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luigi bros

Favorite Main character (Lord), Marksman, and Arch Sage

Favorite unit in each class  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Main Character

    • Micaiah
    • Elincia
    • Ike
    • Sanaki
  2. 2. Favorite Marksman

    • Leonardo
    • Shinon
    • Rolf
  3. 3. Favorite Arch Sage

    • Ilyana
    • Tormod
    • Calill
    • Soren
    • Pelleas
    • Bastian

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Oh, by the way, Elincia & Sanaki aren't lords.

They are close enough. They have a prf weapon and are forced on all chapters except for endgame, which is a different deal

I think the poll just means lords AND leaders of countries. People in high places is a way to put it

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Micaiah, Rolf, and Soren (of course XD)

Micaiah... because... idk really, she just is =D

Rolf has always been my favorite cause he's pretty good for a... somewhat weak unit. I love how he dodges so much

Soren always ends up my best character in the whole game (mostly because I love to battle with him XD). Wind magic is vewy pwetty =)

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I voted Elincia, Rolf and Soren

Elincia, because I think staves + swords + pagasus are a really cool combination. i never really upped her much in games but she has a really cool class (like a Valkyrie on wings). But I really like Micaiah too (although her second outfit looks a bit stupid)

Rolf, simply because he's the best archer ever (give him adept and he kills the dragon king almost on his own)

And Soren, because he's a great character, with a great story, plus he always caps magic, which doesn't hurt :rolleyes:

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