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Dathiason Kx

Tides of War

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For those of you who don't know, this is a sprite-fic. It's where all the action takes place in the form of sprites, but the words aren't posted in the image. Also, feel free to post in here. I don't care. I'm not making a feedback thread for this though.

Chapter 1- Stirring of Fate


?- It's quiet here...

??- Yes....quiet and peaceful.

?- I like it here.


???- You guys shouldn't be here. It's dangerous to be outside in times of war.

?- Hm! Oh, it's just Jed.


Jed-...You should go in Judas. You too, Elise.

Elise- If you say so, brother.

Judas- Let's go, Elise.


Jed- The war...starts up. Let's hope it never comes to this peaceful little island, eh?


Noblemen- Things....must go perfect. Hey! You there!


?- Hm? You talking to me?

Noblemen- Yes, yes, you are the captain, are you not?

Captain- Aye. Do you need something?

Noblemen- How soon until we arrive?

Captain- About three days. Why?

Noblemen- I just wish to be on track of everything. Thank you.


Captain- Something's going on....


Captain- What did you get from that?

Thief- Not much. He doesn't wish to cause us harm, but there's something that blocks my mind from his every time I attempt to enter that specific part. He's hiding something, that much is clear.


Captain- Anything to do with the war?

Thief- It has everything to do with it.

Captain-....this is bad news. I have a bad feeling about this....

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