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New Insane Hack Challenge

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Check this video:

------------------Video Description------------------------

This is a hack that me and Mekkah (well him) have been working for some time.

I wanted to reach my limits, and i though about this idea, making all bosses have caps of 30, and 80 HP.

Some bosses doesn't have 30 Spd, because they would double a lot of my units, if you wonder why not to reduce everyone's spd to 28-29, that is because not all of the bosses are weight down.

Also, to increase these units caps, it was needed to change the caps of their classes, so all Nomadic Troopers, Male Bishops, Generals, Warrios, Valkyries, Assassins, Male Swordmasters and Heroes have these caps, even yours.

So to reach my limits, i though on using any units that wasn't said above.

And about the dragons, i planned on putting 4 Dragons there, since increasing the dragon's HP above 120 makes the game to glitch. 2 Dragons are near the boss, they have 80 HP, and lower stats compared to the boss, but each one deals 30 Dmg, and they move.

We also unequipped the remaining magic units, since that is enough pain.

If someone is planning to take the challenge, here is the patch: http://www.speedyshare.com/931413806.html

BTW, this hack haven't changed any other chapter, it's only the final one. If you take tha challenge, have in mind that your units should be RNG abused.

I will do a video in a short future taking this challenge. So anyone who wants to take this challenge, i wish sincere luck, since everybody of us will need it :P


List of Videos:

Rolanmen1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tJXBGQMAkw

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Part 1 is pretty easy if you make sure to wall 1RKO'd units in. The boss dragon, however, is always going to kill someone unless you kill him in one turn, and out of the 4 people who can do double digit damage to him (Luna Athos, Luna Canas, Durandal Eliwood, Armads Hector), he doubles two.

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