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FE5 Chapter 5 Capturing Mareeta Strats?

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Bit of a niche question, but I was wondering if anyone had any particular strategies for achieving consistency in the arena with Eyvel and Nanna in Chapter 5 of Thracia 776, particularly in regards to capturing Mareeta. I know the safest option to get out of the arena with both Mareeta, Eyvel, and Nanna alive is to rush the arena door with a thief, but I also like achieving the different dialogue scenarios that arise, such as from Eyvel successfully capturing Mareeta. Currently, I just try to scooch Eyvel and Nanna towards the door so that only Eyvel can be targeted, and once Mareeta makes her way over there, I try to hit her once with Nanna's Earth Sword before attempting to capture her with Eyvel's Iron Blade. This requires hitting 2 50%s, and leaves Eyvel open to being doubled by Mareeta. Does anyone have a better strat?

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Mareeta will never counter Eyvel, and vice-versa, so your strategy's fine. Mareeta also cannot capture, so since Thracia's invulnerability flag (which Evayle has) can only be breached by capturing, I believe Mareeta is 100% incapable of killing in that situation.

The main problem is that if Mareeta goes under a certain HP% she'll get physic'd, so I think Nanna hits too hard, and she can also randomly crit if you're unlucky. I'd just attempt to capture with Eyvel alone over and over until it works.

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