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Found 2 results

  1. Tsubaki https://twitter.com/kymg/status/675892941957632002 Sakura and Kazahana https://twitter.com/kymg/status/675913564910039041 He's on a drawing spree today and has a poll about which character he should draw next on twitter. I voted for Saizou and he comes 2nd after Sakura. I hope Kozaki draws him next.
  2. Taking gameplay out of your reasoning, who do you think is the best designed character in the game? You know, in terms of outfit, colors, hairstyle, overall look, etc. Best means what you look for in a good character design. Personality can influence your reasoning, as I believe a good design should reflect the character's personality. Yusuke Kozaki deigned all the characters for Awakening, by the way. Lon'qu, Lucina, and Gerome can't seem to stop tying! So, to truly settle the score, all will advance to ultra finale championship. Lon'qu, the gynophobic heart taker, vs Lucina, the foreseeing time-breaker, vs Gerome, the not so happy masked maker! Explain your reasoning in your post for each character you vote for in your post, if you can. Let's see which design is best in all of Awakening! polls close at 12 pm EST. And the results are in! By a margin of one vote, Lucina defeats Lon'qu. Lucina has the best design in Awakening! Feel free to discuss the results! Final Tally: Lucina: 22 Lon'qu: 21 Gerome: 16 Results: Round 1: Results: Final Round 2 super, ultra finale championship
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