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I'm not sure what is the nature of his attacks. He even has a new voiceover saying he has a few new tricks.

When I played with Ein earlier I heard him say "I'm back with a few new tricks" If he does have a new attack I didn't notice mostly since it was just Ein and I.

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>Create technology to control machinery with your mind

>Use it to make your dream of catmaids slightly more realistic, still looks contrived as hell

onry you japan

Here's someone who gets it.

Cause' see, I don't know if ever mentioned this but I



Only makes me go... "I WANT TO GO TO MAD JAPAN"

Awwwwww I'm alright with cats :3 Though personally I've barely been in contact with any... but they seem cool.

Just means mine will be ending much sooner than yours is all~

When will your summer break end? :o

I only just started my summer break recently. I think my new semester starts at the end of September...



I bet I have to go soon

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[spoiler=SMT logs]Having holed up in Shinjuku, in this strange future post-apocalyptic version of the world we knew, our next destination was particularly clear to me. Having already outfitted ourselves for success, it seemed natural to revisit the old Resistance base. Maybe Chalis would be there waiting... yes, the odds were against it, but without hopes, dreams, what is a man to do?

A Jaki Wendigo barred the way, stating that none could pass, save those with authorization from Ozawa. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether to take that as a good sign or no. Obviously it precluded her being here of her own accord, but she had been taken prisoner before, so that wasn't ruled out either.

In truth, the answer was neither. All we found at the old HQ was a sad old man, kept prisoner and forced to perform distasteful tasks against his will. Calling himself the Psychodiver, he was a tool helping prop up Ozawa's regime of terror here in New Shinjuku.




With a disheartened sigh, I turned to leave. On my way out though, Psychodiver called out to me, with chilling news and a warning. This... what could this mean? I had heard a voice, a woman's voice, shortly after we'd arrived in this world, and she had sounded like she was in need of help. Neither Ether nor Nightmar had heard, so I'd tabled that in lieu of making it to the safety of Shinjuku and establishing a base of operations. But now a justified worry ate away at me.




Despite the Psychodiver's warning, I had no leads to go off of, and Ether was chomping at the bit to deal with Ozawa here in Shinjuku. I can't say I blame him, as people everywhere were miserable, living in fear of the Private Police and scarcely disguised protection rackets. We didn't know where exactly he'd established himself, but rather than charge in half-cocked, I managed to convince Ether that we needed to collect all the intel we could. In the course of our investigations, truthfully somewhat surreal in contrast as the differences between the Shinjuku I remembered from just days ago my time with this new one, various rumors were uncovered. None pointed out Ozawa's location, although it did become clear he'd somehow made a pact with demons, forming the backbone of his power. That wasn't unexpected news to be honest. The rumors about life outside of Shinjuku actually caught my attention a little more. There were happenings in both Shibuya and Roppongi that needed investigating, and the case with Roppongi had conflicting accounts. One was that it was a city safe from demons, and that nobody had returned from their pilgrimages there because they never wanted to leave. Another was that there was a more sinister reason why nobody ever returned... The girl at Shibuya was my more immediate interest, however, for reasons I'm sure you can understand.



As a finally ironic blessing, I stumbled across an old collector with a fascinating desire for my old yen. He offered to pay me for them, and then in a euphoric daze stumbled away muttering oddly to himself phrases like "near mint condition!" and "hasn't aged a bit, could have been printed yesterday!"


We finally stumbled across Ozawa's location. It was in the old offices that the yakuza had been using prior to the world's destruction, in the corner of Shinjuku just right of the west entrance, on the opposite side of the fusion building. Pushing our way past one of his underlings we confront him and Ether decries the villany of his ways. He counters back that we need to "know our place" and that we remind him of a gang of fellows that gave him trouble thirty years ago. "Even look like they do," he muttered before siccing the big guns on us.




Ozawa's contract was with a powerful demon, and it managed to sweep in and catch us by surprise, getting a solid attack off before any of us were ready, doing nearly half-damage straight down the party line. Nightmar cried out with the obvious, and as we were making our escape Ether furiously bemoaned the situation. Some flash of inspiration struck him, however, and a desperate plan took hold in his mind and he refused to budge on the issue. Nightmar was understandably shocked, and argued against it, providing several key points, to which Ether's only rebuttal was "You wouldn't understand, you never had to live the kind of life I did." To be honest, I definitely would be siding with Night on this one, but it wasn't my call.





Hotfooting it over to the fusion building, Ether grabs one of my demons by the shoulder, luckily the easily replaced Momonufu I'd fused just a little earlier, not realizing it roamed the halls of Ozawa's den. That left Apsaras, Worm, Kelpie, Hakutaku, and Tangie safe, but just what was going to happen to Ether!? The usual fusion scene played out, and for a moment it seemed that everything would finish okay. Then strange flashing lights played and unhealthy sounds echoed out, and I feared that something had gone horribly wrong (with my rom). Yet when the dust had settled Ether was alright. No, better than alright; he'd taken a dozen levels in badass.






Nightmar was still aghast at his decision, but Ether had no regrets. He'd said a few things that got me thinking, had me a little worried about his past, and his stability. Just how much abuse, how badly bullied, had this poor man suffered? Now wasn't the time to find out however, as after flexing a little bit, and making sure he was comfortable with his new power, he rushed back to Ozawa's offices. Neither Night nor I were just going to let him charge in alone, so we all went as a group. Ozawa was less than amused, yet this time we were prepared. Rather than suffering a sneak attack as he summoned his demon, instead we turned the tables and got the jump on him instead. With Ether version 2.0 the fight was an incredibly one-sided one, slanted in our favor, and soon it was over.




Ozawa was looking weak, and begged for us to spare him. Nightmar went ahead and lowered his weapon, and after a second's hesitation I did the same. I wasn't really a killer, and despite his evils Ozawa was truly broken. Just locking him up in the cell he was keeping the Psychodiver ought to be enough. But Ether, Ether wouldn't have any of this. He just looked at the both of us incredulously and asked if we truly expect him to reform his ways. I was honest, I didn't see it happening. Ozawa was a punk then, and if 30 years hadn't changed him, I couldn't imagine anything we could do would tip the balance. This seemed to mollify Ether slightly, as he nodded, and figuring the discussion was ended, he was coming around I turned to start heading for the exit. That's when it happened.





Ether had in a blink raised his gun and put a bullet square between Ozawa's eyes. Then with grim determination, he stared down each of Nightmar and myself and lay out his thoughts. Our hesitation, our "softness" was a problem for him, flush and giddy with his new power. Despite our times together, and his previous reliance on our support to get by, it seems he had been only sticking with us out of necessity, and seizing on this new opportunity afforded him, he wanted to strike out on his own. How quickly did his loyalties change! Whithersoever the winds of good fortune blow, apparently, was enough for Ether.





Shocked, disappointed, hurt, and honestly feeling a little betrayed, my heart sank as I watch him saunter out the door, leaving Nightmar and myself alone. Still... there was work left to be done here, so after going and healing up we'd have to simply tackle the next leg of things on our own.

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When I played with Ein earlier I heard him say "I'm back with a few new tricks" If he does have a new attack I didn't notice mostly since it was just Ein and I.

Reading a bit more in that thread you posted, it's in the data, but not activated.

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I only just started my summer break recently. I think my new semester starts at the end of September...

Around August 20th

Hullo Emerald

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Hiya FD, hiya Alpha.

Sorry for the mixup, haven't been here in forever.

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No wonder only Nightie got my reference.

Sup guys, everything is fine around here. What about you?

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[spoiler=SMT logs]The first order of business was returning to Psychodiver's cell and letting the poor man out. After expressing his relief at being free, and offering us his thanks he explains that he's going to go have a long awaited drink at one of the bars. That jogs my memory that one of the 'tenders had mentioned something about one of their regulars having disappeared or something. Anyway, basking in a good deed well done, Nightmar and I set off to explore the rest of this brave new world.


The Jumbo-tron is no longer showing Gotou, obviously, instead it seems to have been coopted by the Messianic sect. I'm still not buying what they're selling. If that was a test, then God is a horrible teacher and needs to read up on the most current effective methods for learning. Just saying.


I wander around a bit, trying to remember which way Shibuya was from here and failing, but not all is lost, as I recruit some better demons along the way. I do spot a promising building, and decide to check it out.


That was a mistake I won't soon duplicate. After having taken several steps in there, we have the struggle of our life against a single demon. Having fended it off, the Demon Analyzer app tells me its power level is high forties. Time to book it out of here. We don't quite make it out before another engagement, although this one yielded an unexpected item drop. It's like Christmas.


I continue on my way, finding a bizarre house isolated by the trees that I'm not exactly sure how I am supposed to enter. I resolve to simply remember that it is here, and come back in the future when perhaps I will have figured out a method.


Shibuya turns out to just be a little bit further to the south, and we enter with no problems. I hit up the fusion building here, and my current team is now, Yakshini, Stonka, Cockatrice, Worm, Kelpie, Berith. Following that and activating the terminal in this location, a full sweep of it for rumors, and trying to track down this Messiah girl, proceeds. One of the priests here cautions me not to go into that building in the west that houses a powerful demon. I question his timing, considering I barely escaped with my life from just such a mistake, and carry on. There are a few more hints dropped about Roppongi here, making it more certain than ever that it will likely prove to be my next destination, but for the moment there's more pressing matters here in Shibuya if my instincts and what the Psychodiver told me are to be believed.




I stumble across a television here as well, small-scale compared to the Shinjuku Jumbotron, broadcasting more of the Messianic propaganda. At first I'm not really paying attention to the broadcast, but when I realize that they're claiming credit for the things we've just accomplished, toppling Ozawa's ironfisted rule, and claiming that it was God's doing? Well that really gets my goat, and rankles me in ways I'm not particularly proud of.




In another section of Shibuya there are a pair of Messianic priests. One calls out about the glory that is to happen when their cathedral is finished, eagerly awaiting the things to come. The other bemoans the fact that the construction of this cathedral is falling behind and presses me for a donation. Still upset over the broadcast I decline. However what he says next is interesting. Their current lack of funding appears to be because their Messiah has fallen prey to a case of demonic possession. As I continue to proceed my way through the city, this rumor is repeated by many, one of whom also mentions that a psychic may be able to help.





I finally make my way to where this so-called Messiah is being held, and find her chained up for her own good. She's silent, and unfamiliar, but as I stand in front of her, I hear that same woman's voice, calling out to me and nobody else. My course is clear. Even if my suspicions are off base, I need to help regardless. I backtrack to Shinjuku to find the Psychodiver. He thinks the problem is either another psychic or a demon specialized in invading the mind, and he offers his services in helping us out in appreciation for our having freed him. We return to Shibuya and he projects us into the Messiah's mind. There is something dark, black, and evil lurking here, so the Psychodiver is afraid to journey with us. He is more than content to simply wait at the entrance, in the safety of shallowest part of her mind, ready to take us out whenever we return to him. I have no complaints, because it's as he says, if he were to fall in combat here, we'd all be stranded in her mind with no way out.







The woman's mind is a strange place, alternating pink and blue. At times it reminds me of that other world I was transported to at the last minute before the nuclear holocaust. At others it reminds me of the odd dreams I'd had, where I'd first met Nightmar, Ether, Yuriko, and Chalis. Winding our way ever deeper, we hit pockets of memories, some of which are especially surprising.





These old memories, of the first dream where we saved her, and then of the execution we spoiled have left me absolutely secure in the realization that this is somehow Chalis reborn, her soul found its way to a new body. Other memories are brand new to me, I've never seen them before. While I don't doubt for a second that she's special, an incredible person with the power to change the world, I bristle at the Nun imposing her own interpretations on this fact, rather than allowing Chalis to reach her own conclusions.




Working ever deeper, we finally reach the root of the black fog on her mind, her soul. As suspected it is a demon, woven tight into her psyche, nestled in the utmost depths. It puts up a bit of a struggle, but honestly proves no match for Night and me.




We backtrack out through the twisty maze of the woman's mind arriving again at the entrance for the Psychodiver to pull us out, and back to the real world. Once there he proclaims the mission a success and leaves us to sort out the details ourselves. The Messiah woman is fully aware now, and recognizes me at least, though she admits that most of the memories of her old life are foggy at best, gone at worst. Chalis has utmost faith in me; she's completely willing to abandon her role as the Messiah, choosing instead of her own will to follow me. As she promises to stick with me wherever my travels may take me, I tell her that I am more than glad to have her.








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Hi everyone. Was absent yesterday due to real life stuff, and after I was done with it, I was so tired I even wasn't able to continue my playthrough of Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na, even less being able to log in or continue translating Fujimori. I swear, I needed to sleep BADLY.

You don't own volume 6? D:

Unfortunately, no. And given that Nippon-Export is currently out of business for I-don't-know-what-reasons, I don't have any means to order it. :(

Okay, now, daily Fujimori FE4 manga translation status:

Vol.2, Stage 12: Translation = 100% (22/22), Check & Edit: 100%, ready to post.

Vol.2, Stage 13: Translation = 100% (22/22), Check: 25%(?), Edit: 0%

Vol.2, Stage 14: Translation = 100% (18/18), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 15: Translation = 100% (24/24), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 16: Translation = 20% ( 3/15), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 17: Translation = 0% ( 0/17), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 18: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 19: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 20: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%.

Vol.3, Stage 21: Translation = 0% ( 0/21), Check & Edit: 0%.

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[spoiler=SMT logs][spoiler=Our Heroes]smtherolowforties.png



The first order of business was to go back to that house with the high level demons and try to muscle our way through this time, now that we're significantly stronger, and have a six-man team again. Everything was going smoothly until we hit a magically sealed door that I could not figure out how to budge open. Discouraged we leave with nothing to show for our efforts but an increase in experience. After another round of fusing up, my current array of demons is small, but powerful: Lakche, Cockatrice, Phurski, and Ibaragi-Douji. We press onward to Roppongi, to sort out fact from fiction, and to begin to make headway on those rumors. When we arrive we do find that the city is under a forcefield barrier. We have to get in through an underground entrance, which manages to to a good job at segregating the place from demons, as encounters fall off nearly completely after we're inside. I am a little unsettled by some of what we find. The first buildings I headed to, the Armor and Weapons shops, were both standing empty, devoid of life. How bizarre. Yet it seems that it was an anomaly, as when I visit the disco there is indeed human presence in the city. To my surprise, they have a girl locked up in there, possessed by demons they say. We go to check it out, and you will never imagine my surprise...





It's the girl next door, Nightmar's girlfriend. Life had not been kind to her, having suffered the atom bombs and been turned into a Bodyconian, one of the mindless undead that apparently make up the whole of the population of Roppongi. Yet somehow she'd retained her memories, and longed to be put to rest, so she was locked up and kept apart from the others. Even without Night's pleading, I knew what I had to do. I'd seen a Rags store back at Shinjuku that specialized in trading items or demons for gemstones, and I was pretty sure when I'd checked out their list of what gives you what I had seen a Soul Incense on the menu. I quickly find the Roppongi Terminal and transport us to Shinjuku to pick up the needed goods, and then transport back. Swiftly returning to the Disco, I pass the Soul Incense through the bars. The neighbor girl lights the incense, and then as the magic begins to unbind her soul, there is not a dry eye in the room as she and Nightmar make their farewells.





With heavy hearts and lead in our steps, we continue to explore Roppongi. I found a promising stairway down to a basement level, and we went to check it out. It was a veritable mess of traps down there, poison needles, spear traps, fake treasure chests, you name it. [spoiler=One trap did so much damage our life meters wrapped around and we had more health than our maximum]smttrapgaveextrahealth.png

However, undeterred, I continued my quest to leave no stone unturned, and no square unmapped, leading to the eventual discovery of this strange treasure.


A little further on there was a room with rather elaborate finery and a well-dressed man inside greeted us. He introduced himself as the Black Baron, and told us that he, together with the Red Count, had created this town for a young girl named Alice, and that it had also managed to be a safe haven for everybody else. Knowing what we did from our run-in with Nightmar's girlfriend, however, suspicion lingered in the back of our minds, as we didn't fully trust him.


The basement having been explored completely we returned to the first floor, and soon ran into this Alice for ourselves. She actually was a rather delightful young creature, full of light, brightness, and innocence. She was excited to meet new people, and seemed to want nothing more than new friends, and to introduce us to her old friends, Mister Red and Mister Black. She scampered off to go prepare the way, and we continued our survey of the city, after making a brief transport stop to the healer at Shibuya to cure our poison.




There were a few interesting rumors of note, as one woman mentioned that she didn't have a particularly high opinion of the Black Baron and the Red Count, distrusting in their motives for befriending Alice, and one man mentioned something about a well-hidden, well-guarded important jar. Could he be talking about the same jar I'd already managed to pick up?




The ground floor now fully explored, we climbed the stairs to level 2, which also seemed to be ridiculously trapped. There wasn't much of note there, so we soldiered on to floor 3, where we again ran into Alice. She had prepared the way for us to meet with "Mister Red". He managed to spare some time from his busy schedule, and gave pretty much the same story that the Black Baron had given us previously. The two of them had built this city on rock and roll, all for the sake of Alice, and wished nothing more than to see her happy. They seemed to be on the level, if slightly creepy. Still, no harm done. After our introduction, the Red Count waddled off back to his desk to return to work and Alice tugged on my sleeve with a new request.






She wanted a Hiranya, which coincidentally enough I'd picked up one of at a Junk store awhile back. Alice was the kind of little girl with a personality that makes you just want to spoil her, so I couldn't really say 'no'. I passed her the item in question, and her face lit up with happiness. Now beaming at me, she gave me her next request.


"Could you please die for me?"

What the hell kind of request was that? Backing up suddenly several steps I took another look at her. Still the same innocent little girl, with nary a hint of malice in her expression. "No... Not a chance. I'm not about to die, not for you, not for anyone," I replied, perhaps with more force than was warranted. The effect this had was slow. First her lip started to quiver a little, and drops formed at the corners of her eyes. Then the dam burst, and the waterworks were flowing with full force. She dropped to her knees and bawled, rubbing the snot from her nose, and brushing her eyes. Between gasps for breath she called over "Mister Red" and choked out her side of the story, painting us as terrible villains.




To be honest, I wasn't feeling too good about myself either, it was like I'd just kicked a puppy. But the request she'd asked of me was just impossible. Surely she could understand that? If not her, then at least the Count would, right? He was an adult. After she finished her sobbing explanation he nodded with a gentle expression and reassured her. He would help her get her wish... Oh shit, this wasn't good.



Stepping towards us he transformed into his true form, the demon Belial. Yet by quirk of fate as soon as he approached, the gushing jar we'd found at the basement activated, and sucked him in, bottling him up with no harm done. This was lucky for us, as we'd neglected to heal up, and still poisoned all around things may have ended up going very badly for us. Alice was distraught at the disappearance of her beloved "Mister Red", and disappeared herself.





Our rejoicing at the fortunate turn of events was short-lived, however. Out of nowhere Yuriko showed up, as she was wont to do. First she congratulated me for being strong, smart, and resourceful, and after an undeserved barb about making little girls cry she then demanded I hand over the Belial Jar.






Knowing her for the treacherous bitch she was I naturally refused. However this refusal was short-lived as she simply cast a bind spell on the entire party, walked up and casually took it from me.



Now bound and poisoned things were really looking dire for us. I couldn't access my computer to check the automapping, and it was pretty much the limit of our abilities to limp along until we could get to the terminal. As we were about to leave the Count's office, the worst possible thing happened.

(to be continued later due to posted image limit)

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