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They Call Me Dr Slick!

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Hello there. My name is Dr_Slick and I am the doctor of love slick (and I also enjoy stealing copyrighted song titles). I was looking for a mature, respectful, and well-manner alternate to GameFAQs Fire Emblem's boards and I saw a link to this site. Figure that I lurk around for a bit, see how this place is and figure hey, why not?

I first heard about the Fire Emblem series, like everyone else, through the Super Smash Bros. series with Roy and Marth. My first thought was like "Who in the hell all these guys?" Cuase you know, you grew up with Nintendo and video game characters like Link, Mario, Pikachu, Sub-Zero, Lara Coft, Rayman, Cloud, Terra, but you never these guys name Roy and Marth. Sadly, I was a bit young back when I first saw Roy and Marth and I didn't had the tools to do some research about the series until years later when Fire Emblem 7 came to American shores.

I pick up the box art and look at Eliwood and thought "Okay, so is that Roy and why his sword is so large"? Then I look at Hector, who I once believed to be Marth and asked myself "Now, why Marth sudden got buffed and have an axe"? Then I started doing some resorce about the series and found about the truth about the series. The more I resorce, the more deep I wanted to know about the series. I started emulating the SNES Fire Emblem (think it was FE3 with the remake of the very first FE game) and I just feel in love with it despite me not knowing a lick of Japanese. Maybe it's the gameplay that drew me (okay, yeah, since I can't understand the storyline until recently thanks due to patches.)

What are some of the rules (not the common sense ones like no flamming, cyber bulling, etc.) and customs of this forums and how well does the average new member can get to know this place?

Once again, I hope you welcome me into your forums and I hope to have a great time!

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