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Give me your most crazy builds to test!

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Hey peeps!

Recently got back into fire emblem and loving it. Right now, in the middle of trying to finally beat conquest lunatic. One great thing about lunatic to my knowledge is that they DON'T change the stats of the enemies, only throw lot more of them at you. So, I was thinking “in theory” you could test some builds in hard mode and more or less will give you a rough wireframe on how well, that unit’s build will do in lunatic.

So, that why I’m typing this out, give me some builds to test, be it memes or something you think may actually will work.  I have 2 in mind, one for Corrin and the other for Benny.


Nosferatu Miracle Corrin.

Now, this is definitely a bad build, but “in theory” if this works out Corrin should be unkillable. Give them a luck boon, with a partner seal with Nyx or Odin later on should give them all they need. Plus add Kaze as a pair up for his personal skill.

Ninja Benny.

Most definitely someone had to try this out before, but I want to give my crake at it, with a lot prep, will be able to give Benny and Ninja class, with Sol if possible. With ninja, his speed growth, if my math is right should be 35%. Now that not good but with enough speed investment items, food, and rally that should give enough to hopefully double something. Benny has one of the best personal skills in the games, so I want to try to make use of him. Again, "in theory"

Now give me some of your craziest ideas!  

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