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The British Win Again

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[19:19] =-= BRITlSHTRON5000 is now known as Graham_Aker

[19:19] =-= SVENKTRON5000 is now known as Florina

[19:19] <BRlTISHTRON5000> -____-a

[19:19] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We lost another colony it would appear.

[19:19] <BRlTISHTRON5000> He was no true Briton.

[19:19] <Graham_Aker> I am an Ace Pilot of the Union that you call America!

[19:19] <BRITISHTRON5000> We civilized individuals can take America alone.

[19:19] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Indeed, this is fact.

[19:20] <BRlTISHTRON5000> These gormless country farmers must be defeated at all costs.

[19:20] * AMERlCATRON5000 drags on her cigar and throws the end on the ground stomping it with her foot she blows a ring of smoke into the britishes faces...

[19:20] <Graham_Aker> We Americans saved your tea-sipping asses durring WWII.

[19:20] <BRITISHTRON5000> Our British gigalasers can "persuade" any country to join our superior rule.

[19:20] <BRITISHTRON5000> We LET you win the Revolutionary War.

[19:20] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We are skilled at conquering noob countries.

[19:20] <AMERlCATRON5000> HAHAHA...sex doesn't count

[19:20] <BRlTISHTRON5000> America was founded by the people we didn't want in our country.

[19:20] <BRITISHTRON5000> We felt sorry for your incompetence.

[19:20] <Graham_Aker> Our American Super-Railguns can take out satilites in orbit.

[19:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We slapped you around a bit then buggered off.

[19:21] * AMERlCATRON5000 slaps BRITISHTRON5000 around a bit with a large trout

[19:21] * AMERlCATRON5000 slaps BRlTISHTRON5000 around a bit with a large trout

[19:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> :o

[19:21] <AMERlCATRON5000> better?

[19:21] <BRITISHTRON5000> We can't have you American ninnies in our country.

[19:21] <Graham_Aker> Ironically, the people you threw out were the ones who could survive on their own.

[19:21] <BRITISHTRON5000> We are a civilized people.

[19:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We do not rape and pillage native peoples, we exploit them.

[19:21] <Graham_Aker> America isn't made up of pampered blueblooded pansies like Britain is.

[19:21] <AMERlCATRON5000> YOU SUCK dirtbag

[19:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This is more civilized and better economically.

[19:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> For us.

[19:22] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Pansies you say?!

[19:22] <BRITISHTRON5000> Where is your economy now!?

[19:22] <AMERlCATRON5000> up your ass!!!!!!!

[19:22] <Graham_Aker> And who has the World Economy under their thumb? We go, so does everyone else.

[19:22] <BRITISHTRON5000> A shame you're doing such a shoddy job with it.

[19:22] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We have our own money.

[19:22] =-= AMERlCATRON5000 is now known as Kia`nightnight

[19:22] <Graham_Aker> You have the fucking Euro.

[19:22] <Kia`nightnight> night all

[19:22] <BRlTISHTRON5000> No, we don't.

[19:23] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We have the pund.

[19:23] <BRlTISHTRON5000> pound*

[19:23] <BRITISHTRON5000> We have Pounds.


[19:23] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You need to be annexed again to prevent the world from plunging into darkness.

[19:23] <Graham_Aker> ...Which is shared by Scotland.



[19:23] <BRITISHTRON5000> The Scots were smart enough to join the winning team.

[19:23] <Graham_Aker> The US Dollar is the economic standard of the world economy, numbnuts.

[19:23] <Kia`nightnight> NAP TIME FOR EVERYONE

[19:24] <BRlTISHTRON5000> That's why the world economy is so poor. 8[

[19:24] <BRITISHTRON5000> Yes, we all need something there to make us feel better.

[19:24] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This is clearly all your fault.

[19:24] <Graham_Aker> Or Teatime for the British pansyasses.

[19:24] * Kia`nightnight puts everyone to sleep and crawls away

[19:24] =-= MEXATRON5000 is now known as Noremac

[19:24] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Oh damn, I must have my tea!

[19:24] <BRITISHTRON5000> Is it tea time already?

[19:24] <BRITISHTRON5000> *sips cup of tea* o_q

[19:24] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The Korean car company cannot put our robots to sleep when it is time for tea!

[19:24] <Graham_Aker> Who's the UN pussies? mNot America.

[19:25] <Snow_Storm> Wel, I'm back!

[19:25] <BRITISHTRON5000> I think we can all agree the UN cunts are the French.

[19:25] <Graham_Aker> DOWN WITH THE EUROFAGS!

[19:25] <Graham_Aker> ...True.

[19:25] <Snow_Storm> The UN sucks.

[19:25] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The only people worse than the Americans are the French.

[19:26] <BRITISHTRON5000> This we can all agree on.

[19:26] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Yes, this is fact.

[19:26] <BRlTISHTRON5000> It is broadcast on the tele every afternoon.

[19:26] <Snow_Storm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk2OIoIa7kc

[19:26] <Graham_Aker> Still, Britain will continue to follow all UN resolutions while America will say "Fuck You" and do as it pleases.

[19:26] <Noremac> :( well, at least we beat france....

[19:26] <Florina> har!

[19:26] <Snow_Storm> United Abominations

[19:26] <BRlTISHTRON5000> And ruin itself in the process.

[19:26] <Graham_Aker> France fell durring WWII because they surrendered like a buch of cunts.

[19:27] <BRlTISHTRON5000> But we did not surrender.

[19:27] <Graham_Aker> UN = AEU. *Nod*

[19:27] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I don't know why you bothered to come over, we were about to kick ass for we had just completed our first BRITISTRON models.

[19:27] <BRITISHTRON5000> We had that war all wrapped up.

[19:27] <Graham_Aker> We have the Union Flag.

[19:27] <BRITISHTRON5000> Then you Americans came in with your guns blazing.

[19:28] <Graham_Aker> We killed the Wistron10000.

[19:28] <BRITISHTRON5000> Shooting down whoever got in your way.

[19:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> -____________-

[19:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Bastard.

[19:28] <BRITISHTRON5000> This is an act of war.

[19:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You cannot be forgiven.

[19:28] <Graham_Aker> It was a combat demonstration. Your pilot sucked.

[19:28] * Noremac poors what on BRlTISHTRON5000

[19:28] <Noremac> water*

[19:28] <BRITISHTRON5000> And your dare to insult our finest pilots!

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The BRITISHTRONS are all water proof.

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> And bomb proof.

[19:29] <Graham_Aker> Plus, we now have the GN-X, the GN-X III, and the Ahead.

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> And Mexican proof.

[19:29] <Noremac> what about piss proof?

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> ....

[19:29] <BRITISHTRON5000> Especially Mexican Proof.

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You fight with urine?

[19:29] <Noremac> nvm, same as mexico prrof [/joke]

[19:29] <BRlTISHTRON5000> What savages!

[19:29] <BRITISHTRON5000> Ohohohoho

[19:29] <Noremac> proof*

[19:30] <Noremac> you give me no choice

[19:30] <Graham_Aker> We also bought a Gadessa and a Garazzo unit.

[19:30] =-= Noremac is now known as BUSHATRON6000

[19:30] <Snow_Storm> So, how did this happen?

[19:30] <BUSHATRON6000> :D

[19:30] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Oh no....

[19:30] <BRlTISHTRON5000> What is this?

[19:30] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This...

[19:31] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This... joke....

[19:31] * BUSHATRON6000 plays with a slinky

[19:31] <Snow_Storm> This fighting with each other now over wars.

[19:31] <Graham_Aker> Oh, god...

[19:31] <BRITISHTRON5000> This is the best you have?

[19:31] <BUSHATRON6000> no

[19:31] * BRlTISHTRON5000 steps on BUSHATRON6000.

[19:31] <BRITISHTRON5000> Cockroaches.

[19:31] =-= Graham_Aker is now known as Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom

[19:32] * BRlTISHTRON5000 puts BUSHATRON6000 in the bin.

[19:32] =-= BUSHATRON6000 is now known as OBAMATRON7000

[19:32] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Oh shit!

[19:32] <Snow_Storm> Did Persona 4 had a stripper boss?


[19:32] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The Americans are evolving.

[19:32] <BRITISHTRON5000> Oh bugger.

[19:32] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom flies in and cleaves off the Britishtron's arms

[19:32] <BRlTISHTRON5000> They have... technology!

[19:32] <BRITISHTRON5000> It seems they aren't as stupid as we imagined.

[19:32] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> And yes, SS, they did.

[19:33] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> http://mahq.net/mecha/gundam/00/gnx-704tac.htm

[19:33] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Alas, we must stop their importation of goods from Japan.

[19:33] |<-- OBAMATRON7000 has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[19:33] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...Those are our OWN units.

[19:33] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This is a bad omen for your country;s future.

[19:33] <Sm0kUr> damn dissidia

[19:33] <BRITISHTRON5000> Hah, it seems their trash has self-destructed.

[19:33] <Sm0kUr> its makin me listen to FF music

[19:33] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Anywho, http://mahq.net/mecha/gundam/00/gnx-704tac.htm <-My custom Ahead.

[19:34] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Now then, who wants to take on the Union's top ace?

[19:34] <BRITISHTRON5000> Can't make your own mechs so you turn to foriegn countries? Typical Americans.

[19:34] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...It's made in America, fool.

[19:34] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The Americans still make things?!

[19:34] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I am astounded by this revelaton.

[19:34] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom fires the Vulcans at Britishtron

[19:34] <BRITISHTRON5000> News to me.

[19:34] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> YES!

[19:35] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Union = America in Gundam 00.

[19:35] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Blast, I am actually sustaining individual hit points of damage!

[19:35] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The Union has Me, Graham Aker. You Europeans have... Patrick Colasour.

[19:35] <BRITISHTRON5000> Those 1 HP damages could add up!

[19:35] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Vulcans are the weakest weapons on an Ahead, too!

[19:36] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Yes, if this continues without intervention for the next seventeen hours!

[19:36] <BRITISHTRON5000> We have the BRITISHTRONS, the finest piece of machinery to grace today's society.

[19:36] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We might lost a pixel on our health meters!

[19:36] <BRITISHTRON5000> We can't have that!

[19:37] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The Britishtrons are NOTHING compared to the marvels of the Ahead, nevermind my customized Ahead.

[19:37] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom draws the Short Beam Canon and opens fire on the Britishtrons


[19:38] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, and as a bit of a note, that beam can burn through solid armor plating like a hot knift through butter.


[19:38] |<-- Nightmarre has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122])


[19:38] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> *Beam as in Superheated gas launched as a projectile*

[19:39] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...You two are really cocky idiots...

[19:39] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Your Beam Canon... Canon is a Japanese company!

[19:39] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I knew we should have stopped their imports!

[19:39] <BRITISHTRON5000> That's amusing...coming from an American.

[19:39] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom 's beam shots burn clean through the Britishtron's cockpits

[19:39] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> A canon is a type of weapon, idiot.

[19:40] <BRlTISHTRON5000> A cannon is a weapon.

[19:40] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Canon is a printer manufacturer.

[19:40] <BRITISHTRON5000> Using printers as weapons...are theyr eally that desperate!?

[19:40] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...Typo.

[19:40] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Rubbish, you lie!

[19:40] <Snow_Storm> Billy Mays breakin' your back!

[19:40] <Snow_Storm>

[19:40] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom steadies the Short Beam Can*n*on and opens fire on the Britishtrons

[19:41] <BRITISHTRON5000> Our positron shields will do away with your silly printers.

[19:41] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> That's a laser printer, not a beam printer.

[19:41] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom 's beam shots burn clean through the Britishtron's cockpits

[19:41] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> For realz, this time.

[19:42] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Fuck, they have replaced their erroneous weaponry.

[19:42] <BRITISHTRON5000> ACTUAL beam cannons! Amazing!!

[19:42] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom unloads the entire beam clip into the Britishtron's cockpit.

[19:43] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> DIE, DAMN YOU!

[19:43] <BRITISHTRON5000> Haha...that almost tickles. Your weaponry is no match for our superior defenses.

[19:43] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Speak for yourself, I have an l in my name.

[19:43] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I have sustained a pixel of damage on my HP gauge!


[19:44] <BRITISHTRON5000> HOLD ON!


[19:44] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Vulnerary pl0x.


[19:44] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You're overestimating your defenses, Knockoff!

[19:44] * BRITISHTRON5000 tosses BRlTISHTRON5000 a robo-vulnerary.

[19:44] <BRlTISHTRON5000> 8]

[19:44] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom points to the cockpit cover, which is starting to melt from the intense heat of the baragge

[19:44] * BRlTISHTRON5000 uses the robo-vulnerary.

[19:45] <BRITISHTRON5000> Hmm...getting awfully warm in here.

[19:45] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...There's no such thing as a robo vulnerary...

[19:45] <BRITISHTRON5000> Those blasted Americans and their pollutions have gone and accelerated Global Warming!

[19:45] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Yes there is, we invented it.

[19:45] <BRITISHTRON5000> With our superior technology.

[19:45] <BRlTISHTRON5000> And our tea powered brains.

[19:45] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We best the Japanese!

[19:45] <BRITISHTRON5000> Quite.

[19:46] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> No, yout cockpit's just melting. Much longer, and the heat will cause the cockpit itself to combust.

[19:46] <BRITISHTRON5000> Is that so...

[19:46] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We must get a mirror.

[19:46] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> And if British tech is so superior, why don't you have a fighter jet that's better than the American F-22?

[19:47] <BRITISHTRON5000> The careful application of SPF 5000 will calm this blaze.

[19:47] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We do, it's called the Aston Martin.

[19:47] <BRITISHTRON5000> 8]

[19:47] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom reloads the cannon and begins firing on the knockoff with the "L" hidden in it's name

[19:47] <BRlTISHTRON5000> O_O

[19:48] <BRITISHTRON5000> Careful! He might take off another pixel!

[19:48] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Sunblock just blocks UV, not actual burns.

[19:48] <BRlTISHTRON5000> ACK!

[19:48] <BRITISHTRON5000> Our superior British sunblock negates any fire-related problems.

[19:48] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> And the Aston Martin is NOT better than the Raptor. That's a crock.

[19:48] <BRITISHTRON5000> Including melting cockpits.

[19:48] <BRlTISHTRON5000> It also cures AIDS.

[19:49] <BRITISHTRON5000> And every kind of Cancer.

[19:49] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The beams are so hot that they typically bypass fire and just vaporize what they hit.

[19:50] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Leaving nice scorched bullethole-like holes in the target

[19:50] <BRITISHTRON5000> I can't believe it's not a printer.

[19:50] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh boy...

[19:51] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom watches at the Britishtron's cockpit combusts in a volatile explosion.

[19:51] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Superheated metal isn't flaming, bub. That stuff's so hot that touching it woulda vaporized your hand, anyways.

[19:51] * BRlTISHTRON5000 watches as the BRITISHTRON5000's pilot holds up a hand mirror.

[19:52] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...You've GOT to be kidding me...

[19:52] <BRlTISHTRON5000> It is a BRITISH hand mirror.

[19:52] <BRlTISHTRON5000> It is far more capable than anything you might have experience with.

[19:53] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Our mirrors are a type of transformer.

[19:53] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom tosses aside the cannon and draws the GN-Katana

[19:53] <BRlTISHTRON5000> O_O

[19:54] * BRITISHTRON5000 fires the gigablasters.

[19:54] <BRITISHTRON5000> Those who follow the way of the sword get shot by those who don't.

[19:54] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom dodges easily

[19:54] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> We're faster than you!

[19:54] <Snow_Storm> Oh sword?

[19:54] <Snow_Storm> Okay!

[19:54] <BRITISHTRON5000> This is but a quarter of our true speed!

[19:54] * Snow_Storm pulls out gun and starts firing away!

[19:55] <BRITISHTRON5000> You cannot comprehend the full power of the BRITISHTRON

[19:55] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We pull energy from ruptures in the space time continuum itself.

[19:55] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> By the by, GN Particles are these nice little particles we found that have the power of 1000 nuclear reactors stored in a reactor the size of a small car.

[19:55] <BRlTISHTRON5000> And we have mastered control of inertia so we can accelerate at any speed instantly.

[19:55] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> They power this here GN Katana.

[19:56] <BRITISHTRON5000> The power of your blights of nature pales in comparison to the power of space and time.

[19:56] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You realize that whilst we playfully distracted you, the other 4998 BRITISHTRONS have conquered your country already, yes?

[19:56] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Bud, I can beat a Gundam in a Flag. With nothing but a GN sword. I think I can take on your Britishtrons.

[19:57] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Also, don't underestimate the Union.

[19:57] <BRITISHTRON5000> If this mech is the greatest you have, I'd like to see how all the others ones held up against our onslaught.

[19:57] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, dear no! I've got a new unit waiting for me already. This one's outdated now.

[19:58] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Everyone back home has the upgraded units, and there's A LOT more of them.

[19:58] -->| Kirei ([email protected]) has joined #Serenes_Forest

[19:59] <BRITISHTRON5000> Ah, perhaps they will put up a tiny speck of a challenge then.

[19:59] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We might even lose a couple of HP.

[19:59] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom slashes at the Britishtron, aiming to cut it from shoulder to hip

[19:59] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom starts cutting through the shoulder...

[19:59] * BRlTISHTRON5000 laughs.

[19:59] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom continues cutting through the upper torso...

[20:00] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom contines on through the lower torso...

[20:00] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom ends the slash out the Britishtron's hip!

[20:00] <BRITISHTRON5000> Your feeble weapons cannot hope to pierce our solid diamond armor.

[20:00] * BRlTISHTRON5000 kicks the offender in the testicles.

[20:00] <Florina> ok kiddies. good nart

[20:00] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...This is a MOBILE SUIT. they don't have testicles.

[20:00] <--| Florina has left #Serenes_Forest

[20:01] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Yours do, silly Americans.

[20:01] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Unless those are batteries.

[20:01] <BRITISHTRON5000> THey're awfully small for batteries.

[20:01] <Snow_Storm> Goodnight Florina.

[20:01] <BRITISHTRON5000> Ohohohoho

[20:01] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> As for your armor, news flash- Not even Diamonds can withstand a consentrated force equivalent to 1000 Nuclear explosions.

[20:02] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> http://mahq.net/mecha/gundam/00/gnx-704tac.jpg Nope, no testicles.

[20:02] <BRITISHTRON5000> You forget that these diamonds are enhanced by the power of space and time itself.

[20:03] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Yeah, and the Ahead can Quantumize and allow the pilot to 1) leave behind afterimages with mass, 2) sense EVERYTHING going on arougnd him, and 3) break ANY defensive measure.

[20:04] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Don't underestimate the Union!

[20:04] <Kirei> do you watch gundam 00 by any chance

[20:04] <Kirei> lol

[20:04] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Duh.

[20:04] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Do not speak with this savage fool!

[20:04] <Kirei> ok

[20:04] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom watches as Britishtron explodes because the pilot underestimated the Union

[20:05] <BRITISHTRON5000> You have obviously not anticipated the BRITISHTRON

[20:05] <Kirei> to busy re watching the series anyways

[20:05] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Ignore him, he's just pissy that he got owned.

[20:05] <BRITISHTRON5000> Still here, Yankee boy.

[20:05] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You jest!

[20:06] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> I have more honor than you British posers ever seen in your lives!

[20:06] <Kirei> I ignore both

[20:06] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Haha, ahahahahahaha.

[20:06] <BRITISHTRON5000> You know not the meaning of honor!

[20:06] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You two are a disgrace.

[20:07] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This American dares attempt to insult us in our own language?!

[20:07] <BRITISHTRON5000> You are a disgrace to the already disgraceful American forces.

[20:07] <BRITISHTRON5000> You're lucky you've lived this long.

[20:07] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, and for the record, while we were battling here, the Union was busy conquering Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, and Mexico Simultaneously.

[20:07] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Britain's the only one left standing now, and barely.

[20:08] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The occupation forces from France, Spain, Gremany, Portugal, Aurtia, Canada and Mexico are on their way to finish off Britain once and for all.

[20:09] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Plus, You've effectively already lost one of your units, since practically it's entire lower half plus an arm is gone...

[20:10] <BRITISHTRON5000> Tis but a flesh wound.

[20:10] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> It's a miracle it hasn't blown yet...

[20:10] <BRlTISHTRON5000> British technology does not blow up.

[20:10] <Sevensins> GIGA

[20:10] <Sevensins> DURILLU


[20:11] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Take out the one with the L in it's name!

[20:11] <BRITISHTRON5000> You wouldn't dare follow the lead of the American scum!

[20:12] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, but they already have. You may not know this, but we've had Asia under our control for years!

[20:16] <BRITISHTRON5000> So even Japan would follow the blasted Americans..

[20:16] |<-- Shinji has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

[20:16] <BRITISHTRON5000> No matter, the power of the BRITISHTRONS are unmatched. We will destroy every last one of you!

[20:17] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We could do so with our eyes closed.

[20:18] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Whilst eating bananas with our feet.

[20:18] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Yeah... Remember the other 4998 of you that you sent to America? We wiped them out with one shot.

[20:18] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Orbital Bombardment Cannon "Memento Mori".

[20:19] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You presume too much, we destroyed that with our mastery of space time manipulation. All Britons are born with this ability.

[20:19] <Kirei> hahaha

[20:19] <Kirei> memento mori

[20:19] <Kirei> what a joke

[20:19] <BRITISHTRON5000> Yes, look again. Our forces are still strong.

[20:19] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...No, you have DELUSIONS of having this ability.

[20:20] <BRITISHTRON5000> Your delusions of victory cloud your mind!

[20:20] <BRITISHTRON5000> The BRITISHTRONS will crush your pitiful machinery!

[20:20] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Look. There's visual confirmation right here. There's even the wreckage of many of the units.

[20:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You mistake those destroyed units as being British.

[20:21] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The Memento Mori can wipe out COUNTIES in a single shot. your BRITISHTRONS are gone.

[20:21] <BRITISHTRON5000> Look again, you'll see the destroyed armies are not of Britain, but of America!

[20:21] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The Memento Mori no longer exists in this realm.

[20:21] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Stop fooling yourselves. You're the last.

[20:21] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom looks again

[20:22] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...Nope, none of that's American. No GN reactors.

[20:22] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Plus, the British Flag's on it.

[20:22] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Your artists' rendition of victory is not representative of the truth.

[20:22] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> The Memento Mori is still circling the Earth as it has been.

[20:22] <BRITISHTRON5000> Our weapons have completely obliterated your precious GN reactors from existence.

[20:23] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, and your flag magically appeared on our units.

[20:23] <BRITISHTRON5000> You are blind to the truth. The BRITISHTRONS have triumphed over your pathetic armies.

[20:23] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We claim the wreckage as our own.

[20:23] <BRITISHTRON5000> Planted as a sign of our victory.

[20:23] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Stop fooling yourselves. The BRITISHTRONS were wiped out.

[20:23] <BRlTISHTRON5000> So that we might salvage it to make bottles in which to store tea.

[20:23] <BRITISHTRON5000> That's all your mechs are worth.

[20:24] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...And as further proof that the wreckage is of your BRITISHTRONS, I just recieved confirmation that Britain has fallen to the Union.

[20:24] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You have lost.

[20:25] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> But hey, at least the Prime Minister went down with his ship.

[20:25] <BRITISHTRON5000> A ploy to fool you into believing our troops have been destroyed

[20:26] <BRITISHTRON5000> When in fact, they still ravage your country.

[20:26] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh, and I have visual confirmation that both the Memento Mori is intact and that the Union's defense force is unharmed.

[20:26] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Visual confirmation that the Union is BRITISHTRON-free...

[20:27] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...And Visual Confirmation of the Prime Minister's corpse.

[20:27] <BRlTISHTRON5000> These relics which have been banished from existence can still be seen even though they cannot otherwise interact with this realm.

[20:27] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The rest of these images you speak of have been doctored.

[20:27] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Yeah, right. If you had such power, I'd be gone by now, anyways.

[20:27] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> This is an outdated unit, after all.

[20:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We did nothing, your forces doctored the photos so that you would continue to fight.

[20:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> They lie scattered and ruined with little hope remaining.

[20:28] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> And you're full of crap on the others, since it's real-time video footage.

[20:28] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This is clearly the only possibility.

[20:28] <BRITISHTRON5000> You have only lived as long as we have allowed you to.

[20:29] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Yeah, right.

[20:29] <BRITISHTRON5000> We have the power to destroy you at any moment.

[20:29] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You don't have that kind of power and you never did. You're just a couple of insane, delusional mech pilots.

[20:30] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Now then...

[20:30] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom stabs at the damaged BRITISHTRON's cockpit

[20:30] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom punctures the cokpit cover

[20:31] =-= Kirei is now known as Exios

[20:31] <BRITISHTRON5000> Impressive...had you actually hit my unit. You're assaulting a mere afterimage. Consider that a taste of our unparalleled speed.

[20:32] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom stabs through the cockpit and kills the pilot

[20:32] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom kicks the dead BRITISHTRON off the GN Katana and heads after the second one

[20:32] -->| Colette ([email protected]) has joined #Serenes_Forest

[20:32] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Hmm, I guess I didn't kill you... But the scans definitely show that you're critically injured in there.

[20:32] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Now stop being delusional, bleed out , and die.

[20:32] -->| Shinji ([email protected]) has joined #Serenes_Forest

[20:32] <Colette> somebody help me

[20:33] <Shinji> uwhat

[20:33] <BRITISHTRON5000> Foolish pilot...you cannot hope to destroy us.

[20:33] <Colette> shinji help me

[20:33] <Colette> http://www.onemanga.com/Saikano/21/02/

[20:33] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom stabs at the remaining BRITISHTRON's cockpit

[20:33] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom punctures the cokpit cover

[20:33] * Exios comes in and slashes britishtron arm off

[20:33] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom stabs through the cockpit

[20:33] <Shinji> what

[20:33] <Colette> the line "could be our number's up, boy", What is it mean?

[20:33] * Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom kicks the last BRITISHTRON off the GN Katana and sheaths it.

[20:34] <Shinji> it's the same meaning as "our time's up" basically meaning he's thinking that they could be dead soon

[20:34] <Snow_Storm> PENIS!!!

[20:34] <BRITISHTRON5000> Haha...you cannot destroy us...

[20:34] <Colette> thanks

[20:34] <Colette> this man destroy you

[20:34] <Colette> http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg1/sol...ttroBajeena.jpg

[20:35] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> ...Char? Sorry, I'm cooler than him.

[20:35] <Exios> lol

[20:35] <Snow_Storm> I thought that guy look like Master Miller for a second.

[20:35] <Exios> nah

[20:35] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I'm back from sipping me tea, I see that I am unhar

[20:35] <Exios> lol

[20:35] <BRlTISHTRON5000> med.*

[20:35] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> I took down twice the gundams in half the time.

[20:35] <Shinji> we;; O

[20:35] <Shinji> well

[20:35] <Shinji> I'm off the bed

[20:35] <Shinji> night

[20:35] <Snow_Storm> Night!

[20:35] |<-- Shinji has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122])

[20:36] <BRITISHTRON5000> It seems he's deluded himself into thinking he's destroyed us.

[20:36] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You idiots... One of you had their leds cut off, the other has enough shrapnel in them to make a small bust out of.

[20:36] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Even if you arn't dead now, you'll bleed to death soon enough.

[20:37] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Even if we were injured, Britons cannot bleed to death.

[20:37] <BRITISHTRON5000> We are blessed by the gods themselves. Destined to destroy all opposition.

[20:37] <BRITISHTRON5000> Our superior technology is a testament to this!

[20:38] <BRlTISHTRON5000> This is because we ARE gods.

[20:38] <BRITISHTRON5000> We cannot be killed!

[20:38] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> America is blessed by THE God. The One and Only.

[20:38] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Yet your money which conveys this message fares so poorly.

[20:38] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You're not gods, you silly disillusioned twits. You're both dying.

[20:39] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Bureocracy fucks up everything. Even countries blessed by God.

[20:39] <BRITISHTRON5000> The disillusioned one here is you.

[20:39] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> I mea, look at Israel.

[20:39] <Exios> ppl who call themselves gods just end up dieing

[20:40] <Exios> quit being a fool

[20:40] <BRITISHTRON5000> You are the fools, thinking you could challenge our superior might!

[20:40] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> Oh? You think you're gods and that you can remove things from this reality.

[20:40] <Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom> You're the insane ones.

[20:40] =-= Ahead_Mr_Bushido_Custom is now known as Graham_Aker

[20:41] <Exios> hahaha graham was the first person I defeated

[20:41] <Snow_Storm> Oh wow, a religious debate!

[20:41] <Graham_Aker> This battle is over. Bleed out if you want, you're not gonna live more than a fem minutes.

[20:41] <Snow_Storm> I love religious debates! http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/5608/bea...-dead-horse.gif

[20:42] <Snow_Storm> http://www.bittermancircle.com/my%20images/BeatDeadHorse.gif

[20:42] <Graham_Aker> ...Uh, Exios, what are you even talking about, You beat Me?"

[20:42] <BRlTISHTRON5000> The difference here is that we are telling the truth because we are British.

[20:42] |<-- Snow_Storm has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: )

[20:42] <Graham_Aker> ...That's it. Go bleed to death. You deserve it.

[20:42] <Exios> actually I have no idea what is going on I am too busy watching 2 series at the same time

[20:43] <BRITISHTRON5000> We are perfection! You are swine!

[20:43] <Graham_Aker> You are idiots. I'm the one who's gonna live.

[20:44] <Graham_Aker> Now go bleed out in a corner somewhere and leave the rest of us healthy sane people alone.

[20:44] * Exios shoots britishtron's head off

[20:45] <BRITISHTRON5000> I-impossible! We cannot...die...

[20:46] =-= Kia`nightnight is now known as Kia`grrrr

[20:46] * BRITISHTRON5000 collapses.

[20:46] * Graham_Aker watches as the BRITISHTRON pilots die in their cockpits

[20:46] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Grrr... was a Canadian StarCraft player.

[20:46] <Graham_Aker> Idiots...

[20:46] <Kia`grrrr> morons...

[20:47] <Kia`grrrr> blumbering fools...

[20:47] =-= Exios is now known as Kirei

[20:47] <Kia`grrrr> what are we talking about?

[20:47] <BRlTISHTRON5000> America is sour because we pwned it.

[20:47] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We're humouring the Americans.

[20:47] <BRlTISHTRON5000> By pretending we lost.

[20:47] <Graham_Aker> Ha. America Conquered the world, and these idiots are too stupid to realize they got owned.

[20:48] <BRITISHTRON5000> Yes...we are immortal. We simply feign defeat...

[20:48] <Graham_Aker> EVen after they got themselves epically mangled by a lone Ahead.

[20:48] <BRITISHTRON5000> To fool you Americans into a false sense of security.

[20:48] <Graham_Aker> Oh, shut up, you insane wacko.

[20:48] <BRlTISHTRON5000> It is ironic that you call us that.

[20:48] <Graham_Aker> Go die in a corner. Or a hole. Whatever,

[20:49] <BRlTISHTRON5000> If only you could comprehend the truth.

[20:49] <Graham_Aker> It's ironic that you say that.

[20:49] <BRlTISHTRON5000> No it isn't.

[20:49] <Graham_Aker> Considering it was Brittain that got slaughtered.

[20:49] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I see through your thinly veiled lies.

[20:50] <Graham_Aker> ...Aright, I'm ignoring the bumbling psychos.

[20:50] <Graham_Aker> Ignore'd.

[20:50] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You choose the path of ignorance, I pity you.


[20:51] =-= Kirei is now known as Exios

[20:51] <BRITISHTRON5000> You know you've been beat...so you simply ignore the truth!

[20:51] <BRITISHTRON5000> What fools!

[20:51] <Exios> I will show your idiotness

[20:51] <BRlTISHTRON5000> We laugh at your haughtiness.

[20:51] <Exios> I don't care if your immortal

[20:51] <Exios> I'll just fight until the ends of time

[20:52] * Kia`grrrr kills exios

[20:52] <BRITISHTRON5000> I'd like to see you try!

[20:52] <Exios> hahaha

[20:52] <Graham_Aker> Though they;re definitely NOT immortal, considering the rate their vitals are dropping.

[20:52] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Owned.

[20:52] <BRITISHTRON5000> That was quick.

[20:52] <Exios> were fighting still

[20:53] * Exios that little shrimp is too slow for this battle

[20:53] <BRITISHTRON5000> Yes, you are.

[20:54] * Exios yawns

[20:54] <BRlTISHTRON5000> I think today went well.

[20:54] <BRITISHTRON5000> Indeed.

[20:54] <Exios> too tired of this

[20:54] =-= Exios is now known as Kirei

[20:54] <BRITISHTRON5000> Those pitiful Americans didn't know what hit them!

[20:54] <BRlTISHTRON5000> Indeed.

[20:54] <Kirei> lmfao

[20:54] <BRITISHTRON5000> We can only wait for their next act of foolishness.

[20:54] <Kirei> I ain't american idiot

[20:55] |<-- ur_fais has left webchat.darkmyst.org (Exit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122])

[20:55] <BRlTISHTRON5000> You were not here for our battle foolish non-Briton.

[20:55] <BRITISHTRON5000> Indeed.

[20:56] <BRITISHTRON5000> I must recharge my mech...but for now...

[20:56] =-= YOU are now known as ihatezeph

[20:56] <ihatezeph> 8]

[20:56] <BRlTISHTRON5000> 8[

[20:56] =-= BRlTISHTRON5000 is now known as ilovewist

[20:56] -->| Snow_Storm ([email protected]) has joined #Serenes_Forest

[20:56] <ihatezeph> Narcissist.

[20:56] <ilovewist> -___-

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Okay, a few things:

1) I actually hit the ignore button, so nothing you said after that "Ignore'd" comment was recorded.

2) You guys BLATANTLY lost. You just kept saying "Nuh-uh, we can't lose because we're British!" Thruthfully, you guys got owned. Massively. Man up and admit it.

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Okay, a few things:

1) I actually hit the ignore button, so nothing you said after that "Ignore'd" comment was recorded.

2) You guys BLATANTLY lost. You just kept saying "Nuh-uh, we can't lose because we're British!" Thruthfully, you guys got owned. Massively. Man up and admit it.


The British always win. D:

This was all a huge joke anyway.

Edited by Zephyr_The_Light

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LOL yeah i lost interest...sorry guys

but it seemed to have been a somewhat epic battle

I would have joined but...me banned from chat ;___;

Edited by Judge Judy

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Oh, that was just a joke (because you asked for it yourself). I forgot to unban you. >_<




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I like the bit about money as on the dollar it says in God we trust the £10 note has Darwin on it

Darwin<<<God IMO as he explains the origins of man a lot better than the bible

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