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About Racism

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(12:35:55) Big_Boss: Wait, are you really Japanese?

(12:35:56) Zeph|Vesperia: Formal declaration of war blah blah blah

(12:37:30) Red_Fox hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Exit: DarkMyst WebChat (EOF)).

(12:39:31) Rei{Underground}: Yes

(12:39:32) Rei{Underground}: I am

(12:39:57) Big_Boss: Oh cool.

(12:40:07) Big_Boss: Does anyone here have the Century Gothic font?

(12:40:13) Rei{Underground}: What's so cool about it?

(12:40:19) Rei{Underground}: people say that shit only about japanese

(12:40:27) Rei{Underground}: and other foreign stuff

(12:40:37) Rei{Underground}: but someone's like "oh, you're black? DAMN"

(12:40:40) Rei{Underground}: lol

(12:40:41) Nightmarre: lol

(12:40:48) Rei{Underground}: Like Masu

(12:40:50) Rei{Underground}: He's black? Damn

(12:40:54) Rei{Underground}: lolol

(12:41:19) Rei{Underground}: anyway

(12:41:24) Zeph|Vesperia: Because Japan is a fantastic place where all your hopes and dreams come true.

(12:41:30) Rei{Underground}: "holy knights of nightmare"?

(12:41:36) Nightmarre: Because everyone is a weeabo at heart

(12:41:39) Rei{Underground}: you mean where you can buy panties from a vending machine?

(12:41:43) Nightmarre: *weeaboo

(12:41:53) Nightmarre: Every non-Japanese I mean

(12:42:07) Rei{Underground}: except it's only if you're trying to take in the culture, but you aren't part of it

(12:42:26) Rei{Underground}: Like

(12:42:26) Nightmarre: Does not compute

(12:42:33) Rei{Underground}: a white or black guy LIVING in japan

(12:42:34) Big_Boss: anyways century gothic plzplzthx?

(12:42:36) Rei{Underground}: is allowed to

(12:42:37) Nightmarre: Lol

(12:42:39) Rei{Underground}: etc

(12:42:48) Zeph|Vesperia: Tahoma

(12:42:53) Rei{Underground}: Like, I don't go "Yo nigga, get off mah kool-aid"

(12:42:55) Retarded_faggot: I hate black people and yellow people

(12:42:57) Big_Boss: MEH

(12:43:01) Nightmarre: Lol

(12:43:18) Rei{Underground}: k Hika

(12:43:22) Zeph|Vesperia: I thought you hated everyone equally.

(12:43:44) Rei{Underground}: Ah the whole "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally" routine

(12:43:45) Rei{Underground}: lol

(12:44:03) Zeph|Vesperia: I hate humans, so I guess that makes me specist.

(12:44:09) Nanaya|Sick|Sleep: YO NIGGA

(12:44:13) Nanaya|Sick|Sleep: GET OFF MAH KOOL-AID

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