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Tales of Weagrand - Part 1: Please, kidnap me

Nanami Touko

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The year is 1437.

The continent of Weagrand has seen countless conflicts mar its lands, across its fre countries and nearby isles. While the past is seldom recorded to a comfortable degree, the history books have seen the rise of the main offender in the current era, the Halsprian Empire. Through war and conquest, the country of Halsyn did consume Orevst and form the empire as it is now. With its Great Emperor Jelvrien at the helm, their future seemed bright. Prosperous. Grand.

But time and age saw fit to remove him from the picture. His son was far from the great man his father was... While Jelvrien dreamed of uniting scattered people and leading them towards a better future, his son, Jrevin, saw war as nothing more than a game. Soldiers were pawns for the board, pieces to be moved about. Conquest was a stepping stone to beating the game, to winning. 

So mad was he that his council of knights, the High Tower of the empire, saw fit to remove him. All ten of its members gathered for a usual meeting of war, and with blades drawn, swiftly, the emperor was no more. His members of council were struck down. No one was to know of his passing... Because while he had cared for only war, his knights cared for the people. Halspria was a shadow of its former self, long ruined by a war against a country-- Bravia-- that they could not have won under Jrevin's command. Now, though...

The knights had one last gambit before they could turn their sights on their mad master's target of play. His daughter, the princess, now Empress by right, needed to be put down as well. No member of his royal family could live were they to see a brighter future-- this they believed with all of their hearts. And so, unbeknownst to the populace, the tires civilians who had been told their emperor was now resting and nothing more... A show of good will from the princess was declared. That she would travel the countryside to raise the spirits of the common folk. A ruse, but not one seen through.

Chained and driven by carriage, the princess would meet her end at the hands of "bandits" along the road. Her foray had been made public knowledge. Everyone knew about it. Word traveled fast when members of the royalty were involved, for better or worse... and so did this news fall upon the ears of actual bandits. A group of mercenaries turned thieves by the war... The Wounded Falcons. Their scout, swiftly returning to camp, the news far, far too important to keep to themselves...

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Of course, hopes that were too good to be true must needed be checked. To those already on the business of pillaging, royalty traveling through the old roads was absurdly unheard of, but everyone and their mother heard the same, so there she was --Raz, a scout for a mercenary group turned to banditry to make it in this failing cesspit of an empire--, viewing the commotion along the old road. "Son of a bastard..." It was still hard to believe, even with the carriage right there on Raz's sight. Equipped light in armor and using the trees as cover, Raxz dared to get a bit closer to dispel any doubts. "The caravan is going too fast to be heavily loaded.. it wouldn't be that kind of trap. The escorting team looks royal..." She was flabbergasted. There was no way that bogus rumour was this true. "Damn it... okay. I have to tell Rivane." That was enough proximity for now, sparing the chance of taking too long and letting another bandit group take the spoils took precedence. Thankfully, it was a simple enough task for Raz, half-dragonkin of her own kind, to fly back from her vantage point quickly. Wings strong enough, scaled and feathered, helped her leap from cover until the caravan was no longer in sight.

At that point, speed mattered more than discretion, and with the rest of the group stationed in and ready to ambush, it didn't take long for Raz to land, in front of a knightly figure. "Captain. It's true. There's a caravan, too light to be a trap. It's weird." She made her opinion clear, gauging her words with the fact she actually saw it. "I don't feel good about this, but I don't think we should let anyone else get to it."

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It really had been too good to be true. It was one thing for royalty to be traveling about the country; that should had been more commonplace than perhaps it was nowadays. It was another thing for their exact route, and destination to be so public. It was almost as if they were inviting disaster, but honestly, the feathered man could have cared less. What it really was as far as he was concerned was a chance at action; the princess would be a useful bargaining chip, to hopefully deal with the Mad Emperor. See the unit enough spoils to end this cycle of ending turmoil, and let them lead the lives that all of them deserved to lead. It didn't quite matter, surely the whole thing was to start cleaning up the hundreds of bandits, and ruffians who would come for a shot at the princess, and the knights. Anyone who dared step foot out there would be facing down a column of the High Tower's forces, Rivane was almost sure of it. The Mad Emperor was psychotic with his forces, but this was his daughter--not a soldier, surely this was all just bait. 

Then Raz returned in hurry, and Rivane looked up from his sword, "...They're honestly here? In the flesh?" Rivane clicked his tongue--he'd once again given the Mad Emperor far too much credit, but for the knights to okay something this haphazard... had something changed in the capital? "Your feelings on the matter unfortunately aren't going to come into play, Raz. We can't afford to purchase another day, so we need something that can purchase those days for us. I worry if there are trailing forces, and that this is to be a trap, but if they're not nearby, swift action can keep the tide in our favor. Not to mention... I doubt we're the only ones who came to check on the truth of that report. Stow your feelings for the moment, and rouse the others. We can see how we feel about what we're to do when we done what we need to." 

How far a knight must fall to turn his lance on royalty... Yet, this isn't the country that I grew up in, nor remember. They aren't people who see the plight of the common man, so I need not worry, I only need worry about those under my command... "Cyrus, where are you? Help Raz rouse the others, it sounds as if our gamble may pay off, but we won't have much time. If the Princess is possibly here, then we need to be the first to lay hands on her. It is an unfavorable action, but left with nothing, desperate hands much reach for any future in front of them. At a moment's notice, we move." 

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The hurried return of Raz could only be fortuitous. There would have been no such haste were nothing there... and while perhaps some of the Falcons held reservations about turning their blades on Royalty, Willow held no such quarrels. The royals, the nobles... they were responsible for their country falling to ruin, for forcing savages onto the outskirts, into the forests that they would ravage. Plus, if they pulled this off, there was a large payout waiting for them. Of this, Rivane had been sure, and she trusted the lead Falcon's judgment. To both strike a blow to the callous nobility and secure such a high-value "package", this would truly be a fortuitous day. They need only stick the landing.

"Is it time then, Rivane?" The dryad asked, approaching their leader with a subdued, yet hopeful look. Tightening the wraps on her hands and wrists and rolling her shoulders, the young woman looked up at Rivane expectantly.

"How do you feel we should deploy?"

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As Rivane, Raz, and Willow considered their options, a large axe suddenly thudded into the ground from a nearby tree, followed by a small figure landing lightly on the ground next to it with a grin. "They actually came? Hahaha, the idiots. They really think the whole country is just under their sway even now? This'll be good." Kagi linked their hands together, stretching them up above their head. "We're goin in then boss, yeah? Can't just let this opportunity slip past us, and all that." Reaching down, they grabbed the axe, swinging it up and onto their shoulders. "You know me, I'm just here to prove my strength. Seems like a pretty good way to prove that by stealing a princess out right from underneath her guards noses. If we earn a pretty penny from it too, even better. What are we waiting for then?"

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Silvano had spent his time idling near a tree as Raz gave the update out to Rivane, it seemed like a caravan was in the area with their target. "Jackpot." He lightly shook some dice in his hand as a smile crept across his pretty face. "Welp, far be it for me to question why a princess would want to travel light." Even though Raz said it may not be a trap, the swordsman wondered against that. Still, even if there was a small chance to nab the princess he'd take it. He could get revenge and money at the same time, it was too good to pass up. "Ready when you all are, can't wait to cash in." He pocketed his dice and rested his hand over his blade's hilt.

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"Hmm." Rivane was right, they had no resources to keep it going as it were. "We'll need to be extra quick no matter what, I'll be on it." The ambush spot was already decided, so all that remained was as Rivane instructed. Thankfully, the others were quite on point with answering the call. "Mm, is that everyone else? Got that work done, then. Choose a good spot, don't move until Rivane's call, and get out soon as we get the woman." It was an escalation for sure, to be kidnapping a royal, but desperate times... besides, it'd be a first for interacting with the empire's upper echelon. Almost poetic, with what Raz remembered of passed down stories. "Hm~." With the faintest hint of satisfaction in her stoic face, Raz took a step towards a tree stump, sitting down and taking a swig out of her canteen. Wonder how the princess looks like in person...

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Cyrus emerged from his position in deeper in the forest, revolver in hand. "Right here, sir." Despite the risk they were all about to take, the crow felt some relief that the princess and her entourage were actually here; he'd pushed hard for the Falcons to put everything on the line for this opportunity when the news of the Princess' tour reached them. There were many reasons to justify the risk, ranging from the actual target herself to the likelihood of her having valuable jewelry that they could pawn off to name only a couple. "Though," a light smirk took to his face as the entirety of the Falcons emerged from their positions, "doesn't seem like they need me to kick them into gear."

Everyone seemed eager, which was good; there wouldn't be time to hesitate. "You know the drill, everyone. Hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast. As soon as we lose the element of surprise we'll have the best of the Mad Emperor's knights crashing down on us. It's as Raz said. And If you get injured, come see me. Priority number one is to keep ourselves alive, right Rivane?"

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Rivane nodded as everyone seemed prepared to strike, "Yes, it's time to engage. What we'll need to do is cut off the knights from the carriage, secure the princess, and then escape. We won't have time, or the need to deal with the knights decisively, so incapacitate, disarm, it doesn't matter, just get them out of the way. They'll be expecting a bandit strike, but they will not be expecting one that's coordinated." Cyrus appeared from his place further in the forest, and that meant that everyone was now present, "Kagi, you'll strike from the rear--I can trust you to handle yourself reasonably well. Everyone else will remain with me, and we'll swarm the vanguard. Willow, Silvano, we'll make up our own vanguard, Raz and Cyrus will be covering our rear, and keeping an eye out for potential threats. If the mission goes south, we are to flee; I don't expect we'll get another chance as good as this one, but it will be another chance nonetheless." 

Rivane extended his wings, and landed on his stolen steed, the white lance gripped in his left hand, "Let us take wing, Falcons." Rivane took a deep breath, turning his lance on fellow knights, even royalty had not been on his list of things to do in his life, but he also never foresaw the empire in such a sorry state. Oh if only you could see the world now Emperor Jelvrien...

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And so did the mercenaries-turned-bandits steel themselves for conflict... Hopefully swift and without issue. Little did they know what such an assault would wrap them into...

"Ahhh... I don't see why we have to walk," the scruffy haired blonde man complained, running a hand into his hair and hoisting his sword onto his shoulder. "You'd think they'd want to get through here faster, horses and all, considering the danger... Right, Rina?" He offered a wry smile to one of his knights, shrugging somewhat. The knights and their entourage walked along the western roads of Halspria, carriage amidst them, eyes peeled for bandit attacks... most of them, at least. Despite the blonde knight's complaints, he knew what was going on. A squad of knights several miles down would attack them as 'bandits' and the princess would be slain in the confusion, along with several of the Lower Rung. It's a rough situation... But it must be done. We have to escape the Royalty if we're going to win this war.

Antonio was aware of the High Tower's plans, but he wasn't aware of the Wounded Falcons mere meters away in the trees...

Player Phase Turn 1


Objective: Reach the carriage, acquire the princess, escape to the southwest!

Battle Mastery: Defeat Antonio and Rina before escaping!

All units must escape. If any unit is down on the map when the rest escape, they will be removed from the story until much, much later.

Edited by Nanami Touko
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So she was to form a vanguard alongside Rivane and Silvano. Kagi would wheel around the rear... as they near always did, the boisterous energy from their axe-wielder nearly catching Willow by surprise again. So long as they kept their activity merely climbing the trees... but that axe throwing was always something else.

"Understood, Rivane. To Wing." Willow echoed, striking her fist against her chest for a moment before setting out.


There they were. They were actually here... Raz was reliable, her reports had no reason to be doubted, but... they were actually here. It all came down to execution now. As the carriage passed by Rivane's direct line of attack, and was about to enter hers, Willow took note of a large man with an impressive bow. That would hurt... the two swordsmen closer to the carriage looked impressive, but she couldn't reach them as of yet. Kagi would hopefully funnel them in and rattle them. But for now... get rid of the suppressive fire. Rushing out from the woods and towards the unsuspecting bowman, it was time to begin.

Willow to 8,5, turn Archer 3 into paste!

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Rushing from the trees, Willow strikes!
8 damage!
8 damage!
8 damage!

In a flurry of blows the archer was suddenly send flying to the ground, Antonio freezing for a moment before a cold fear washed over him. This is too early. What's going on? Are these actual bandits!? They would DARE!? "Men! To arms! We're under attack! Protect the princess at all costs!" Evelyn, this isn't part of the plan! What do we do!?

Willow gains +38 EXP and +4 Brawling WEXP!

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The long walk was rather mind numbing, but despite it Rina found herself still vigilant. This was no ordinary march, after all; it was none less than the princess of the Halsprian Empire, and despite herself, she did feel a pang of admiration for her prowess at battle, strength becoming of a modern ruler of Halspria.

So lost in her watch was she that when Antonio spoke, her focus remained a moment before Rina realized she was being spoken to. "Ah... Yes, Ser Antonio." She was one for formalities on any given day, a natural consequence of her heritage; but on a mission especially so, and it wasn't as if Ser Antonio was not rather deserving of her respect; since she'd entered his command, he'd been nothing less than welcoming and conscious of her at every opportunity.

"I do wonder about the route we are taking, ser. Were it not for the importance of our mission, I would not deem it any concern, but I cannot help but consider that we could be rather more averse to risk..."

It was that lapse in concentration, then; at that moment, beyond that shock of blonde hair, a flash of movement between the trees, a rush of violence, and one of their own was down in an instant, an archer, one of her fellow Lower Rung; she let out a momentary gasp, drawing her rapier, the thin pale blade shining faintly in the light.

Bandits...?! So close?! How could they have known--?

Her countenance betrayed none of her confusion, however, and as she echoed the call to arms, she gave her fellow knights nearby a look of reassurance.

Just mere bandits - it may have been a surprise attack, but to fight together would surely yet see them the day won.

"To arms! We must protect the carriage...!"

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Raz would never been wrong, but it really was a different sort of feeling to see it for himself. The carriage, and the retinue of knights--better placed than he would have hoped, but still with enough space for them to break into. The group around the carriage could be reasonably dealt with quickly, and they knew the area better than the knights; breaking away wouldn't be too difficult if done properly. Closer, and closer still... "Falcons, strike!" Rivane called, as he and his horse burst from the forest; what might have been a regal sight years before, was now a man in haphazardly maintained armor, with any sigils or indication of rank tossed away, and only the still-glittering spear at his side to distinguish him from any common bandit. Willow struck quickly, as was ordered, promptly flattening the nearest archer. His first action would be to take care of their mobility as quickly as possible, moving for the one rider in the large group. 

"You protect the princess with such a lackadaisical guard... I suppose you can be glad that death is not on the cards for you, or your princess. How far the knights fallen." 

Rivane Rides Forth to engage Cav 3, and then uses his last space of movement to Canto into his position when defeated!

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First blood had been spilt, or rather pummeled. He watched the archer fly off and scoffed. "If that's the guard we gotta worry about this'll be the easiest meal of my life." He chuckled and rushed out to Willow's side. "Nice work, Willow. I'll take the next one though, so don't worry."

Silvano reaches 9, 5

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And so they set themselves in place. The carriage was still well guarded from the front, but they had left a convenient slack on the rear forces, allowing them to be attacked... almost intentionally so?

Somehow, that sinking feeling that they were not alone strengthened, but she wasn't sure if it was other bandits...

The ambush was called, little much was needed past that point. Raz'd pick out the weaker targets, divide and give a better way for the others to surround the caravan. "There you are..." Training her sights on the spellcaster most exposed from her position, she readied an arrow.


Raz to (4,4), shoot Mage 1 with her bow.

Edited by Xinnidy
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Rivane rushes to crush the enemy's mount!
24 damage!
The cav cannot hurt Rivane!
Rivane doubles!
24 damage!

The cavalier is felled!
Rivane gains +5 EXP, +3 Lance WEXP!

Silvano slides into position!

Raz attempts to feather a mage!
Right between the eyes!
Raz gains +34 EXP, +2 Bow WEXP!

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"Right then, time to--" Kagi burst out of the woods, ready to swing on the mounted knight between them and the carriage, only to have Rivane ride the man down. "Ok, then, look out magic user, I'm--" Turning to the mage, the cat frowned as they watched him fall, an arrow between his eyes. "Ugh, FINE! Moving to the objective since no one left me any fun." True, there were more enemies to fight, but the captain had been clear. The job was to grab the princess and get out and there were no longer any enemies between their escape and the carriage. With a sigh, Kagi sulked over and threw open the carriage door, pointing their axe at the figure within, a veiled lady in an intricate dress. "Right then. You're coming with me. Don't try and fight, alright? I'm not aiming to hurt you, just get some money out of you."

Kagi to 5-8, grab the princess from the cart.

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Fighting. The sounds of fighting were easy to recognize. Was this it, then? The High Tower's plot would come to an end with her death, and they would go on to drive the country either to its demise or its survival. Hopefully the latter... She still truly cared for Halspria, even in her final moments. The people hadn't deserved to suffer under her father's rule as they had, and she would've been happy to join in Evelyn's plot, but, perhaps with some merit, they couldn't trust her. She'd been working to--

Suddenly the door was flung open, an axe pointed at her... but her golden eyes met the individual with confusion rather than shock. "Who... Who, are you?" She didn't recognize them... None of the High Tower's men dressed like this-- it was far too convincing an outfit for such a halfcooked plot to assassinate her. Was this... "Are you, real bandits?" She blinked several times, her heart beating swiftly. This is a chance. This is a chance! The heavens have seen fit to grant me a favor!

"Quickly! Cut my chains! You must free me, and take me with you, no matter what!"

Kagi blinked, staring at the princess who was seemingly extremely willing to come along with them. "I'd been expecting a lot more of the 'Please, no, don't hurt me. Here have some gold if you leave me.' You..." They tilted their head, staring at the woman, wondering if this was some sort of trick. Though, now that the door was open, it was obvious that she was chained. She had clearly been surprised to see them, but it had been almost like she had been expecting someone else.

They scratched their head briefly, looked over at Captain Rivane and then shrugged. Either way, they wanted the princess. Who cared if she wanted to come or not? "Right, chains, uh..." Kagi looked at the woman's wrists, then at their large axe, then back at the chains. "Mmm. Right. Put your hands on the ground, spread as far out as you can. Don't wanna take a hand with the chain. We'll get them off your properly later, once you've explained why you're so excited to come along with some bandits who are trying to kidnap you."

"Whatever it takes!" She didn't bother to hesitate, getting down onto the carriage's floor and laying her hands out as far as the shackles would let her. "Please!"

"Huh." Even the talk of removing a hand accidentally hadn't dissuaded her. She really must want out of whatever situation she was in. They hefted their axe, aiming carefully, before quickly swinging without hesitating. Any hesitation was just asking for a mistake. The axe thudded down, shearing through the chain links. "Hmm, pretty good job, I must say~ Right then, come on. We're getting out of here before all your knights decide to use me as target practice. I've no plans on dying for this job."

Freedom from this mess... But none of the knights' captains would leave her to escape freely. "Right... I'll do my best to help." Now free, her hand latched onto a briefcase that was sat across from her, quickly snapping it open, revealing a large and imposing sword. "I'll fight as much as I have to, to see my country safe..."

"Yeah, I mean, you know that we're just going to be ransoming you, right?" She was going to fight with them? "Did you hit your head in there or something?"

"I'll explain when we're safe. For now, we fight our way out!"

"Yeah, sure, ok." Kagi looked over at Rivane and gave a big shrug as the princess appeared with a sword. "Got the princess, boss? Time to retreat."

Empress of Ruin, Jilyn, spawns!

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Raz's worries appeared to be well-founded; the rear-guard of the princess' escort was shockingly lax, the seasoned knights in the lead and almost conveniently too far ahead to intervene. So it's true, then... The knight's carelessness was their gain, the Falcons surging forth and removing all but three of the guards in one decisive strike. Kagiso moved for the carriage and emerged with the princess still in her freshly severed chains but with sword in hand. There was no doubt, then... "Everyone, protect the princess at all costs! She's no good to anyone dead!" He shouted as he broke from the woods, eyes locked on the blonde swordsman. He looked to be the one with most authority of those in the rearguard; if anyone knew, it was him. He needed to draw his attention away from the wagon...

Cyrus to 8,6, shoot Antonio.

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"Tch! Common thugs... You won't get in our way!"

Aegis of Ice procs!
16 damage!
Cyrus gains 7 HP as a shield!
+14 EXP, +1 Gun WEXP!

Enemy Phase Turn 1

Rina looked over the situation once more as the bandits began their assault, their intend more than clear as they rushed straight for the princess' carriage. Already their light guard was being overrun, with the rest of their column far more distant even than the furthest bandits.

I cannot allow this! Not so easily...!

She rushed forward, mindful only of her duty, rapier moving swiftly, finding its mark in an axewielder caught unaware; as she glanced up at the carriage door, horrified to see it already open, the axe found her, and she staggered - it was no small blow...!

Rina strikes!
13 damage!
Kagi counters!
9 damage!
Rina gains +10 EXP, +1 Sword WEXP!
Kagi gains +10 EXP, +1 Axe WEXP!

"Rina! You bastard, leave her alone!"

Archer #1 aims at Kagi!
12 damage!

There were too many of them too suddenly. Several of the Lower Rung were send to the ground with swift charges, the man on horse back more imposing than most knights he knew... And they were taking the princess-- she was letting them! "No... No!" He couldn't wait for Evelyn to catch up, he had to act now! "Die, for the future of Halspria!"

Antonio swings on Jilyn!
16 damage!
"You dare...! So brazenly!"
She swings back!
14 damage!
Jilyn gains +14 EXP, +1 Sword WEXP!

JIlyn grasped at the wound on her arm after she'd flung the man away with a hefty brandish of her blade... Her eyes burned with rage. "Hear me! This is what the knights perpetuate! They killed my father, deserved as it was, but now they turn their swords on me! To rid Halspria of Royalty, out of fear that I will follow in his steps! They are cowards! Do not let them send you all to your deaths for their fear! I am not my father! Hear me, please!"

"What's going on...?" Evelyn looked ahead on the road, her eyes narrowing as she began to run. "With me, men! The princess is under attack!" Whose damned plot is this... Bravia? The Halidom? I'll have their heads.

The rest of the enemies move!

Player Phase Turn 2!


Edited by Nanami Touko
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As Rina rushed forward into the fight with the other still-standing member of the Lower Rung, who had bravely enough charged as well to defend her as she fought what as looking like an increasingly losing battle, she saw the princess beyond her own foe. Not only the princess, however, Ser Antonio, blade in motion...!

"W-What?! S-Ser Antonio?! Ser Antonio, stay your blade - what, what are you doing? That - that is the Princess! Have you lost your mind, ser...?!"

The words of the princess struck true, more than close enough to hear well and clear; and she hesitated - these were beyond a shadow of a doubt bandits, and yet here she stood beside them, fighting her own fellow knights.

I-It... it cannot be true. And yet - here she stands; surely there is but no greater evidence one might need to fathom her words as anything less than the truth... but-- then, Ser Evelyn...?!

Rina's resolve wavers!

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"Hmm? Hmm." A weird turn of events. The princess was freed by Kagi of all things, but before Raz could think of it further, one of the knights attacked the princess herself. Completely bizarre, but one quick reflex had Raz drawing her bow again. She was to be their hostage, they couldn't afford to have her die by reason of any internal conflics.

"Shut up."

Raz moves to (4,7), fire arrows at Antonio.

"No more... and you, whoever you are, you're surrounded, girl. Dropping your weapons, or are you going to throw your life as well?" Her threathening eyes stared down Rina in her spot, watching that sword arm.

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Raz fires!


A close shave, but her arrow stuck true, Antonio gargling a final, "for, kkhhhn, Halspria..." before falling to his knees and collapsing upon the ground...

Raz gains 67 EXP and 2 Bow WEXP!

Raz levels!


Jilyn snatched the veil from her head and quickly wrapped it around her arm's wound, taking great care to avoid blood on the actual dress. "And good riddance... I will be of no help to you here, like this. I will wait ahead; pray, do not tarry long here. Antonio may have fell with some effort, but the Knights Captain will fall upon you like lightning in a storm..."

Jilyn spares Rina one final glance and escapes on 1,7!

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Kagi had been given far too much information to fully understand it at this point. The princess was clearly on their side, especially once one of the knights tried to kill her, but then she started talking about how her father was dead? "Wait, but, if your father is dead..." Who are we going to ransom you to??? Still, they had a job to do, and that was making sure they kept the princess. So when she ran off, Kagi threw one longing look back at the battlefield and then sighed. "Captain, following the princess to not lose her. Mission complete, even if I didn't do much. I'll see you all soon."

Kagi to 1-7, escape

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