base, their hackers comprise the best in the business, leaking large secrets from the ANF and EU on multiple occasions. These secrets have yet to provide either side with a leg up in the war, mostly being arms locations and military bases (perhaps a vague foreshadowing), but a rebel group's infiltration so deeply into either side raises alarm bells. Some speculate that this group is a collective of high ranking members from every faction, seeking to tear apart the establishment from the inside with subterfuge and panic, but others see them as simply a ghost in the system, something akin to the "illuminati" from ages past. Today, we zero in on a newly formed military squad, belonging to the ANF. A new Leviathan class space cruiser, situated in the Nevada Desert, has been christened the "Heion Riese" and is currently recruiting a crew. Its first member: newly graduated Captain Jessica Gefalscht from the heart of the Big Apple. While this squad will be smaller than most; a new initiative by the ANF to spread out their man power-- it will definitely be an important part of the plot set to unravel. ---------------- Welcome to SRW ∀! This will be a (hopefully) long sprawling robot based RP, centered around political turmoil, rebel conflicts, alien invasion and best of all, character development! If you are at all interested in applying for this RP, I would suggest you take a look first at this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62898&page=1 I have run a test of the game's mechanics and received mostly popular reviews from it. Thus, if you want in on this, first thing's first is that I need your preferred "archetype". (mechanics to be found in this post: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62898&p=4334153 ) (Signup post is here~: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64127&p=4406174 ) This archetype doesn't choose what sort of character you will make, it simply influences your base stats and starting skills/spirits. Please choose three, in order of most preferred to least preferred: ( here is a GDOC for reference on what each Skill and Spirit does~: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E9XYUDTc_U-sOHqtaIaGB6tlXW8xq6dDvzU_zKJf5Ts/edit#gid=0 ) The Hero! (Limit: 1) The leader of our story, or at least pretends to be! They're charming; distant! Heroic; villainous! Friendly; a lone wolf! The Hero is your mold to fit what you think would be interesting to see leading, or leading astray, the story! I will be very careful on who I pick for this role, as it will demand a lot of creativity from the RPer and will put you in a central position for driving decisions in the plot. [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 6 Shooting: 6 Defense: 6 Skill: 6 Accuracy: 6 Avoid: 6 The Hero is meant to be decent at everything, but specifically good at one thing! If you are chosen as The Hero, before assigning base stats (which will be explained upon signup), you may choose to make any shown stat 10, before other additions, to represent what your Hero is best at. Skills: Command Lv1 Your choice of: Guardd, Predict, or Expert Spirits: Focus Your choice of: Shield, Strike, or Alert The Sidekick! (Limit: 1) The Hero's best friend, or their biggest rival! The Sidekick is someone who tries to match up to The Hero with everything they have, sometimes surpassing them in power, even if not in rank! They're strong, dependable, and always do their best to back up everyone in the group. [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 6 Shooting: 6 Defense: 6 Skill: 6 Accuracy: 6 Avoid: 6 The Sidekick is the same as The Hero, they excel at whatever the player decides is best for them! Any one stat may be raised to 10 before base stat bonuses are implemented. Skills: Offensive or Defensive Support, lv1 Infight or Gunfight lv2 Spirits: Focus or Alert Snipe or Accel The Ace! (Limit: 1) Streaking through the middle of a crowded fight at high speeds, cool and collected, always able to blast their way through any trouble without breaking a sweat; The Ace is the coolest cat at the party, even if they're the only one that thinks so~ The Ace is meant to be strong and fast, good at piloting, and always reliable, even if they might be a bit cocky about their skills. [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 5 Shooting: 5 Defense: 5 Skill: 9 Accuracy: 8 Avoid: 8 Skills: Genius or Expert Hit & Away or EN Save Spirits: Sense Assail or Fury The Plucky Go-Getter! (Limit: 2) Wow! Need a hand cheering up? The Go-Getter is there to make you laugh or make you cringe at a good or bad joke. Always trying to be the center of the group's morale, The Go-Getter wants everyone to get along above all else. Not especially skilled at piloting in any specific way, they still bring something to the table that no one else can replace. [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 7 Shooting: 7 Defense: 7 Skill: 6 Accuracy: 7 Avoid: 6 Skills: Defensive Support Lv2 Mechanic or Resupply Spirits: Trust Shield or Cheer The Quiet One! (Limit: 1) Either really quiet or entirely deranged, The Quiet One keeps to themselves over their past, not revealing it without the heaviest of prying. They're either a master pilot or a master of something, a product of a terrible past or a manic fascination with the mechanical. [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 5 Shooting: 5 Defense: 5 Skill: 10 Accuracy: 10 Avoid: 5 OR Melee: 5 Shooting: 5 Defense: 5 Skill: 10 Accuracy: 5 Avoid: 10 The Quiet One is meant to be an extreme of combat, strong like The Ace, but lacking in something, where The Ace is competent in all forms of dodging and aiming. Skills: Foresight or Fortune Guard or Predict Spirits: Focus Alert or Assail The Hot Head! (Limit: 2) Loud and belligerent, The Hot Head tends to be the first in a fight, always ready to start another! Adept at Melee of Shooting, The Hot Head really just wants to be around fights and figure out how best to make their robot fight better. Whether that be an upgrade to the general specs, or a fancy new weapon, The Hot Head is always on the lookout for the best gear they can get their mitts on! [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 10 OR 5 Shooting: 10 OR 5 (Only one of Shooting or Melee can be 10) Defense: 5 Skill: 6 Accuracy: 8 Avoid: 6 Skills: Counter Lv4 Resolve or Will Limit Break Spirits: Valor or Strike Accel or Alert The Gifted Young One! (Limit: 1) Either bio-engineered through the latest tech, stuffed with robotics, or simply gifted from a young age, The Gifted Young One is a prodigy when it comes to piloting mecha. They're overall strong with near about any robot, but what they lack is experience, leading to poor choices in the middle of battle, a nervous breakdown from the pressure, or not knowing how new technology works. Their skills need crafting and molding! [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 5 Shooting: 9 Defense: 5 Skill: 5 Accuracy: 8 Avoid: 8 The Gifted Young One specializes in ranged combat because it gives them the space away from their enemies that they require to calm their nerves. The heat of close ranged combat is suited better for one such as The Hot Head. Skills: Predict Special or Extreme Spirits: Sense or Attune Snipe The Lofty Dreamer! (Limit: 1) The future looks so bright! But it's also so far away! The Lofty Dreamer isn't especially good at anything! This is temporary; within them lies the potential to outshine any ace! They just have to make it there first. The Lofty Dreamer is a mediocre pilot, but what they lack in skill, they make up for with determination and latent talent! [spoiler=Stats/Skills/Spirits] Base Stats: Melee: 6 Shooting: 6 Defense: 7 Skill: 7 Accuracy: 7 Avoid: 7 Skills: Lucky or Fortune Prevail lv3 Spirits: Gain or Luck Spirit or Accel --------------- There you have it! Please post the three archetypes you are the most interested in, and we will address signups soon after that~ I WILL SAY AS A DISCLAIMER: I am looking for 3 things from you, as an RPer: 1) Dedication. I don't want this to die. I am ready to spent countless hours on this. Are you? Your character is only as important as the work you put into them. As this will be a squad focused RP, with plenty of internal character building, you will matter, even if you aren't the main character. I can't have people joining and then dropping this within a few weeks or a month. If you can handle that, sign up. 2) Availability. I need you around! There will be plot to discuss, arcs to go through, characters to know about, battle to work through. I need you available, and not just available on SF, but also on Skype. If you can't access Skype at least once a day to catch up on anything you may or may not have missed, I will have to skip on you (Serious situations like health, family, surprise work, school/college/university exams, or anything else under that umbrella are more important than an online RP, but if you are simply too lazy to log onto Skype, that's a no go.) 3) HAVE FUN AND GET ALONG! I feel like this is the hardest for most people. You are a group. You should all be able to at least get along with everyone else in the group and work together! We don't need any one man shows, any take overs, anyone thinking they're the most important person. Every character will have their time in the spotlight, guaranteed, but Out of Character, get along and try to make everyone else just as important as you are. Thank you for reading! I hope to see you soon, pilots! (as a note: I will be giving precedence to my testers: Scorri, Ether, Balcerzak, SB, Oersted, and Deku (And Phee if he can maintain Skype and wants in on this from enjoying the test). Every other tester has said they will not be sticking around.) P.S.: I need 9 people max, and I have 6 (possibly 7) from the test, so I will only be accepting 3 (possibly 2) more people! P.P.S.: For giggles, if you want to, give me three Super Robot Wars themes you would want to be applied to your characters attacks (for their first form, upgraded, and a final attack). This will do nothing but give me some extra enjoyment, so if you wanna please the GM, go nuts~
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