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FE9 Tier list v3

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I take it Aeine means that with regards of lowest possible turncount PTs. Not that im disputing this statement although it shows that Aeine doesnt believe the number of turns can be lowered with other units or tactics, and regards the current lineup as final. Such a statement has to be proven with math first, and even if it is possible, it would be a bloody mess of numbers. The problem is that in such a line-up every unit with required/sufficient characteristics has an equal value and every unit not belonging there has a value of zero, making Tier lists impossible. If unit1 is needed on map1, it is needed no matter what, and if unit1 is not needed on map2, it suddenly has a value of zero. They need a chart as much as a screwdriver needs confirmation of it being better than a hammer to unscrew bolts.

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It doesn't change the fact that Tormod doesn't contribute anything unique to the table.

Neither does Jill or Kieran ;)

Here's your problem. A tier list is not the same as a list of units that you use to clear the game in 114 turns.

Wow, even dondon is saying that Aeine cares about LTCs too much.

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Boyd is undeniably great in early chapters. But Tormod joins around chapter 16, thats not early game anymore. Lots of overall better units around and Boyds input is largely done by that point. As for the better foot unit.. Boyd caps HP and str, but he has atrocious defense and gets slaughtered if he ends his turn near archers. And if there is an enemy mage around.. oh my. Jill has similar problems, but she has overkill melee resistance so can still tank the other guys, Boyd has nothing.

Axes are not all that clearly superior in Maniac mode, regular once have problmes hitting. I actually let them carry an Iron Lance around, cause very often its just the only thing that hits reliably, and even that is not a given. A Steel Axe? Good luck hitting that Myrmidon, and he has the WTA advantage too.

Im not sure, to my limited knowledge, why Boyd is listed higher than Ike tbh. Ike's stats are plain better, he has better availability(duh), and a usable master skill. He is required to beat the game. Boyd is hit&run, except he doesnt have the run part. Ike is self-sufficient with Aether and has superior late game weapons anyway. HP is the easiest to upgrade, since one Serath robe gives +7 hp, but one dracoshield gives only +2 def. The only thing i see going for Boys is range, for the most part of the game, but this negates him his biggest advantage namely melee damage, so he becomes, what, a better Rolf.

20/20 stats

     Name    Level    HP  Str    Mag    Skl    Spd    Lck    Def    Res
	Ike 	20    52    26    11    27    28    19    23    17
	Boyd    20    60    30    03    25    24    17    16    11

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boydspeedwind.th.jpgThis is fixedBoyd, a 20/1 with a speedwing and a positive Biorhythm, doubled by his Tempest.

And this is chapter 16, where Tormod joined, and tbh other characters even before that like Makalov or Astrid, and all fight for the deployment spot.


Lets own these guys shall we

myrmi.th.jpgWhoah, a whopping 65% to do chip damage.

Not good Boyd, not good, lets attack the Archer, he probably does suck, and cant even retaliate to our Axe effect.

sniperp.th.jpg Much better, an 80% chance to do chip damage.

volken.th.jpgVolke with a dagger vs Myrmi, 100% tohit

Results: Boyd does average 15 damage. Volke does 12.

Boyd got really lucky with that save having him positive Bio, 20 hit less otherwise.

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Let it be known that a forged Steel Axe (been around since Chapter 14 and would benefit Jill/Keiran/anyone else with an axe) would actually have 20/1 Boyd OHKOing generic enemies in Chapter 16, a feat that very few units (read that as none) can replicate.

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Boyd doesn't need to attack from melee range that often since he ORKO most enemy types with handaxes (and counter more enemy types on EP while doing it). 1-2 range is probably the biggest difference between Ike and Boyd, although the MT difference between Ike and Boyd also tends to be significant.

As for hit issues, Boyd has supports, possible hit forged onto his weapon and keeping Tempest on Boyd probably isn't the best idea anyway. It's much easier to get Boyd to high hit levels than Ike. Not sure what you mean by better weapons for Ike unless you're talking about Ragnell, which does give Ike an advantage but only for two chapters.

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Treating Boyd equal to the rest of the team is not sandbagging. He already got the speedwing, one of the better items in the game. Boyd needs forges to be better than Volke. I dont consider it a good sign. Also

handaxe.th.jpg forged max +mt/+hit hand axe, 80% hit, not killing.

forgesteealaxe.th.jpg forged max +mt/+hit steel axe, not killing.

Although it is a somewhat better result, yes. But these weapons' costs/use is 15 times higher than the cost of the weapons everyone else is using for not that great of an impact. He is pretty low on the priority list for the forges, were they to be to used, or Boyd. I'd rather give a forge to Jill or Marcia.

Well, note this is Maniac Mode, the usual arguments dont apply here. In other difficulties its easy to double (hard_wing_Boyd would double here) as well as easy to hit. That Myrmidon has about 17 AS as opposed to 14 on hard. The game inflates into who can deliver the most damage the fastest, and arguably it boosts Boyd too, negating his both weaknesses, bad hit and bad durability.

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because the former is not true, your playthrough is not the only playthrough in existence and youre wrong

1. Typing without punctuation doesn't make you cool.

2. Do you really have to repeat everything you say over and over again like a broken record?

I never once mentioned my playthrough. Ilyana makes up (somewhat, but not completely) for her inferior stats with her superior and more abundant supports. She doesn't need to be babied like Soren does.

Level 5 Ilyana: 32 HP, 7.5 Str, 18 Mag, 54 hit, 16 Spd, 46 avoid, 7.7 Def, 21 Res

Level 5 Soren: 32 HP, 3 Str, 20 Mag, 55 hit, 19 Spd, 49 avoid, 7.4 Def, 21.5 Res

Soren has 2 more magic, 3 more speed, 3 more avoid, 1 more hit than Ilyana. Ilyana with supports can have better hit and avoid than Soren though, since Stefan is more likely than not to be unused. It's more likely that Zihark / Mia / Mordecai etc. will be used than Stefan.

The AS doesn't really matter much. It's not like you use your mages in the front lines anyway.

In terms of using siege tomes, which is a Sage's main function in an efficiency playthrough obviously, Ilyana is clearly superior with better supports and slightly better strength.

So what I'm wondering is why, considering all these facts, Ilyana is so far below Soren.

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I moved Ilyana to immediately below Soren and Calill to above Tormod and Soren, for doing a similar job with little resource expenditure. I kept Tormod above Soren and Ilyana for now- I think Celerity allows him to contribute to non siege tome combat more often than they can.

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In terms of using siege tomes, which is a Sage's main function in an efficiency playthrough obviously, Ilyana is clearly superior with better supports and slightly better strength.

That's not at all clear. Soren has more Atk with siege tomes; he deals more damage to bosses and he can more easily OHKO ballista operators. Str advantage notwithstanding, Ilyana isn't going to double anything with siege tomes. Ilyana's potential Hit advantage over Soren is not significant and gets inverted if Stefan is in play.

That being said, Ilyana > Swordmasters doesn't bother me. Calill > Soren in the same tier list as Marcia >> Tanith, on the other hand, seems very odd to me. There is literally nothing Calill can do that Soren cannot also do. Soren has potential utility before Calill joins (most notably in C15), and advantages in their shared availability (staves + additional Atk). Calill's only advantage is needing fewer resources to make siege tome contributions. This is certainly an advantage (as it is in favor of Tanith in Marcia vs. Tanith), but it is insufficient to offset Soren's advantages. A similar argument can probably be made for Calill < Tormod and Calill < Ilyana.

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