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All hail the Lords of Elements

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Rubicante> :o

<Scarmillione> wow

<Cagnazzo> !

<Scarmillione> master Golby~

<Golbez> I was gonna be Barbariccia originally :(

<Cagnazzo> He is Cecil's brother.

<Rubicante> lol

<Barbariccia> :( ?

<Scarmillione> I know, he is a Lunarian

<Cagnazzo> yeah

<Rubicante> yes

<Scarmillione> hell yeah!

<Cagnazzo> we could have a Cecil to beat on, while we're at it

<Golbez> I brainwash and confine

<Cagnazzo> or

<Scarmillione> you are facing the lords of Elements

<Cagnazzo> twins to kill

<Golbez> just like Kim Jong Il

<Scarmillione> lol

<Cagnazzo> I like killing twins!

<Scarmillione> I wanna bang Rosa

* Cagnazzo tsunami

* Golbez brainwashes

* Rubicante whatever spell he had

* Scarmillione attacks from behind

<Cagnazzo> Ha ha

* Barbariccia tornadoes

<Cagnazzo> where's that drone, Kain?

<Cagnazzo> ;[

<Golbez> Rubicante fucking heals

<Golbez> the party.

<Golbez> lol

<Rubicante> yeah

<Golbez> that or

<Golbez> show his sexy bare leg.

<Rubicante> Blocks attacks with his mantle which heals him

<Scarmillione> hey

<Scarmillione> you casted cure

<Golbez> how show what's in his mantle.

<Cagnazzo> Scarmillione, be quiet, you're useless.

<Scarmillione> it's because of your curaga, it's killing me

<Cagnazzo> I'm only next to useless.

<Cagnazzo> lol

<Golbez> Of course you guys are talking about hyadain's version of Four Lords of the Elements?

<Cagnazzo> no that's the general tone for the game.

<Scarmillione> yup yup

<Cagnazzo> Wait

<Rubicante> yes

<Golbez> k

<Cagnazzo> wasn't it

<Cagnazzo> ... nevermind

<Golbez> I remembber that from ages ago


<Golbez> still funny

<Cagnazzo> I like the Super Mario World one

<Rubicante> I love Luigi's appearance in that one

<Rubicante> yes

<Golbez> ...

<Barbariccia> fuck yea

<Golbez> you didn't beat ff4?

<Golbez> ...

<Rubicante> give it 500 chances

<Golbez> seriously

<Golbez> Hika

<Golbez> get off chat.

<Scarmillione> give me another chance to beat Cecil's ass

<Golbez> go play it

<Golbez> and not the shitty GBA Port

<Golbez> that is too fucking easy.

<Rubicante> d00d

<Barbariccia> DS version was hard as fuck x_x

<Golbez> The DS version

<Golbez> is hard as fuck

<Rubicante> The real awesomeness starts after the mist boss

<Scarmillione> playing the Ps1 version

<Golbez> but

<Golbez> it's fun

<Golbez> I beat it

<Golbez> It was really tough though

<Cagnazzo> I haven't had too much trouble with the DS one so far

<Golbez> later on

<Cagnazzo> except

<Rubicante> I want to get the Jap version of FFIV DS because it has Norio Wakamoto

<Golbez> you really needed to grind

<Scarmillione> mist boss? The dragon of Rydia?

<Golbez> IMO

<Cagnazzo> with Lugaeborg

<Golbez> I played the JP version of it of course.

<Cagnazzo> Lugaeborg gave me all kinds of shit

<Scarmillione> yup

<Rubicante> Norio Wakamoto ♥

<Golbez> the english voices aren't bad though

<Golbez> Square does a pretty decent job

<Scarmillione> Rydia in Ds is the best

<Golbez> like most of the voices in FF12

<Cagnazzo> I love

<Golbez> are pretty damn good

<Cagnazzo> Golbez's Japanese voice

<Scarmillione> yeah

<Golbez> yes

<Golbez> fuck yes

<Cagnazzo> it's so sexy and powerful <3

<Golbez> it is

* Golbez is sexy

<Cagnazzo> English... not so much

* Scarmillione is stinky

Pay some respect to The Lords of Elements and master Golby

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