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Found 1 result

  1. So, what are your favorites and the not so favorites? Mine so far: Favorites: Celica. Shes very lovely to look at, but also a deeply sweet person. Shes stubborn and ruled by her heart, but people point this out. Shes great when she puts her Big Girl Pants on at the end of Act 3. Leon: Should not surprise anyone that i love the purple haired gay guy. Hes done so well, that hes not a stereotype. I love that Nintendo put this guy in. He knows his love is unrequited, and is prepared to deal with it. Mah pewr dude. Plus hes a great unit. Mathilda: Oh shes fantastic. She looks good, is a solid character both on and off the battlefield, and her relationship with Clive is cute. Clair: her support with Gray won me over, that B...yass slay! But shes great. Noble, but not super classist. Shes a lot like Maribelle actually. Mae: Shes so cute. Energetic without being bratty and annoying. Totally hiding that shes got feelings for Boey. I love her supports with Celica and gives her pep talks all the time. Not-So-Favorites: tbh i only really have the one. Gray annoyed me at first but hes got layers and is a cool dude once you get to know him. You know isnt cool when you get to know them? Faye: Shes kind of an asshole. Her entire character revolves around Alm. Theres literally nothing else to her. In a sea of characters with great characterization and depth, she sticks out really sorely. Unlike other characters that are similar (guys like Camilla or Tharja), Faye looks sweet and innocuous. Her design is nice and charming, shes not overbearing in speech either. But shes an asshole. Unlike other really assholish characters like Severa, Faye is not tsundere. But still an asshole. While her A support with Silque is kinda ok, the ones leading up to that really paint a highly unpleasant picture of Faye. She seems to dislike other women, and only wants to be around Alm, and to hell with everyone else. Im sorry, no matter how you paint it, Faye isnt gonna be anything other than a massive jerk to me. I dont take kindly to interlized misogyny, period. (and saying Peri is worse isnt an argument because at least there was more to her than murder.)
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