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Giant Enemy Crab Strikes!

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GiantEnemyEnemy pisses in the chat

<Wist> ....

<GiantEnemyEnemy> o.O

* GiantEnemyEnemy runs away

* Nightmarre penises in the chat

* SmartRutter trains GiantEnemyEnemy in a cage

<SmartRutter> try running away now :P

<SmartRutter> clean up your mess

* GiantEnemyEnemy transforms

=-= YOU are now known as GiantEnemyCrab

<GiantEnemyCrab> >:D

* GiantEnemyCrab crashes through cage

* SmartRutter creates another cage made of laser beams instead of metal

<SmartRutter> harhar

* SmartRutter traps GiantEnemyCrab

* GiantEnemyCrab shoots bubbles tha reflect the light of the lazers

<GiantEnemyCrab> >:D

* GiantEnemyCrab escapes

* SmartRutter has sunglasses on and is not affected by the light 8)

* SmartRutter chases GiantEnemyCrab

* GiantEnemyCrab destroys tokyo

* SmartRutter calls out his giant robot army

<SmartRutter> >:D

* GiantEnemyCrab eats many robots

* SmartRutter watches the millions of robots surround the sky

* SmartRutter has them shoot at GiantEnemyCrab

* GiantEnemyCrab has armor that has become stronger over the centuries

<GiantEnemyCrab> :|

<GiantEnemyCrab> >:(

* SmartRutter reverses time

* Nightmarre turns over GianEnemyCrab

<SmartRutter> this making your armor weaker

* Nightmarre hits his weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE

<SmartRutter> *thus

<SmartRutter> :P

* GiantEnemyCrab has spikes on underside

<GiantEnemyCrab> :D

<Nightmarre> NO FUCK YOU



=-= YOU are now known as GiantSpikyEnemyCrab

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> >:D

* SmartRutter moves into the 4th dimension...

* Snow_Storm Summons Hentai Tentcle Monster to attack Giant Enemy Crab

* SmartRutter finds GiantSpikyEnemyCrab's 4th dimensional side to be weak

* SmartRutter attacks it for well.. obviously, you know the rest

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab calls upon Guro Dragon for assistance

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> >:D

* SmartRutter slays Guro Dragon in one hit via his 4th dimensional wormhole

<SmartRutter> hehe you can't get me here

<SmartRutter> >:D

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> :(

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab shoots thousands of bubbles

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab shoots spikes to pop the bubbles

* SmartRutter sees only two dimensional circles from his position

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab the bubbles turn into a drizzling of rain

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> *A rainbow forms*

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab slides across the rainbow into the SEVENTH DIMENSION

* SmartRutter traverses into the 8th dimension

* SmartRutter sends an 8 dimensional ball of energy towards GiantSpikyEnemyCrab

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab eats said energy

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> o.o

* SmartRutter detonates the energy

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab grows bigger

[ERROR] Unknown command “and”.

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab and bigger

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab finally reaches max size

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> *burp*

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> :|

* SmartRutter flattens GiantSpikyEnemyCrab back into the 6th dimension

<Density_Hero> I see blue.

<Density_Hero> Lots of blue.

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab plays epipc techno music

<Snow_Storm> Damn, my Hentai Tentacle Monster didn't kill 'em.

<GiantSpikyEnemyCrab> *Techno boosts GSEC's attack!*

* SmartRutter sends hentai tentacle monster to the 6th dimension with GiantSpikyEnemyCrab

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab spins rapidly with claws open

<RedWistofMusashisHanz> o_O

<RedWistofMusashisHanz> Back

* SmartRutter flattens GiantSpikyEnemyCrab a number of times until it is but a mere 2 dimensional flat piece of paper

<SmartRutter> >:D

<SmartRutter> welcome to the 2nd dimension

<RedWistofMusashisHanz> No

<RedWistofMusashisHanz> Welcome to the 5th dimension

* GiantSpikyEnemyCrab retreats to lair in space

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