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Found 2 results

  1. hello hello ~ as a bit of introduction; call me krad; been drawing for FE since back in the PoR days (in fact if any of you were remotely active on deviantART about ten years ago, we probably ran into each other! :D ) It's no secret that I'm a Zihark fan, and while waiting for his inclusion in FE:H, basically took a stab at drawing him in a Senri Kita (ish) style. Freely admit I got a little lazy with the last 10% of polishing, but hope y'all will enjoy, regardless. Ended up doing the special/damaged poses, and added a progress gif, which can all be seen on my sketchbook site as well. (not a social media link, god I hate social media.) If this strikes anyone's fancy, happy to upload some more art (mostly Tellius, a smattering of Hubert from 3H as well). Didn't want to kill the image limit. : P
  2. I'm planning on doing a rather... interesting run of this game on normal where my endgame units will be: Ilyana - Rexbolt Tormod - Rexflame Heather - Baselard and Peshkatz (Because Sothe gets benched anyway) Mist - Alondite Elincia - Amiti Fiona - Wishblade Zihark - Vague Katti Jill - Urvan Laura - Valaura/Staff Tauroneo - Silver Greatlance Will I have an awful time with Ike's group with only long terming Ike, Ilyana, Mist, and Heather? I think I'll also use Oscar and Mia a little.
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