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Found 8 results

  1. It's that time again folks, ZeRo has begun his new list, based more on personal opinion this time as opposed to 100% results, Esam also started a list, (In Euk's first post) and he's going from the Bottom Up
  2. Zero. A thief from Nohr; Leo’s subordinate. He was born in the bottom-most slums, with nobody to call family. Though he has the look of a calm adult, he thrusts suggestive words upon men and women alike and takes delight in watching other people suffer. The biggest admirer of the moon. [spoiler=Marriage/Buddy Seals] Spoiler (Marriage/Buddy Seals) A Marriage/Buddy seal allows a unit to reclass into one of the select class trees of his spouse (S support) or buddy (A+ support). A unit may only achieve an S support with units of the opposite gender (exc. Kamui, Syalla, Zero), and may only achieve an A+ support with units of the same gender. (The credit for the following information goes to Gayserbeam, as I copied the wording of his explanation. Check out the Class Changing and Inheritance Thread for more information. If the users Primary Class is different than their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, even if the user has that class as a Secondary Class already. If the users Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class. If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class.An unlearnable class is a class that may be unique to a character or their children. The following units have unlearnable classes: Nishiki (Fox Spirit), Flannel (Garou), Azura (Singer), Mozume (Villager). If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, and their Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddys Secondary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddys Substitute Class. A Substitute Class is simply a select class a character with an unlearnable class passes down under certain circumstances. The following units have Substitute Classes: Nishiki (Herb Merchant), Flannel (Outlaw), Azura (Rod Knight), Mozume (Herb Merchant). If youre still confused, let me use Zero as an example to try and clarify matters! Zero/Belka: Zero's Primary Class is Outlaw, and Belka's is Wyvern Rider. Therefore, Zero would Marriage Seal into Wyvern Rider.Zero/Nyx: Zero's Primary Class is Outlaw, and Nyx's is Dark Mage. Therefore, Zero would Marriage Seal into Dark Mage. As Zero's Secondary Class is Dark Mage, he would not receive a new class tree from Nyx. There is no marriable female Outlaw in this game for Zero Zero/Mozume: As Mozume's Primary Class is Villager, an unlearnable class, Zero would Marriage Seal into her Secondary Class-- Bowman. Zero/Outlaw!Avatar: Avatar's Primary Class is Nohr Princess, an unlearnable class. Zero's Primary Class is Outlaw, and Avatar's Secondary Class is Outlaw. Therefore, Zero would Marriage Seal into her Substitute Class-- Bowman. [spoiler=Possible Classes] Classes in black are ones Zero can only achieve in either the Nohr or the Invisible Kingdom campaign. Classes in blue are ones Zero can only achieve in the Invisible Kingdom campaign Base Classes (3H, 8N, 11T) Bowman Cavalier Dark Mage Fighter Knight Lance Fighter Mercenary Outlaw Pegasus Warrior Rod Knight Wyvern Rider Promoted Classes (6H, 12N, 18T) Adventurer Basara Berserker Bow Knight Brave Hero Butler Dark Knight Falcon Warrior General Golden-Kite Warrior Great Knight Holy Bowman Holy Lancer Paladin Revenant Knight Sorcerer Strategist Wyvern Lord [spoiler=Expansion of Possible Classes] Primary Base Class: Outlaw Primary Promoted Classes: Adventurer, Bow Knight Secondary Base Class: Dark Mage Secondary Promoted Classes: Dark Knight, Sorcerer Marriage Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the spouses. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Oboro: Lance Fighter -> Basara, Holy Lancer Setsuna: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman ​ Berka: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Camilla: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Charlotte: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Effie: Knight -> General, Great Knight Elise: Rod Knight -> Butler, Strategist Luna: Mercenary -> Bow Knight, Brave Hero Nyx: n/a Pieri: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin ​ Azura: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Felicia: Rod Knight -> Butler, Strategist Mozume: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman Buddy Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the buddies. we listed the Hoshido characters first, the Nohr characters second, and the shared characters last. Subaki: Pegasus Warrior -> Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Arthur: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Leo: n/a Odin: n/a [spoiler=Notice] In the previous optional poll, Camilla placed 2nd and Obora placed 3rd. Therefore, Camilla would get 3 votes and Obora will get 1. Nishiki and Benoit received only one vote each while Effie, Flannel and Jakob recieved none. So Effie, Flannel and Nishiki will be out for two polls (return at poll 15), Jakob will be out for four (returns at poll 17), and Benoit will be out for 8 (returns at poll 21) Setsuna have been added back to the poll. if it is demonstrated again is that the forum is not interested in her, She will be out for 4 polls (poll 18). Subaki, Lazward and Arthur has been added to the poll Note: If you plan to go through multiple classes, vote for the Final/Endgame class. ​ [spoiler=Possible Skills] Personal Skill: Nohrian Restraint: When there is a Prison in My Castle, the user can select the “Capture” command. If a generic enemy is defeated, they will be sent to the Prison Skills are organized alphabetically based on the classes. Within the classes, skills are listed in the order of achievement (e.g. a GK earns Luna at Lvl. 5 and Diamond Strike at Lvl. 15, so Luna is listed before Diamond Strike). Base class skills are listed before promoted class skills. Descriptions of skills Sakura can acquire through her primary and secondary class trees are listed below. Descriptions of all the skills are located on the skills pages. Base Classes Skills Bowman: Skill +2, Prescient Victory Cavalier: Open Assault, Rescue Dark Mage: Bind, Devilish Wind Fighter: HP +5, Roundhouse Knight: Defense +2, Confined Defense Lance Fighter: Defense Seal, Substitute Mercenary: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance Outlaw: Locktouch, Movement +1 Pegasus Warrior: Swallow Strike, Eastern Heart Rod Knight: Resistance +2, Distinguished Son Wyvern Rider: Strength +2, Cut Through Promoted Classes Skills Adventurer: Lucky Seven, Pass Basara: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant Berserker: Rally Strength, Axefaire Bow Knight: Rally Skill, Kunaibreaker Brave Hero: Sol, Axebreaker Butler: Servant's Joy, Tomebreaker Dark Knight: Magic Seal, Lifetaker Falcon Warrior: Rally Speed, Mirror Strike General: Defensive Formation, Pavise Golden-Kite Warrior: Soar, Sun God Great Knight: Luna, Diamond Strike Holy Bowman: Raven Strike, Bowfaire Holy Lancer: Speed Seal, Lancefaire Paladin: Defender, Aegis Revenant Knight: Deadly Breath, Overbearing Sorcerer: Vengeance, Bowbreaker Strategist: Rally Resistance, Battle Command Wyvern Lord: Rally Defence, Swordbreaker Locktouch: User can open doors and chests without requiring keys Movement +1: Movement +1 Lucky Seven: Hit rate and Avoid +20 for the first seven Turns Pass: User can pass through tiles occupied by enemy units Rally Skill: Skill +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one Turn when the “Rally” command is used Kunaibreaker: Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Kunai Bind: When fighting adjacent to an enemy, enemys Avoid -20 Devilish Wind: Enemies within a 2 tile radius receive 2 extra damage from magical attacks Magic Seal: After battle, enemys Magic -6 Lifetaker: When user triggers the battle, recover 50% HP after defeating the enemy Vengeance: Skill x 1.5% chance of adding half the users (Max HP Current HP) as damage Bow Breaker: Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Bow For more info about stats and growths, please go to http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/ [spoiler=Summary] Optimal 1. Adventurer [47.37%] 2. Bow Knight [21.05%] 3.5 Holy Bowman [7.89%] 3.5 Sorcerer [7.89%] Practical (Nohr) 1. Adventurer [47.37%] 2. Bow Knight [31.58%] 3. Holy Bowman [7.89%] Preferred 1. Adventurer [44.74%] 2. Bow Knight [18.42%] 3. Sorcerer [13.16%] DLC 1. Ballistician [47.37%] 2. Dark Falcon [13.16%] 3. n/a Optional poll 1. Camilla (7+3 votes)[18.42%] 2. Oboro (5+1 votes)[13.16%] 3. Shall we dance, milady? (5 votes)[13.16%] So the next poll will feature the sexy, Camilla.
  3. If Zero get's an A+ support with Odin does he get the samurai class line? I just wanted to double check because I've got my Zero character break down pretty much done apart from the buddy seal.
  4. Is she always adopted, even if you S support Zero with a female character? Also, does Kanna exist if Zero marries Mamui? Eponine is an amazing name and has a great design btw. <3
  5. For future reference, and later the recruitment page on SerenesForest, to recruit Eponine (or as some of us know as Epona..) Tested on Nohr Route, Hard/Classic Please thank SteamingTofu for helping me with the info. You can find his twitch stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/steamingtofu Eponine is Zero's Daughter / Child. Starting class is [Outlaw]. General information: - She is the boss unit of this Chapter. - You can't talk to her. - Prioritizes on fleeing the map. From what i've seen though, attempting to intercept her with zero will cause her to run in the opposite direction. - She will avoid attacking units unless forced to. (if she's boxed in, and has to attack a unit to escape; she will do it) Recruitment / Win Condition: - Defeat all units in the map. (Yes, Including Eponine. So don't be afraid to attack her.) She will join you at the end of the chapter. Chapter Failure: - Eponine escapes the map. (Unconfirmed) (Though you can probably still technically complete the mission if she did get away, she might not be recruited. This post is on HOW to recruit her, so we'll treat it as a game over.) Im probably missing info so.. Any other info gathered about this chapter that isn't listed yet here is gladly appreciated.. Including map layouts if someone has a screenshot.
  6. ZeRo who is pretty much one of the absolute best players of Smash 4 decided to do a small video series on what he thinks the tier list looks like currently. He states its even his opinion, and that it may not be right, but here we go. Top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omU3zzwIMlw High Mid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5vl2gtLQuc Now he's gone off tournament results and his own experience. Characters who didn't reach it up to mid even he admits it's partly due to lack of dedicated players trying to learn their best options and just simply results not always going in their favor. His list at a glance is. S Tier: Sheik, Rosalina, Luigi, Pikachu A+ Tier: Diddy, Ness, Mii Brawler, Sonic A- Tier: Villager, Fox, Zero Suit Samus, Mario B+ Tier: Olimar, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Pit/Dark Pit, Wario C+ Tier: ROB, Palutena, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Meta Knight, Kirby, Greninja C- Tier: Duck Hunt, Bowser Jr., Mega Man, Little Mac, Lucario, Shulk, Bowser Low and Bottom Tiers (not in order): Peach, Game and Watch, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Samus, Marth, Ike, Robin, King Dedede, Falco, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Wii Fit Trainer, Dr Mario, Lucina, Mewtwo, Mii Gunner and Mii Swordfighter
  7. YO GUYS remember how the winners of APEX 2015 were being invited to Japan for some Official Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Tourney? apparently that's tomorrow Presenting the CHOKAIGI 2015 tournament http://www.smashbros.com/jp/events/chokaigi/20150425.html dunno where it'll be streamed (maybe that site? maybe VGBC?), but singles start at 1 p.m. on Saturday (assuming Tokyo time) -> 9 p.m. on Friday (Pacific Time) doubles are the same time the next day EDIT: it is VGBootCamp - stream is here OUR REPS ARE: - ZeRo and mew2king - FOW and MJG --- Except FOW can't make it, so they're sending cyve instead reddit thread here basically it looks like singles are invitational (like E3) with a slightly less shitty ruleset than E3 doubles is a 4-team thing, 2 from Japan, 2 from not-Japan - the non-Japanese teams are the first and second place finishers of Apex 2015 SSB4 doubles
  8. Because noone's ever done one of these before... Rules: -All of the growth rates for the player controlled units are set to 0%. -All of the characters will be recruited. -I will be going on Ephraim route (another shocker). -I will attempt (key word there) to achieve the lowest turncounts possible given those constraints. I'll probably edit the OP later on to include other things of importance. Probably. Prologue- 1/1 turn Chapter 1- 3/4 turns One can only hope that the later chapters will be more interesting to watch.
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