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5 hours ago, Arcanite said:

Baton pass really got banned huh?

Well I only play random battles anyway so it's not gonna impact me that much XD

Ayup. The big issue was that Sun and Moon brought with them two of the biggest recipients of Speed boosts, namely Magearna and Necrozma. The former in particular could easily get out of hand thanks to its ability, and the latter can wreck the tier with a boosted Stored Power (except Dark types, but that's why Dugtrio's there), in addition to being hard to break once it boosts its Defense (which leaves Toxic as the only real way to address it... except for the part where if there is a Toxic user that can trouble it, Espeon gets passed to instead). 

Isn't Zurg.

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Name is a combination of a skill in Heroes, and I'm pretty sure Rex is the Latin word for king or something.

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