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Young Kelas?

Arms a bit big

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You should draw some of the other RP characters on what you think they look like since you are this good

Love the horses

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There seems to be some 3D stuff being posted around. Reminded me that I was working on a game a while back, so...


More: http://tinypic.com/4dukx2rs

I'll have to upload some of the later versions. I have a rider sort-of working, and some enemy models (haven't got the AI in yet though.)

Modeling in Blender, level creation and game engine done in Unity. I'm kind of a Unity fangirl, the terrain editor is really nice.

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More recent screenshots from the game. The more complete levels have the rider now; sadly I haven't got her full range of animations working yet. Here's a few highlights; more in the album linked. There are four levels now.



The rider! She exists! Sometimes. Also, first level has a new skybox.


The second level. Lots of rivers, lots of rocks.


Alongside one of the rivers.


Third level. You've seen this place before; now there's a rider. Also hell yeah dramatic ravine jump.


There are actually two points on this ravine that can be jumped.


You shouldn't enter wooded areas in this game. If you do, once I get the enemy AI working, wolves will come eat you. At the moment, you'll just get very lost and run into trees.


Fourth level! This is also new, and hasn't got the rider in yet. Up ahead is a canyon system that you have to navigate. Unfortunately there aren't many dramatic jumping opportunities. Once enemy AI is working, this will be the scene of a bandit attack.


There are trails at varying heights throughout.


I said not many...


I seriously get lost every time I go through this level. Enemies are gonna make it fun.

Why yes, I do have an addiction to dramatic ravine jumping... also, it's hard to drive and Print Screen at the same time.

In other news, just announcing a short comic that I'm beginning work on.


Pages will start to be posted... I dunno, as soon as I can. It's gonna take a while.

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Doodles from the plane today.




Top row: Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream; Kelas, one of the LoAF characters. She isn't dead (for once), just fell asleep somewhere inopportune.

Next row: Tobe, one of the LoAF characters, except I totally misappropriated him from Tamora Pierce; a random (she isn't depressed so much as just tired and bedraggled I think); another random.

Obligatory pony (possibly Francis).

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Tobe's cute! :3 Also, I like your fairy and you draw hair well. Face structure's good too.

The only thing I'd say is you usually draw eyes kinda high on the skull. That's all, though.

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wagh more sketchdump

[spoiler=big sketchdump 1]sketchdump___concept_studio_by_kdanger13-d33z0ga.jpg

Doodles from misc pages of my sketchbook. Clockwise from top left corner:

-A kitty.

-Marker practice.

-Carnivorous bunny rabbit.

-Feet are weird and bend in weird ways.

-Hybrid between a hyena and a wildebeest. From the same discussion as the bunny.

-Someone fleeing down some stairs. Definitely wasn't on the roof or anything.

-Completely nonsuspicious person. (Clothes-change from the running person, really.)

-Feet are hard to draw.

-Game character sketch. Yeah, she's got wings.

-The interior of a broken flashdrive.

[spoiler=stupid trumpet comics]stupid_trumpet_player_comics_1_by_kdanger13-d33z0yl.jpg

his is what I do during orchestra rehearsal. Obviously I am a paragon of humor. Half these didn't even make sense at the time.

Clarification for comic 2: Our rehearsal room is right under a gym that gets used for, I dunno, but there's always dance music coming out of it.

Transcript because my handwriting is terrible:

COMIC 1: Stupid trumpet comics

Player: this is the best instrument

Player: obviously we need lots of them


Director: there are too many

Director: some must leave

All: aw.

COMIC 2: Dangers of playing in University Center

Director: why is there sound from the ceiling

SFX: ~bad dance music~

TRUMPET ATTACK they are loud

but it failed

COMIC 3: The beginnings of the stupidity

Mom: Oh did they assign you an instrument at school is it a Violin are you going to be one of those prodigies oh I will be so PROUD

Trumpet: blaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mom: oh no

Eight years later

Mom: Oh my goodness finally one of them brings home a violin you will be so good at it I am so PROUD

Trumpet player: TREASON

COMIC 4: Trumpets are dangerous


Caption: The TSA do not know what pencils are

Tag on trumpet case: pls no abuse

TSA agent: LADY


tag: AAAA

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I counter that with... more stupid trumpet player comics!


We determined that certain high notes are troll notes. Certain other high notes are raegnotes. Other notes are just awesome notes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the brass section.

Also, trumpet inherently makes you a jackass. It's true.

She also quit orchestra the year after, which is further treason.

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@Scrapdump: Awesome stuffs!! =D The eye is beautifully colored and the posing is great on all of them.

@Comics: lol'd

@Derp: Trumpets and violins are apparently the jerks of the symphonies. Cellos give you shoulders to cry on. I imagine the clarinets are the band equivilant.

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In my experience:

-Violins: Eh. Mix of cool people and kind of high-strung (pun not intended) people. The neurotic ones are fun to scare.

-Violas: Everyone picks on them. Not always as fun to scare as the neurotic violins, more fun to scare than the cool violins.

-Low strings: I have no idea.

-Flutes: More neurotic than neurotic violins, but off-limits for scaring because they pack piccolos. AUGH piccolos. Most. Annoying. Sound.

-Clarinets: Cheerful section that actually likes each other for the most part.

-Oboe: One of the band's violas. The one we had in my old orchestra was kind of a twerp, but I'm not sure he's representative of the section as a whole. Everyone makes jokes about them regardless, usually pertaining to setting the instrument on fire.

-French horns: The other of the band's violas. The instrument is nigh impossible to play well so most of them sound like crap. Most of the ones in my band just sort of gave up on sounding good, I think.

-Trumpets: A bunch of competitive jackasses. Why I became one and didn't switch to baritone, the world may never know. (Actually I do know why I became one; elementary school band director insisted on it because baritone was "too heavy for me to carry around". Pfah.)

-Trombones: Tendency to be hammy and loud, with or without instrument. Source of more than half the band's dirty humor.

-Euphonium/baritone: A cooler trombone player.

-Tuba: A more apathetic trombone player. Also usually bigger, since the instrument kind of requires it.

-Percussion: Loldrummers. May or may not actually be on something, they always seem kinda stoned though.

YAY MUSICIAN STEREOTYPES. I can attest to the trumpet one being true, though.

moar sketchdumps coming soon~

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[spoiler=big zarking image]art_class_sketchdump___more_by_kdanger13-d341h9l.jpg

Scribblings done during art class.

I tried to work out how a winged horse would actually work. Shoulder muscles would have to be bigger, and I added toes back in and made them opposable for catching onto branches. This wouldn't be very big; Shetland pony is probably even too big for this. But yeah.

And a regular horse.

Also equine eye, and potential winged horse eye (meant to be something like an eagle's or some such).

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