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Why, hello there.

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Hi! I'm Dust, Dustinht, or DustyScythe. But you can just call me Dust.

Well, I heard of this site through GameFAQS as we have some small debates there, and almost all debates reference back to this website, where much information about averages, skills, characters and such can be found. When someone is truly misguided, we reference them here.

So, why not come here and help some of the misguided here as well?

That's why I signed up.

My favorite Fire Emblem is the Sacred Stones, simply because it's so customizable. Your Ross could be a Berserker, a Warrior, or even a Hero! And sometimes I just like cruising through armies of squishy soldiers and stuff too. :)

Well I hope I have a great time here, see ya!

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Salutations, Comrade Dust, and welcome to Serene's Forest!

A lot of Gamefackers and former Gamefackers post here, you'll probably recognize a good number of names on these boards if you look closely.

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