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ITT I rank the characters

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This is a very long rating, and within a few sentences you'll know why.

There's always talk about who the best unit in the game is. Some say it's Ike. Some say it's Reyson. The correct answer, however, is Haar.

Flying gives Haar HUGE utility value throughout the game, especially in early part 3 where he's the ONLY flier. Yes folks, Haar's the only guy who's gonna fly over those fences in 3-3 to set those supply depots on fire several turns earlier than if you didn't use him, or have him fly around and block the senators in while Heather steals from them; glhf in that chapter without his help. He's the only guy who can fly up the cliffs and hammer those generals blocking your way in 3-4, since otherwise everyone is forced to go up the same path up the mountain, and you'll quickly get backlogged. 3-5 has a mix of ledges, cliffs, and thickets, which he doesn't care about. 3-7 is a swamp which will pwn everyone else except the two hawks (technically Reyson too, but he can't fight).

And we look at outside of early part 3. 2-E lets him fly up and down the ledges at will. He can stand on a trap in 3-11 and let others safely pass, let alone fly over all the barricades in that chapter. He pwns the face out of everything in 4-3, particularly because your other units who are going to the desert are laguz who do not have any 2-range in a chapter where lots of enemies have 2-range, or mages who can't be taking hits for long (you have other beorc fliers, but they're largely bad/mediocre, like the pegs). 4-3 is essentially "Haar solos the map". or you can send him to 4-4, with all the wtfledges that Haar laughs at.

And then all the normal benefits with canto, which I don't really need to list. We all know why the paladins/fliers were godly in FE9. Now imagine Haar being the same, only not caring about terrain, and removing bow weakness and replacing it with LOLTHUNDER, making it even better. See, unlike, say, Jill, where canto doesn't do much for her because she's not very good at fighting, Haar never dies, and 2HKO's everything. He doesn't give a damn if he takes hits. He'll be abusing canto so he can position himself to be able to take even MORE hits, tanking everything, protecting your more fragile units, etc.

"but spd"

Many units have issues doubling in the first place. And those who do double consistently have other issues; for example they may have low/average strength, like trueblades, or they're laguz who have transformation issues + no 2-range (like the hawks), or have no availability (like royals) in the face of a unit who has one of the best in the game. Ike is basically the only beorc who comes close, but even he has to be careful of speed screwage. If he gets screwed by a few points, he no longer doubles, and is no longer special. If Haar gets RNG screwed by a few points in several stats, he's still damn useful with flying, still with above average durability/str, etc.

Offense is not the only thing that matters in this game. Durability, mobility, availability, utility, etc. are all things that matter, and Haar is godly in every other category.

"thunder mages"

Even after getting hit by one, he still matches your other units in durability. Against, say, Titania, she'll have maybe 15 more HP than him, but also loses def by 5+. And because he has 9 move to their 6 and can usually OHKO them on player phase because he has so much str, thunder mages are even less than a problem than they sound.


Rafiel has like a fourth of Haar's availability before 4-E. He can chant up to 4 people, but the keywords are *up to*. Because of 5 move + no canto + huge durability issues + not always possible to actually get 4 people adjacent to Rafiel (like if he's against a wall), his net worth in the chapter is not giving 4 people extra player phases.

Leanne has about half of Haar's availability before 4-E. She also can only chant 2 units per turn, and that's if they're on opposite sides of her.

Reyson also has about half of Haar's availability before 4-E, but he also wastes his first two turns grassing, and then has to grass often because he loses 5 gauge a turn (and 4 if he accidentally gets attacked), so he spends a third of the chapter or more just grassing and not doing anything.

It's not a clear win for Haar, unlike Haar vs other combat units when you can just say, "Look at the numbers, Haar pwns that d00d thanks to math." Dancers vs anyone is always subjective. The key factor however is Haar having 2-3 times more availability than them, as well as law of supply and demand (you'll be surprised how wanted you are when you're the only flier in several GM chapters where fliers are awesome).

No unit is perfect. A perfect unit would be one that has infinite move, one rounds everything in the map with 100% certainty (at any range) and never dies with 100% certainty, and does it for every single chapter in the game, among a few other things. No unit ever reaches that. But Haar is the closest in this game.


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Brom is like Haar, if Haar had a better affinity, but went from best mobility to worst mobility.

It's almost impossible to beat 2-1 without him, because Neph can't take more than 3-4 hits and Heather doesn't join until halfway through the chapter, nevermind that she dies in 2-3 hits. 2-2, though, Mordy is a better tank with better mobility and offense, Nealuchi is an uber avoid tank with better mobility, and Lucia can kinda tank if bio likes her but also has a lot more offense. So in terms of 2-2 units he's in the middle of the pack. He's a little useful, but only a little. In 2-E though, with the large amounts of 2-range enemies and crossbows, Mordy and Nealuchi (who have no 2-range) don't like that, so Brom becomes pretty cool again. There is Haar/Elincia in the chapter, but it's a big chapter, so most people can lend a helping hand, and Brom is nice when it comes to tanking.

But then he joins in 3-2 and all the overpowered GMs come into play, and Brom is nothing special anymore. Sure, he can take a ton of hits... but so can plenty of the other GMs, such as Ike and Shinon and Titania, and even Oscar after supports, among a few other people including those that join later such as Ranulf and the hawks. Perhaps not as well, but they certainly aren't worried about dying, and Brom loses offense by a truckload because he has no speed, and his good str base (for his level) is hindered by a mediocre growth, so he doesn't even hit that hard. And then you throw terrible mobility into the mix and a low level because he's only going to be like level 6 or so (which means late promotion), and Brom is ehhhhhh.

So he's kinda average in part 3, and by part 4 he's not making the cut, because the bar was raised due to the royals coming into play. There's definitely no room for a unit that just has good durability but meh in offense and mobility and utility and so on. You can't even give him a speedwing or two, or throw paragon on him for a chapter so he starts doubling, because his spd caps are terrible. 22 at 2nd tier, 30 at 3rd? And then only give him a 36 def cap? What are you thinking, IS?

On a side note, I have no idea why they gave him swords, at an E-rank. The only weapon he'll be able to use is bronze sword, which is complete ass. Not like he really wants to use swords when he has axes, except for wyrmslayer, but dragonmasters are rare enough for that to not matter much.

Basically, he just has durability. It was enough to make him good in part 2. But beyond that, when the bar rises, he's passable, but not really great.

Okay, well, he has a good support affinity. But that only does so much. And support affinity isn't *that* big unless it's earth (and Earth isn't enough to save you if you're really bad, aka Fiona/Lucia).

And his name is Chap. That's pretty funny. Unfortunately that's only in the Japanese version, and these rankings are based on the US one, so that doesn't do anything for him.


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Nephenee is an okay unit that is highly overrated by many.

In part 2, she has two choices for offense; use steel great and not double for meh damage, or use a lighter weapon like a javelin/steel lance and double unpromoted enemies, but deal meh damage anyway because her att is bad. There aren't many units in part 2 who can double, but at least they have more att (Brom, etc.). HEATHER of all people matches her in offense against promoted enemies, since she doubles reliably, and she shouldn't even be fighting. Neph's offense is pretty bad. She also has one of the lowest base HP/def of anyone in part 2. The only fighter she beats is like, Astrid. So she's one of the worst units in part 2. It is a short part, however, so it's not as painful as, say, using Leo in DB chapters, but you will feel the effects if you used Neph instead of someone like Mordy or Nealuchi or Brom.

Then comes part 3. And unless she's overleveled, she'll still have issues doubling for her first few chapters unless she uses something like steel lance and not greatlance, which just gives her terrible attack anyway. After she can double with steel great, she's about tied with the str freaks like Titania and Haar, who win att by like 10 points and do about the same damage in one hit that Neph does in two. Which is pretty good. Though there are still units who can double with higher attack, such as Ike and the hawks.

But on the flip side, her durability is still among the worst. Again, many have more HP/def, and a few that don't have avoid, such as Mia. Those that Neph actually beats are utility units and aren't fighting anyway (healers), avoid player phase counters more often so the argument is still debatable (Soren), or are garbage and we don't care if she beats them or not (lolLyre).

She's like Brom's opposite in part 3. While Brom had good durability but meh offense/mobility (though a good affinity), Neph has meh durability but good offense and average mobility (terrible affinity). She's average in part 3.

She *can* BEXP abuse, but there are several problems with that. The first is the lack of BEXP to do so. And second is her str and def growths are tied for third highest, meaning they aren't very likely to always go up. And unless she can get her str/def up, it never becomes better than average (I say average since most of the units who had great str/def hit their caps, giving Neph a chance to catch up).

She's pretty good in part 4, since she doubles and her durability caught up. She can't one round without an impale activation because her str is still kinda meh, but many units have issues one rounding without resources anyway (then again, with so many resources to go around...).

So she's bad in part 2, average in part 3, and above average in part 4. Given that part 2 is short, she's above average overall. But she's nothing special.

On a side note, it's interesting how many parallels she has with Edward. Here's a few...

- Innate wrath

- Bad affinity

- One of the lowest base levels

- One of the worst units defensively

The big difference is that GM chapters have so many godly units that they can afford to use an average unit or two and not notice a significant drop in the team's overall performance, while the DB can't afford to train someone like Edward because they need every good unit they can get.

But it baffled me how Neph would appear on so many top 5 kills lists for people. Why this unit, who is simply above average, is used by so many. Why this unit is ranked so highly. But then NeoElfBoy indirectly told me why.


Characters who need to be babied a lot often show up very high on the Top Five...

God bless ye, Neo.


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Heather, like most of the utility units in this game, has completely garbage stats.

You only need to take one look at her bases and growths and class to know she's terrible in combat forever. Seriously. 20/7, with 15 str/10 def? What the hell? That's something I'd see on a tier 1 unit in the DB. 32 HP doesn't help. And her growths are awful. 25% str, 30% def? And 40% HP? wtf. With knives? She never deals double digit damage a hit, ever (aside from dumping stat boosters on her or something), and gets 2HKO'd basically forever. And because of fire affinity her dodging is limited.

IS did bless her with the gift of thieving... so let's take a look at the stuff she's good for.

Note that I'm not counting coins or vulneraries.

Hidden Item (HI)

Stealable (S)


Discipline (HI)

Secret Book (S)


Olivi Grass (HI x 2. Although 1 is hard to reach so it doesn't really count. Usually I don't mention stuff like this, but you're probably running low on grasses at this point, so getting more is nice)

Arms Scroll (HI)

Dracoshield (S)


Statue Frag (S)

Elixer (S)

Note that frag and elixer are kinda hard to get because the bishop with the frag is next to the boss who moves and 2 or 3HKOs everyone. And the boss has the elixer. So these items aren't really obtainable.


White Gem (S)

Ashera Icon (S)

As we all know both items are dropped if you just kill the senators, but you lose BEXP, so either way Heather's handy.


Ettard (HI)


Energy Drop (S)

Starting from 3-7, however, there's not a whole lot for Heather to do. There's nothing worth mentioning in the rest of part 3, other than finding a rescue staff in 3-E as a hidden item. And in part 4, most of the things she can actually pick up as a hidden item or steal are used for just selling for gold, but by part 4 gold's not much of an issue anymore. You don't even need her for 4-4 either, since you can just use chest keys. And since Tormod/Vika/Muarim are forced you may as well give them keys (although Muarim can also double up as a decent fighter, thanks to 58 HP/46 att/30 def).

So, she gets an energy drop/dracoshield, which translates to +2 str/def, and a discipline which is kinda eh, and the rest of the stuff can be sold for money (or used to save money, in the case of olivi grass/Ettard). I come up with ~25000 gold (although ~14000 comes from the 3-3 senators' items, and technically you could just kill them and lose the BEXP to get those items). Well, there is more money she can get you, but it's all in part 4 where money hardly matters anymore.

And no, disarm's not very helpful. The activation rate is lolterrible (wtf skl/2%), and you also have to make sure the enemy doesn't die. Because of this, you probably will never be able to disarm and get the exact weapons you want. The only real use is just throwing the disarm unit into a bunch of full HP enemies and hoping it goes off once, and then have heather steal the weapon, but considering enemies don't use expensive weapons, it doesn't get you a lot of money.

She gets you a decent amount of stuff. However, with zero combat ability, and usefulness that quickly declines beyond 3-5, her potential is limited, though she is better than fielding a mediocre fighter like Boyd or Soren. She's worth using, but don't expect a god like the herons.


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lolLucia. It seems when IS was trying to buff some of the terrible FE9 characters, they forgot about Lucia.

Lucia only has 1 amazing chapter before part 4, and because she's so overleveled she hardly gets any exp in it. She's not bad for that chapter; best offense, decent durability if biorhythm doesn't hate her. But then we get to the problems.

First off, Lucia's bases are LOLTERRIBLE. Mia, who is 7 levels lower, has about the same bases as her (Lucia has +4 HP, +1 str/def, -1 spd). And Mia's bases outside of her spd are pretty lame. Only, Mia joined in 3-P with those stats, while Lucia will rejoin in 4-2 with those stats. It's like Fiona #2.

Second, Lucia's growths are even worse. As if 18 str/14 def at 20/14 wasn't bad enough, let's give her 25% str and 15% def growths! And let's give her 70% skl and 50% res growths, because those stats are just so useful, right? Marginally better than magic, I'd say. Yes, that's ingenious, IS. Terrible bases + terrible growths, what a combo. After all, this game has like 70 characters, so it's okay if we make a bunch of them terrible, like Lucia, right?

So basically after her one decent chapter in part 2, Lucia enters part 4 with bases that are worse than 2nd tier units that were 5-10 levels below her, and growth rates that are beyond awful. And her only saving grace is earth affinity, only the support still takes time to build, and it doesn't save her really lame offense.

But we all know the reason why she has bad stats. She rejects Bastian's proposals of love. Rejecting Bastian is like rejecting Shakespeare; YOU DON'T DO IT.


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Lethe starts 5 levels above Mordy and is half as good as he is. Actually, it's probably like a tenth as good as he is, because she has problems doubling outside of part 2 (and because she levels like a level 20/20/2 beorc, it doesn't get much better), she has balls for str AND def AND affinity, AND is in a terrible class. Lethe's bases are marginally better than Lyre's. +2 str, +1 spd, +2 def. Over ****ing Lyre. That's just ****ing bad. Her growths aren't much better, compared to Lyre's. 85 HP, 35 str, 50 spd, 35 def vs 50 HP, 35 str, 70 spd, 20 def. Actually, Lyre is 4 levels lower, so she gains levels faster. And Lyre has a better affinity. So Lyre might actually be better in part 4 after her growths/supports take full effect. That's really, really sad.

Lethe is not even that good in part 2. She doubles everything except swordmasters, but she only has 26 att so she doesn't do much damage. And with 18 def and meh avoid, she's not THAT durable. And throw in being an lolcat and horrendous transformation issues, and Lethe is pretty average.

Seriously, if Lethe did not exist in part 2 and didn't have those few chapters where she isn't sucking massively, she'd be in bottom tier with Lyre, or damn close to it.


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Geoffrey, like all the paladins in this game, has pretty bad bases for his level (20 spd, 18 def, at 20/15. That's pretty bad). However, for a unit joining in part 2, it's pretty good, which is what really matters at the moment, since "high level" just translates to "gain levels slower". He's pretty good in 2-3, with his "lol i kill everything with a bronze lance". And he's handy in 2-E, even though he's only around for half the chapter. And he's still good in 3-9.

And then for some reason he disappears all the way until 4-5, and by then he's lolgarbage. Because he's so overleveled in his previous chapters, he barely gains any exp or levels, and the laguz just rape his face in 4-5 and won't get any better in 4-E. And his growths are terrible anyway. He has a good str growth, but only 35% spd and 30% def? Seriously, IS? Were you guys high on glue when making half the units in part 2? There's no reason to ever use him from here on, unless you like pain.

However, his 2.5 chapters of usefulness and being good give him an average score. He's kinda like Tauroneo in a way. Cool for a few chapters. Then blegh.


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I would give Kieran a 10/10, but unfortunately I'm ranking usefulness and not manliness. I could make a ten page essay about how manly Kieran really is, but that'd be off topic.

So unfortunately I have to talk about Kieran's stats. Which are pretty lame. Well, it's a bit worse than Geoffrey, who is the best unit in 2-3 and 3-9 (same spd/def, Kieran has +4 HP and axes while Geof has +3 str), so it's not that bad. He's slightly less useful than Geoffrey here.

He does stick around and not disappear all the way until 4-5, but that's not worth a whole lot. Kieran is pretty bad when he joins the GMs in 3-11, even with paragon in 3-9. His str and def will only be okay, and his spd is still bad. He does have a 60% str and def growth, so they eventually catch up, but his spd is only 30% so it'll be bad forever. And really, what's the point of using him beyond here? There's plenty of units who have high str/def already. The mount isn't really worth it. With the royals roaming around in part 4 and pwning everything in sight, the bar for the average unit is very high. Kieran won't make the cut without a lot of help.

Still, Kieran can be actually handy outside of the CRK chapters. And while you'll need to be ridiculously RNG blessed or throw favoritism on him so overall it's minor, it's not like Geoffrey is significantly better than Kieran in the CRK chapters. I'd say it about balances out. As in, Kieran is about equal to Geoffrey overall.


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LOL, most badly nerfed unit from FE9, anyone?

Astrid's drop from High tier in FE9 to Bottom tier in FE10 is only matched by Captain Falcon from SSBM to SSBB, only Falcon is ****ing manly and awesome, while Astrid looks like she's stoned and chases after the ugliest male beorc in Tellius. (Well, the Begnion senators are pretty bad. But they're old anyway.)

I have no idea what IS was thinking when they made Astrid. Perhaps they wanted to make a character so bad that masochists and expert gamers could challenge themselves if they want to by using her. Seriously, IS. How exactly can you make a unit that is terrible in str, spd, AND def? Do they ever look at a unit at any time before they produce the game and go, "Hmmm, this unit is garbage, maybe we should buff it?" Apparently, IS thought that giving Astrid innate paragon would balance her terrible bases, terrible growths, wind affinity, and zero availability. SOUNDS GOOD.

Astrid is so bad, base level Jill with a hand axe might beat base level Astrid with a steel bow in a fight, and Astrid is 8 levels + promotion ahead. Actually, most DB units by 14/0 have comparable or better stats than base Astrid.

More random lulz...

- 20/2 Micaiah loses def to 20/2 Astrid by 1 point. And only loses growth by 10%. And also has a 2 point higher 3rd tier promo bonus.

- At equal levels, Astrid does not beat Aran in speed until 20/20/2.

- Brom with his fists (assuming fist is 0 mt) would beat Astrid with a steel bow in a fight, and they have the same base level. Actually, Brom could be at half HP, and he'd still win.

- If laguz could actively attack untransformed, and not merely counterattack, untransformed Lethe and Mordy would beat Astrid in a fight.

- Base Mist with Florete loses att to steel bow Astrid by only 1 point.

- Astrid would need the Double Bow to match Mordy's base att/Haar's base att with a steel poleaxe.

- Astrid at 20/20/20 is only marginally better than base level Renning. Renning. ****ing Renning. The worst beorc filler for 4-E. 3 spd vs 6 HP and 3 def.

- Heather could rescue someone and take a speed hit, and still have comparable bases to Astrid. 15 str, 13 spd, 10 def vs 13 str, 15 spd, 10 def.

- Astrid and Leo's growths differ by 5% in every area other than skl. AND THEY BOTH SUCK. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

Not to mention that Astrid's character portrait makes her look stoned. Now that I think about it, perhaps IS was trying to give a message using Astrid. DON'T DO DRUGS. YOU'LL END UP LIKE ASTRID.


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Mak suffers from ugly hair syndrome, where his hair is so bad it doesn't give him super strength or let him defy gravity. Or rather, he just suffers from ugly syndrome.

He also suffers from "LOLAVAILABILITY" syndrome, where he doesn't exist long enough to be helping out enough, or rather in Mak's case, enough time to actually catch up.

On paper, Mak's a solid unit. He has the best speed growth in the game (to my knowledge anyway), and a 50% def growth isn't too bad. Thunder affinity is also nice, as well as a mount. 40% str growth is meh though especially since he mains swords, but overall he looked pretty good.

And then when implemented, we find out that he's never around, and he falls behind really fast. Unlike Kieran/Geoffrey, he's not very useful in CRK chapters because he doesn't hit hard, and he can't double without gaining several levels, which is really hard to do because CRK chapters just have so little exp to give out. He can tank almost as well as Geoffrey/Kieran (loses def to Geof by 1, loses HP by 4 and def by 1 to Kieran), but you want Geoffrey/Kieran to tank instead because they do like twice as much damage in return. And he's never good after the CRK chapters. He takes awhile to get his spd and def up, and even then he needs to be promoted by part 4 to double, which is like 14 levels in 4.5 chapters, one of them being 2-3 which is full of unpromoted enemies that you don't want to kill. That's a lot. Maybe if he was in the DB and fought laguz twice in part 3 and could get like 5 levels a chapter, but that's not the case. He needs a lot of babying to be any decent, and even then he's not that good because his str is low.

So basically, he's an emergency tank in CRK chapters. And that's about it. You *can* make him useful, but it's not worth it.


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Danved fights like 10 men.

Unfortunately he never specified what caliber of men he was talking about. And apparently he was talking about wussy men with 0s in every stat.

Danved continues the trend in the CRKs of having horrible bases for their level. And unfortunately for Danved, it's pretty bad for him. Seriously. 17 str, 15 def? His other stats aren't that good either. Danved can't double either unless he's overleveled or gets spd blessed, since 21 spd isn't doubling enemies in 2-E and 3-9 with 19-20 AS, and he doesn't hit hard, and he can't tank that well, and unlike the paladins/Marcia he has no canto. So he's pretty mediocre in CRK chapters.

He has a decent growth spread (45 spd and def. Though 40 str is meh), but like the other CRKs his availability kills him and he has no time to get his stats up. Like Mak, he needs to be promoted by part 4 to start doubling, which means he needs 12 levels in 4.5 chapters. And even then, his str and def are mediocre. It's doable, but it'll require favoritism, and it's not worth it.

I mean, his bases and growths are pretty awful, even if he was at average level. You know how he's *supposed* to be the middle-of-the-road halberdier between Aran (high str/def, low spd) and Neph (low str/def, high spd). Instead, he's slower than Neph and has less str and def than her at equal levels. wtf IS. Anyone can tell something's wrong.

Basically if he get spd blessed he'll have decent offense in CRK chapters. Don't expect much beyond that. Though he does have some badass lines (Danved is pretty striking. Don't worry, Danved will show you just how striking he can be.)

On a side note, Danved has the lowest skl growth out of any beorc in the game, which is really odd because the other two halberdiers have among the highest skl growths. Then again it's not really noticeable, because, LOLSKILL.


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Some people think Calill is the best sage in the game. I don't see how.

You see, simply because she has a speed growth (unlike 90% of the magic users in the game, like Micaiah and Soren) and some semblance of availability (unlike Tormod), that doesn't mean she's an offensive powerhouse. Yes, 55% speed growth is good. However, 18 base is not. 18 spd at 20/6 is like 1 point higher than Brom at the same level, and we all know just how FAST he is. This means she takes awhile to start doubling, and she needs to be overleveled by a lot to be doubling. Like the other CRKs, for her to be doubling reliably, she'd need to be third tier by part 4, and she only has 4 chapters to gain 15 levels.

So, Calill won't double without a lot of help, and even if she doubles she has to watch her mag because it's rather low. And her durability is meh because of bad HP/def (32 HP/11 def, with 35%/15% growths, wtf), and she's not all that dodgy even with high spd/lck growths, since you basically need supports to dodge anyway, and she joins the GMs so late she won't even get an A support until 4-E.

She does have her uses in CRK chapters though, since she uses 1-2 range, so she's better than nothing in 2-E because of the ledges. And with no dedicated healer in 3-9 other than that stupid bishop that likes getting itself killed, avoiding damage is handy. She doesn't hit very hard though since her mag score is low relative to Geof/Kieran. But she's not amazing. And beyond CRK chapters she's bad without a lot of babying.

Best mage in the game? I would put her below Soren who also can't double without a lot of help, but wins mag by a lot, and also should have an established support by the time Calill joins the CRKs (meaning he'll match/win avoid for awhile, and also extends his attack lead). Or below Tormod who's good in part 1, rather than okay in CRK chapters.

On a side note, I have to remember to put her Meteor into the convoy for 3-9. That way she won't ****ing waste it in 3-10.

Fun Fact: Calill's bases from FE9 and FE10 are almost exactly the same. Same base level, same HP/mag/skl/spd/lck/res. The only difference is FE10 Calill has +1 str and +3 def. Laziness on IS's part?


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If Ike were as good in SSBB as he was in this game, he'd be like Metaknight with every single move having the same power as Ike's forward smash.

I really don't have much left to say about Ike. WTFbases across the board and growths that are good enough in the key areas to keep them high/average (watch out for speed screwage though), and early Ragnell, and earth affinity... IS didn't think Ike was good enough in PoR, despite him being pretty good already, so they thought "HEY LET'S MAKE HIM EVEN BETTER THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BRILLIANT IDEA".

Well, obviously they made him as overpowered as they could, because it's a marketing ploy with SSBB. Kinda like how they put Roy in SSBM. I guess Nintendo and IS remembered that Roy sucked in SSBM AND FE6, so at least they made Ike good in FE10 this time around. Maybe the next FE representative will be good in both.

Though there's something that bugs the **** out of me, and that's how people cry about Ike's res. Now listen here, peeps. If Ike didn't have earth affinity, or 3 authority stars, or mages weren't total jokes and didn't come only one at a time, or if Ike took enough damage from a mage that any physical enemy could finish him rather than have to cut through his huge def stat first, that might've been a problem. But then we get to reality and realize that mages are not a problem at all.

Fun fact: Ike has the lowest growth total of any tier 2 beorc (310%), and of the tier 3 beorcs that join in part 4, only 2 have a lower growth total (Bastian/Renning). Volke ties. This plus Ike's low res might have been IS' idea of "balancing" Ike. And we all know how good IS is at balancing anything.


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Apparently IS forgot that Titania is supposed to be the jeigan. Again. As in, good bases (though mediocre for her level) but crappy growths. Instead they gave her a high str and spd growth, which means when the rest of the team starts catching up to her level, she doesn't fall behind because her growths keep her up. And she has Light, which is typically a terrible affinity, but it actually helps her, because def is something she'd prefer, since her def growth is terrible.

She has the highest str base in the GMs, even more than the likes of Haar/Ike/Gatrie. It's pretty scary, to be honest, how a MILF has more str than Mr. Steroids. Her spd is not enough to double very often though, and since she gains levels extremely slowly (she gets like 5 exp a kill for awhile), it doesn't get better. However, she usually hits hard enough to 2HKO. And she's "only" failing to double by ~2 points, so a speedwing can bring her up, if you really want to.

She does have a bit of a hole in her bases though. 20 def is pretty good. But 36 HP gets in the way. It's actually lower than any non-magic user in the GMs other than Rolf and Mia. Still, she can take hits, but she's not quite as tanky as someone like Ike or Shinon, who have similar def but more HP. And later in the game, her lol20% def growth starts biting her in the ass. Bad def cap doesn't help the problem either. However, it doesn't really fall behind until 4-E or so. Overall her durability is decent; not wtfbbqawesome like Ike or Haar or Gatrie, but it's more than sufficient.

Titania levels extremely slowly, but she's also the closest GM to promotion, meaning she'll promote earlier than everyone else if kills are evenly distributed among the team. And even if you make her only weaken enemies and give extra exp to the other units until they catch up, she's still decent at equal levels compared to everyone else.

Couple all this with a mount and the benefits of canto, and you get a good unit.

Honestly, Titania's only big problem is she can't double without a little bit of favoritism. There are a few chapters that screw over horses though, but the benefits of canto far outweigh the drawbacks.


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Soren suffers the same problems that 90% of the magic users in this game do. That is, "I HAVE BAD STATS IN EVERYTHING OTHER THAN MAG".

Soren, like most other magic users, can hit hard. Once. And that's about it. 28 HP, 9 def, 47 avoid before stars is frickin bad, and his growths are awful in all three; 40%, 25%, 105%. This means he gets 2HKO'd by everything and can't dodge reliably, and his terrible spd means he never doubles without a ton of help, and sometimes he gets doubled by swordmasters. Fortunately he can attack at 1-2 range, and he does hit pretty hard, doing about the same damage as people like Titania and Gatrie. And he's dark affinity, which is pretty nice. But his horrendous durability means he's average in part 3 at absolute best.

Soren manages to cap 3 stats by 20/10, but unfortunately as I said before, there's not enough BEXP to go around. And even if you do, his 2nd tier speed cap is balls so he won't double anyway, and his def base is so bad you could BEXP it up and he'd still die in 2-3 hits. Basically, there's no real way to make him any good at all in part 3 unless you also give him the 3-3 master crown, which has some tight competition.

Unfortunately, unlike someone such as Neph, Soren doesn't become very good even after promotion. He never doubles unless you give him a lot of help, and then he ALSO needs help in durability since he still dies in 2-3 hits with mediocre avoid. Staves is a nice boon, but if I wanted staves, I'm given Mist/Rhys who can use staves immediately (granted, Soren is better than Rhys in 3rd tier. Mist is debatable since she's mounted/wins avoid, but loses offense by a crapton). He isn't bad in 3rd tier, but he's not special either.

If I had to choose the average unit for this game, one of my picks would be Soren.

Fun fact: Soren has the highest growth total of any tier 2 beorc (370%), and it's actually higher than most DB units. Funny how he has a 370% growth total, and his growth spread is STILL terrible.

Another fun fact: Soren is the slowest unit out of the initial GMs that should be fighting, and he's the one with the innate adept. WHY IS? WHY DO YOU TORMENT US LIKE THIS?


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Mist has some of the BEST bases in the game. And by that I mean, comparable to Astrid.

Mist continues the trend that any staff user not named Elincia will die if sneezed on. 28 HP/7 def is terrible. That's something you'd see on a tier 1 unit in the DB, not a 20/1 unit who joins in part 3. 40% HP/25% def growths certainly don't help. And unlike most other staff users, who can actually attack once and deal semi decent damage in that hit, Mist has an amazing 8 str base and hits def. Even with Florete, which is a good weapon, she does like 2 damage to enemies. She has water affinity + 5 str promo bonus, but with a 25% growth and terrible str caps, she's not getting out of the hole, ever. 15 base spd means Mist gets doubled for several chapters. 50 spd growth is the only good thing about her stats, but because her base is so bad, she's never doubling unless she's overleveled.

Still, Mist is handy as a healer and is around for a lot of chapters, so she has an excuse to having bad stats. However, unlike Laura, who was the only staff user in the DB for most of their chapters, Mist immediately has competition in Rhys. And while Rhys manages to be even worse than Mist defensively (though he hits a lot harder, so if need be he can act as a last-minute attacker), the fact that he exists and can get the job done pretty well means that Mist's healing is not as useful as Laura, who you MUST use if you want a staff user, which inclines me to give her a score lower than Laura's.

Mist gets her own promotion item in 4-1, which means you don't seriously have to train her, since you can just throw the item on her and get the horse. It's not like her stats will really matter, since she's terrible at attacking either way, and you don't want her to get attacked because she's going to counter for horrible damage. However, it's worth noting that this makes her pretty lame in 4-4, since the primary job for the staff user you're bringing to this chapter is to restore anyone that gets slept by that bishop. Mist's horse would take too long to reach the bishop's range.

It's kinda funny how there's almost no Mist vs Rhys debates in RD. I suppose it's because everyone realizes it'd be a waste of time, since they're both terrible at everything other than healing.


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Rolf improved greatly from PoR to RD. He went from bottom tier to mid!

In all seriousness, however, Rolf still has truckloads of problems. He joins ridiculously underleveled. His bases are okay for his level, but relative to the team, it's awful. Lowest base str and def aside from Mia who ties, and 19 spd is only okay. 32 HP doesn't help either. He can't double, he does low damage a hit, and he gets 2HKO'd, and he can't counter. Laaame. Well, I suppose not taking counters helps Rolf more, because his durability blows and he's not going to be tanking on enemy phase anyway, but Rolf still joins as a terrible unit.

Even considering his decent growth spread (ties for game's best str growth, with a decent spd growth), it takes awhile for him to get out of his hole of sucking. His speed will usually be somewhere around Gatrie's level (Gatrie's base is 1 higher. He has a higher growth but Rolf levels faster. Then Gatrie caps and Rolf sorta catches up, then Gatrie promotes and starts getting spd again while Rolf sits at his cap, then Rolf finally promotes), which means he has issues doubling, so his offense is usually very shaky. Most likely, he won't be doubling consistently until he's almost at his speed cap. Unfortunately by that point, it'll be part 4 (he's certainly not third tier by part 4 without extra babying), and the enemies start getting faster while he won't until he gets into third tier. So without a crown, he probably won't be doubling anything other than generals/sages/paladins. That's underwhelming, considering how much Rolf blew in early part 3, and still was unimpressive in mid part 3.

Then consider his durability. He has a good HP growth, but his def/avoid are mediocre, and wind is a horrible affinity. He avoids counters, but it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about him dying on me, since he's getting 2-3HKO'd (in part 4 gets 3-4HKO'd, I think) with only "okay" avoid. He even has issues using the double bow to its fullest potential, because he's not particularly tanky enough to rambo at 1-range.

So he starts off as the worst GM, takes a long time to get any better, and he still has issues with his offense because he likely won't double without a master crown, and his durability is mediocre. Not to mention, sniper is a pretty bad class until you reach marksman, where it gets better.

And to top it off, Shinon joins at the same time, only Shinon has better speed with a still decent str stat, and has significantly better durability. Considering sniper is not a class I want more than one of (with the whole "I can't counter at 1-range with decent weapons until double bow" liability, having too many will give you fewer units on enemy phase), what's the point with using Rolf if he doesn't even end up better than Shinon? I suppose "losing to Shinon" isn't much of a flaw considering how good Shinon is, though.

Plus, his name looks like rofl. insta-phail.


Edited by Andrew W.K.

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Poor Boyd. Gone are the days where he could pwn everything with a hand axe because his str was uber and his speed was enough to let him double.

Boyd's big problem is his speed base, and somewhat his def base. His str base isn't too bad. 22 str is the 4th highest of the GMs, and few other GMs are doubling (Mia, who has terrible weapons until you can buy stuff in 3-2. Shinon/Ike double most things), and with a 65 growth, he hits pretty hard. But his speed base means he never doubles, and while his growth isn't too bad (45%), he's going to fall short of doubling by a few points. And his def base is pretty lame. lol15. Even with 45 HP base, and nice 80% HP/50% def growths, it'll take awhile before he can take hits well. His durability is pretty similar to Neph's, and does a little less damage, which is pretty mediocre since Neph's part 3 is unimpressive.

Even if you do train him, even at part 4 he'll still be failing to double by roughly 2 points, so he's going to need a speedwing. At this point he's basically Titania without a mount, which actually isn't turning any heads, since Titania only remains good because of the mount (though he will have slightly more str and durability). His only real selling point is warrior caps.

Boyd's probably another one of my picks for the average unit in RD. He's not bad. It's just that the GMs have so many good units, there's no point in using Boyd.

Fun fact: his growth rates in RD are almost the same as his growth rates in PoR (if I'm not mistaken, every growth other than def only differs by +/- 5 points).


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I'm not quite sure how to describe Oscar. He doesn't double everything like Mia, but has an easier time doubling a few things, unlike Haar/Boyd/Titania/Gatrie (**** you 23 spd cap). And he has more att than Mia for awhile too.

It's true, on HM he won't be doubling warriors, halbs, and snipers without a lot of help. However, GM chapters have a ton of generals, sages, and paladins, which Oscar has an easier time doubling, so he makes himself useful in offense (even if sages and paladins are pretty much jokes), and if you give him a crown in 3-11 he'll probably double warriors/halbs/snipers in part 4. His base durability is pretty underwhelming (38 HP/17 def is roughly the same as Boyd's, who was pretty mediocre) and his def growth is lame (lol30%), but once he starts his supports up, he gets a nice avoid boost. He never becomes wtftanky like Gatrie or Haar, but he won't be dying on you.

And like Titania, he's got a mount. However, he's still a little worse than her. Durability overall is fairly even (Titania starts off more durable, then Oscar's earth puts him ahead, then Titania promotes, then Oscar promotes, then Oscar starts getting more avoid/def). However, Titania has offense. Titania is not *that* much slower than him (they have the same base spd. Then consider a 20/20/3 Titania has the same spd as a 20/20/1 Oscar, and only loses growth by 10%), while having a huge str lead on him. Basically it takes a lot less work to get Titania to one round (one speedwing) than it does for Oscar to one round (several energy drops or brave/killer/adept/similar things).

I really don't have much else to say about him, since he can be basically summed up as "doubles half the enemy types, lolearth, lolcanto". He's not one of the best GMs, but he's still pretty good and worth using.


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This is a clip of Shinon's epic story in Radiant Dawn. Starting in 3-P.

Shinon: Hey guys, what's up? Sorry I was so terrible in FE9, lemme pwn the crap out of everything in this game to make up for it.

Ike: Weird, I thought you had LOLBASES in FE9 and WTFGROWTHS. Why do you now have WTFBASES and WTFGROWTHS?

Shinon: By the way, you paladins, I outtank you. I have more HP/def/avoid/res than you. And I'm a sniper.

Titania; WTF? I thought we're the frontliners!

Oscar: I wanna jump off a cliff.

Shinon: Don't worry, I have WTFTHUNDER affinity and 45% def growth and a stupidly high def cap for some reason, so I'm gonna be outtanking you and 90% of the team for the entire game. I actually have the best HP/def combo of everyone in this little pack other than Ike and Gatrie. By the way, I double everything on the map. With crit. Give me a killer bow and the enemy's gone. Or some lightly forged steel bow. Actually, I could probably kill them with my fist. Or my pe-

Boyd: But you can't attack at 1-range!

Shinon: Haha, go try and plug up that chokepoint then.

Boyd: I'll show you! *dies*

Shinon: BY the way, Rolf, you're my apprentice, but you're never going to surpass me.

Rolf: What? But I thought the apprentice always surpasses the master!

Shinon: I'm mother****ing Obi-Wan.

Rolf: Then what's the point of me existing?

Shinon: To make me look good.

And then the story continues a little down the line, after Shinon promotes.

Shinon: Hey guys, what's up?

Boyd: You know what's up? You're dragging us down with your not countering and stuff!

Shinon: Oh yeah, about that. I just promoted, so now I can attack at 3-range.

Titania: WTF? As if giving you +crit and a mastery that takes up less capacity than others wasn't enough?

Shinon: Yeah, 3-range lets me attack an enemy from like 20 possible squares, so now I can basically position myself anywhere I want without getting out of formation. It's almost like I have canto without the drawbacks of a horse! I'm also never gonna get countered by anything on Player Phase. That includes dragons, Levail, Degh, Ashera, Han Solo, SlayerS_'Boxer', Andrew W.K., Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight...

*3 hours later*

Shinon: ...Rick Astley, Michael Jackson, LeBron James, and Captain Planet. Even MC Hammer can't touch me. The only thing that can hit me at 3-range is Snake's uptilt.

Gatrie: But you still can't counter at 1-range!

Shinon: Gatrie, there's a tree with a skirt over there.

Gatrie: Really?

And then the story continues, up until 4-E...

Shinon: Hey look this nub sniper was carrying the Double Bow. It's mine now.

Sothe: What the hell? It has 22 mt and +3 str and 1-2 range?

Shinon: Yeah. So now I can attack at 1-3 range with a 25 att bow, double everything with crit and deadeye chance, and I'm still mother****ing tanky. Move aside everyone, I have a map to solo.

Ike: Wtf? Shinon's better than me now!

Tibarn: Me too! And to think IS purposely tried to rig me and give me godly stats, and I'm not even the best in my part of the game! What's this bull-

Levail: Give me a break. At least you guys are fighting <I>with</I> Shinon!

All the generic enemies in the map: But strength in numbers! If we all fight Shinon at the same time, surely he'll die!

Shinon: LOLNO

*Shinon solos the map*


Moral of the story: If Shinon had 1-range options outside of Double Bow that didn't suck ass (aka not crappy crossbows), he probably would've been better than Haar, and certainly better than Ike.


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Gatrie is ALMOST the definition of the perfect unit. Seriously, 25 str/24 def, at 20/10? That's higher than everyone in the GMs, including Ike. In fact, many units don't even reach 25 str/24 def until 3rd tier. 20 base spd is not bad either. And then 60% growths in str, spd, AND def is just crazy. Many units barely have a 60+ growth in ONE of those stats, and the number of units who have a 60+ growth in two of those stats I can probably count on one hand, let alone ALL THREE. wtf is this ****? IS, what the hell are you doing, giving people bases and growth spreads like this, and then giving people like Astrid utter crap for stats?

However, he has a problem. And a rather big one at that. Marshall class is frickin terrible. Crappy move is bad enough, but the terrible speed caps that come with it means the enemies he can double are limited. The 3-3 master crown is an option, but on HM there's a bigger fight for it because of the nice promo bonuses (in addition to higher caps, so someone like Oscar wants it too), so it doesn't completely rectify the issue. And personally, I never give it to Gatrie anyway, because he's already ridiculous for just tanking + hitting really hard.

So he hits hard, usually 2HKOing, and uber tanks and never dies. However, the low mobility is a hindrance, and he basically requires the master crown if he ever wants to double more than the slowest enemies.

If Gatrie was like, female dragonlord or Reaver, he'd be completely ridiculous, an extremely good contender for best unit in the game. But Marshall class hampers him pretty badly.


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I thought Rhys couldn't get any slower than he was in FE9, but IS wanted to prove me wrong. **** you, IS.

14 base spd is beyond terrible. When you couple this with his AMAZING 35% spd growth, he basically gets doubled forever. By the time he stops getting doubled by 20 AS enemies, they're already at 21. So he gets doubled anyway. And by the time he stops getting doubled by them, they jump to 22. And so on. Frickin generals borderline double him the entire game. And his HP/def combo is even *worse* than Mist's, and I thought Mist couldn't get any worse.

And unfortunately he doesn't have any real redeeming qualities to use him over Mist. He initially comes close to 2HKOing enemies when Mist is doing like 2 damage, but he cap rams mag within a few levels, so his offense stagnates. By the time he can start getting mag again, his att fell behind and becomes pretty terrible at offense as well. And as said before, his durability ends up being worse than Mist's, plus Mist gets a horse.

Still, you can find a use him for him. It's not uncommon for the GMs to split into groups of two (see; 3-2, 3-3, 3-5, 3-8, etc.), so having a healer for both groups is handy. Mist is only one healer, and there aren't any other staff users in part 3 aside from any sages you manage to promote (i.e. never without a master crown), so Rhys has his uses. Even in part 4 when Micaiah/Laura/Elincia now exist as competition, you're splitting into three teams, so you can easily field Rhys as a healer.

He's kinda like Laura. One rounded by everything and only useful for healing. Except like for Mist's case, he's not as useful as her, since Mist exists as competition in case you don't use Rhys, whereas you have to use Laura if you want a healer in part 1.


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It seems like Mia's usefulness is proportional to the size of her breasts. In PoR where she was a borderline loli, she was pretty crummy. Now that her bust has increased 3 cup sizes, she got much better.

Her str and def bases are balls (literally the lowest of the GMs aside from magic users, and Rolf who she ties), but her growths are decent (45 str/40 def), plus IS decided to overkill her spd and lck bases to make sure she could sorta dodge even unsupported. You can tell IS put some effort into making her better, since her total growths is 355 (compared to Boyd who is 340 and is just one level higher, or Rolf who is 350 and is 6 levels lower). Kinda like what they did to Soren, except Mia doesn't suck.

Still, she starts off fairly unimpressive. She doubles everything, but because her str base is so low, she doesn't do much more damage than people like Gatrie and Titania who have like 10 more att. And with her mediocre HP/def bases, she gets 2HKO'd by basically everything, and when you compare her durability to the likes of Titania/Ike/Gatrie/etc. who are getting 4HKO'd or more, she's not dodgy enough to make up for that (faces ~30-40 displayed hit rates).

Her str does improve thanks to a decent str growth + gains levels faster than most other GMs + fire affinity. She can never one round without getting a lucky crit, but then again one rounding is rare in this game, and she does have a decent crit stat for those lucky attacks. However, her def never really improves. 13 base really sucks, and her low caps don't help her out (archsage def cap is about 1 lower than her's). She doesn't even tie Oscar in def at equal levels until 20/20/3, and Oscar's def is not impressing anyone. You'll want to pair her up with something that boosts her avoid, just to be safe. I usually pair her up with Oscar, since Oscar wants att more than anything else, and Mia's best affinity is earth. A thunder affinity isn't much worse though.

Then she promotes, gets a decent crit/Astra rate, and still doubles everything. There are a lot of resources in part 4, so a skill and/or uber forge will make her an offensive machine. She still won't have godly durability like Haar or Gatrie, but her offense makes up for that easily.

So, she has a shaky start, with decent offense but meh defense. Once her supports are built her defense should get better and still maintains good offense. Then she promotes and gets nice offense with decent defense.

She's kinda like Neph, if Neph didn't have her terrible part 2 performance and joined in 3-2 at like 20/7.

Like Oscar, Mia's not one of the top GMs, but there's no problem using her.


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Ranulf would've gotten a much higher score if he didn't have one flaw:


It's no surprise to anyone by now, but cats have a TERRIBLE untransformation rate. 5 per turn/4 per attack? Cats are basically FORCED to use an olivi grass every single turn, because if you skip a turn, you risk them untransforming. If you DO skip a turn of grassing, it only takes 5 attacks to untransform them. If you're not careful and accidentally put Ranulf within range of a bunch of 2-range enemies, he could be in big trouble. Ranulf has good stats (fairly similar to the hawks, minus speed which he still doubles everything anyway), but his class is balls. It doesn't help that wind is an extremely unappealing affinity.

However, the guy is good in everything else. He easily one rounds swordmasters and sages, and leaves warriors/halbs/snipers with single digit HP (if he doesn't one round them), which is ridiculous when you consider that the only other units who can do that without relying on crits/skills/stat ups are Ike, who might have doubling issues if spd screwed, and Shinon. Give him an energy drop and that "leave with single digit HP" now turns into "lol one rounded" for like the entire game. He likely gets S-Strike after 3-E since that's 70 attacks in 6 chapters (SS-strike probably comes too later to matter), which is a much needed +5 att when enemies start getting tankier.

He'll probably reach level 30 for Rend after 4-2. Part 3 gives him like 40-50 exp since he gets 1 exp for doing anything. He gets maybe 2 levels in 4-2 since he gets roughly half as much exp as beorcs (vs level 47 enemy, gets ~13 exp for killing while a level 42 PC gets ~28 for killing that same enemy), and I generally consider third tier beorcs to get 4-5 levels per 4-P/1/2/3/4 (second tiers get ~6, and whoever is in 4-5 gets slightly more). Plus he's a good candidate for BEXP since they require significantly less BEXP to level up than normal CEXP.

And Rend gives Ranulf a >50% chance to OHKO his enemy. Throw in Adept and Ranulf has ~80% chance to one round the enemy.

Overall, his offense is very good. An energy drop lets him one round basically anything not a general, or you can give him adept (and later rend) for a good chance at one rounding.

And defensively he's doing well. 55 HP/26 def is more than passable even up until 4-E, and he starts with this in 3-4, coupled with 83 base avoid before authority stars. There's not much left to say about his durability.

Still, stats aren't everything. I can't give Ranulf a high score because of his transformation gauge. It's kinda like Gatrie's marshall class screwing him over, except much worse.


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