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15 hours ago, Soledai said:

Things are comparatively better than when I made that post, if anything

I got money and a new laptop, so I've cheered up. Thanks mostly to the money

That's good to hear.

Money all alone doesn't make someone happy, but as basics it makes someone satisfied.

Glad you're ok!


I will have my third funeral within three years tomorrow...

I can't say I like my life, although as for my person I shouldn't complain.


Anyways sorry, but I won't post in any chat threads on this site anymore because they feel abandoned for me...as most of this forum.

I mainly lurk in the videogame section, that's it.

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13 minutes ago, Elibean Spaceman said:

This thread will never die

Nope. It's still dead. No one wants to talk about anything anymore like in the days when we did.

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It'd likely only take the original people coming back. Since otherwise people simply are active elsewhere, like at Teehee. Which is basically this place's successor in that regard.

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FE4Thread is like that friendship you had during highschool or the place you used to go to that made you feel all comfortable and cozy inside and you revisit it to relive those good old moments but instead feel empty as life moved on and so did your feelings

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