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Final emblem(FF 1-10+FE Hack)

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Well, first a little background, for those that might still remember when i originally began this. This project is basically, Hacking Fire emblem to replace the existing characters with Final fantasy characters and stories. Now as i was saying i started this before the super malfunction server meltdown thing and at that point i had no idea how to do any hacking aside from just making moderate sprites. so when the breakdown occured i felt like it was a otherworldly chance to slip away and be out of doing it. But soon i realized that i still wanted to do it, so i come back to you all this time bearing gifts and actual progress rather than ideas and such. It might take a while as i'm doing it all on my own and i'm remaking my sprites to make them better, but in time it will be out i suppose. So without further adieu, i present Final Emblem! (so far...)

Firion and Sasuun(An original charcter based on the fighter class from FF1)


Yura(another OC Based on the red mage class from FF1, don't yell at me for the outline on his hat i already know! :facepalm: )


Finally It's Elia(you guessed it! An OC based on The White mage class from FF1), sasuun and firion talking.


Now as i mentioned above with the revamping sprites i'll basically be taking my existing sprites and redoing them to make them more accurate to the charcter or just all around better.

here is and example...


Some last second things i'll mention are that i'm just going to use the maps and such from fe7 but i'm going to hide it enough that it has the story like feel of final fantasy. Secondly, the story will not be a direct rip off of Dissidia, It will be largely based off of the original games. So it will be a mash up of everyone's games in the same game. Second little thing, I'm planning on releasing a demo of this game when i finish the first Ten Chapters e.g. Lyn's mode.

Well I hope that got you guys interested. Tell me what you think!

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Is Sephiroth going to be playable or as a boss?

Though it looks awesome. I'll definitely be downloading this.

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*Gasp!* You made red clothes and grey/silver hair on joshua work! something I could never do! I think the new sephiroth should look a little more angry though, because to me, it looks like he's about to cry. Good luck!

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Good luck with this now. Hopefully you can make way better progress then I am right now. On Fire Fantasy my Final Fantasy/Fire Emblem Rom hack, I'm still working on building a chapter. >.> So is does your casting call coming along? Shouldn't be too hard to decide on people but since you are using just FF1-FF10 cast it should be interesting enough.

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I prefer the old Sephiroth to the new one... ^_^

but that's just my opinion.

Good luck Sasuun, I'll be sure to follow this.

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Alright where to begin!

I think the new sephiroth should look a little more angry though, because to me, it looks like he's about to cry

To roxas is it because of this that you like the older one better? Cause i can fix that in seconds! Please, to everyone, Inform me as to why you don't like sprites so i can fix them, i'd like this hack to be exceptable to as many people as it can be! The main reason he looks all crying like is because i re did Sephiroth with the base of the Sad eliwood so the wussy eyes belong to him and i do see your point. In fact just yesterday my brother said the same thing to me that he looked like he was too happy or about to cry and stuff.... :facepalm:

So i will see what i can do to make sephiroth look like the evil silver haired enemy we all love....or well most of us, Talking to you kefka lovers out there! Anyhow i'll post the original and the redux sprites when i get the chance so you guys can tell me what you think. I'll also post more pictures in time so bear with me!

Is Sephiroth going to be playable or as a boss?

Though it looks awesome. I'll definitely be downloading this.

Well more or less...Every villian and every hero will do things according to their games. So yes Sephiroth will be a boss...but just like in the original he will fight with you (in terms of Fire emblem he'll probably be an NPC if i can even do that). Basically think of it as condensing everyone's game into one game and all of their stories being put into one. But their will be some non-canonical things along the way...

One more thing, can anyone point me to the easiest music hacking tool, as i'd like to redo all the fire emblem music to Final fantasy music. I've heard of sappy however i've no idea how and where to find it.... Anything would be great!

Hope that answers some questions if not go ahead and ask away!

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You've got me intrigued by the idea alone.

Unfortunately, I have extremely low hopes I'll enjoy the game simply because you made the point of saying it won't be like Dissidia. I hate Dissidia and everything about it--and by that I mean the entire Franchise and yes, I've played 'em all.

The pictures you've provided thus far are further proof to me this will not be a true FF I to X. There simply are not enough slots to do it if you actually use the entire cast from all ten games (which Dissidia FF compensated for simply by using the final boss and main hero/ine of the first 10 FFs). I personally hate the Kingdom Hearts formula but that's the only way I can see from a hacker's point of view for this to work.

Not that matters but here's my opinion of the first ten FFs:

I-Nice Base

II-Felt incomplete

III-Nice storyline, likable characters

IV-A masterpiece

V-Very promising if given a chance

VI-This is my all-time fave. 'Nuff said.

VII-Overrated but decient

VIII-Haven't played yet

IX-Haven't played yet

X-The ending ruined it for me

Obviously, it's unfair of me to be so hasty considering the game is still being worked on. For that I apologize. I should have said this before but most of the last few FF hacks I've played that claimed FF 1-10 were just VII-X, VII/X or VII/DoC/CC, etc. (you get the idea)

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... :wacko: Uh...Not sure how to respond to this other than the fact that i will do my absoulute best to not make it like dissidia but rather a mash up/Tribute to the other Games. There will NOT be spinoff games included, this includes All the FF7 spinoffs, X-2 And so on. Secondly there is actually quite a bit of room for all/ most of the main cast from each game, trust me i've done the math several times over. That being said, Some characters will be reduced to Cameo appearances not playable for one of three reasons, I run out of room, i entirely hate the character through and through, or the weapon said character uses is too hard for me to insert or too unlike a moveset in fire emblem.

Just to get things straight here is a somewhat incomplete list of the characters i have as playable(subject to change).

Final fantasy 1: Fighter, thief, white mage, red mage,-total: 4

Final fantasy 2: firion, Maria, guy, Leon: total- 4

Final fantasy 3: Luneth, refia, ingus arc.-total-4

Final fantasy 4-cecil, Rosa, rydia, Edward, edge, total 5

Final fantasy 5-bartz, lenna, faris, krile 4

Final fantasy 6- Terra, Locke, Edgar, Celes, Setzer(might not add due to weapon)-5

Final fantasy 7- Cloud, tifa, Cid, Vincent(Might not add due to weapon)-4

Final fantasy 8-squall, rinoa, -2

Final fantasy 9-Zidane, garnet, Steiner, beatrix-4

Final Fantasy 10-tidus, yuna, auron, rikku, lulu 5

Also note that i still have three more open spots so i think i should be set, plus if i were to expand the rom i could put even more in. So i think i'm covered. Remember this nice and well WHEN I SAY IT WILL HAVE FF1-10 IT WILL HAVE FF1-10!!!!! ok, so please give me a chance before comparing me to other people. Also be a little more open ended.

So aurabolt, i don't mean to yell at you but i really don't want to put up with the crap i see other hackers constantly having to take on other forums. So yes, it was a little unfair to judge something when it is nowhere close to being done. Please give me some time. "only time will tell", right?

P.S. here's my input to your Favorite FF's if it matters....

I-Nice Base (Agreed, through and through, This is how every FF is if you think about it, A base/foot hold for the next best one.)

II-Felt incomplete (Come on now...it was cool for it's time...)

III-Nice storyline, likable characters (First final fantasy game for me so it definitely is up ther on my list!)

IV-A masterpiece (It was ok....)

V-Very promising if given a chance (HATED IT, with in 30 minutes of playing it)

VI-This is my all-time fave. 'Nuff said. (FF6 is just as overrated as 7 if you think about it)

VII-Overrated but decient (how so?)

VIII-Haven't played yet (PLAY IT!!!)

IX-Haven't played yet (PLAY IT!!!! ONE OF THE BEST!!!)

X-The ending ruined it for me (best part)!!!!

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