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Xiltas Crysten

Xiltas' Sprites (or the most imaginative title ever)

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Well, I thought of showing my sprites here too, so I could learn from...well, here are lots of geniuses (is that right? or am I thinking too austrian? o.o) concerning spriting, and I thought that comments of them would be good for me to improve my skills.

P.S.: Non-Spriters allowed too^^

P.P.S.: I'm also accepting spriting-jobs, as long as I'm asked friendly and got the time.

So, let's start:

Aaron (a swordsman and royal knight):


Aaron (about seven years older, now lord of a small territory):


Akeyda (sage and right hand of Lucifer, the bad guy of my patch [hope I can finish it before I'm old ._.]):


Arn (a mage without memories):


Alex (axe knight and part of Kevin's mercenaries)(I like Heath's face^^):


Altair (assassin from Forllorin [and one of my...older sprites, I think one year old]):


Andrew (mercenary, within the same guild as Kevin's mercenaries [i guess I will re-sprite him soon]):


Aquamarin (mage, but I don't like her name any more, she will be renamed soon o.o):


Ariana (sage and princess of Rahzion):


Ariana (just a few years older [something disturbs me about this one o.o]):


Azrael (one of the bad guys, appears a few years after my patch[Q.Q])(I'm somehow proud of this one because I sprited the eyes all by myself^^):


Carolyn (myrmidon, one of Arianas childhood friends)(recently made):


Dana (myrmidon, totally into men[is this grammatically right?]):


Dave (fighter, and...well, that's pretty much all about him):


Dream (cleric, guess I rename her soon):


Emma (bishop, even though it's strange for a woman o.o oh yeah, she's the mother of Kevin)(will redo her soon):


Exion (mamkute, he likes just to wear pants o.o):


Xiltas (dead, and used to think he is really funny):


Howard (pirate, captain of the "maiden of the mist"):


Janik (thief, travels along with Aquamarin):


Jennifer (troubadour, sister of Alex):


Johan (monk, actually Carolyn's brother and heir of the family name):


Kevin (myrmidon, I'd say he's the most important main character of my patch):


Kevin (few years older, will redo this one somewhen soon):


Laurence (swordsmen, royal knight and Kevin's father):


Lena (archer, joins Kevin's mercenaries later):


Lucifer (druid, and the real bad guy of my patch...although I will resprite this one soon, looks somehow stupid o.o):


Lucifer (pyromancer, his final appearance):


Michael (king of Théalen):


Nigel (wyvern rider of Mymîr):


Raphael (king of Rahzion, Ariana's father):


Rohan (king of Malur, appears to be the bad guy at first):


Sephiroth (swordsmen, one of Lucifer's followers):


Shawn (hero...nothing more):


Siegfried (prince of Malur and one of the two main characters):


Siegfried (a few years later as king of Malur):


Thomas (shaman and spy of Raphael):


Meh, and it still goes on ._. Now some sprites of my...special project (spriting the 8 heroes of Elibe younger (or at all, if there aren't any of them), right now I'm spriting the younger Durbans:

Athos (as a mage, but he looks worse every time I look at him, will redo him soon):


Bramimond (as a shaman. I think he looks pretty cool^^):


Elimine (as a cleric, I know her "look" as a bishop from a rare artwork):


Roland (as a mercenary, I thought his "old" face looks young enough o.o):


Now some sprites I made because of an request or out of boredom:

Duran (thief, made it for a patch of a friend of mine):


Smiley (thief, made because of a request):


Obito Uchiha (ninja (XD), made because of a request):


Jona (shaman, made because of a request...of myself XD):


Mark (strategist, made for a patch of mine):


Mark (not so messy hair):


Zihark (a full custom, to be honest my first one):


Batman (superhero, wanted to see how it would look like as a battle sprite):


Phew...man, when did I have the time to sprite all these in one year <.< I'm not gonna show my first sprites, they look awful <.<

So...what do you think?^^"

Edited by Xiltas

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Well, thanks so far^^

I finished my "younger Durbans"-sprite, and I think he looks pretty cool^^ Well, cooler than the FE7-sprite, for myself. o.o I made two versions, the normal one, and then I tried to sprite an axe on his back, but it could look better ._.



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The axe has potential, but I would recommend making it smaller or shifting the angle to fit in the screen. It looks awkward that moment. =/ Also, it may just be me, but the axe looks slightly flat. D:

Most of your sprites need a little bit of touching up, but I want to take a closer look at your first FC: Zihark. I'll start by saying you have the general figure down, but I think you did something fatal... You've seemed to have followed the FE9 sprite EXACTLY. You shrunk him down, and it looks like you used a touch-up thing and called it yours. I may be able to help later; I'm being taught how to full custom by an excellent spriter, and once I've completed the steps, I'll show you what I did, if you want. ^^

Regardless, you've got potential. Keep up the great work. : D

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Yeah...I just tried to sprite an axe in a big version, I'm not that good with "special" angles for weapons (just sprited swords and axes two or three times for my patch, and they were only small and...well, just how weapon sprites look like)^^".

Regarding Zihark: You're not exactly right. I shrunk him down and tried to follow his outlines on a separate sheet o.o I've sprited his face and his hair-shadow completely without looking on the main sprite. His face turned out "well", I had a hard time spriting his eyes, but his hair-shadow...I tried my best, but somehow it looks a bit "blunt" (is that the correct word?). o.o Thanks for the offer, I'll think about it, but I just tried FC for once, I wanted to see what it would look like o.o

Thanks for the comments^^

Okay, up to the next on of my "young Eight Heroes"^^

This time I sprited Barigan, founder of Ilia o.o He and Hanon could be the toughest heroes to sprite, because unlike the other 6 heroes (even Elimine has a rare Artwork, and Hartmuts face is clearly shown in the manga "Hasha no Tsurugi") you only have their shades. (Is that right? sometimes I'm not confident in my vocabulary ó.ò)

pic from Hasha no Tsurugi:


my younger sprite:


How I think he looks cooler:


So...His title was "Knight of Knights" or something similar, if I remember correctly, because of that I believe he strictly followed the rules of knighthood (and now I start the guessing):

His hair certainly didn't look extra-ordinairy, because a knight must have had a "boring" hair style, so I sprited him with "unspectaculary" hair.

Also, I think he had black hair, because...well, I thought of Zealot when I chose his hair color.

Last but not least, his armor: do you know the phrase "a knight in shining armor"? I associated "white" and "shining", that's why he got a white armor (also because Ilia is a snowy country, and with a white armor it was easier for him to hide within the snow on a battleground).

Yeah...what do you guys think?^^

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Aaaall right, very encouraging ._.

In the last week I managed not only to sprite Hanon, but also the last of the Eight Heroes, Hartmut^^

First, Hanon:

Like Barigan, she was a bit tough to sprite, since you can only see her shadow o.o

I think I sprited her like I imagined her.^^

Hasha no Tsurugi:


young sprite:


So much for her^^"

Even though Hartmut's face was clearly shown, he was even harder to sprite than Barigan, or Hanon <.<

I think in the end I pictured him very well as a young man, his clothes were somehow the hardest part of the whole sprite^^" Nothing seemed to fit the image I had of him, but this was "the most acceptable" clothing.



young sprite:


With this, my collection of the heroes is completed (the first 4 sprites are in the first post)^^

But I'm not satisfied with the look of young Athos, so I think I'll resprite him in the next time soon. o.o

Would be nice to get a comment this time^^"

Edit: no, Hartmut has no stray pixels in his hair, they are all part of the jewelry he wears (though it's not recognizable, it's the one that Lyon wears)^^

Edited by Xiltas

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Hmm, I have some sprites to show ya guys again^^

Two sprites, to be exact.

The first one is a modified version of Exion. I tried to play with his outfit a bit (before his torso was naked, he doesn't like shirts and this stuff o.o), so I gave him a coat. I'm not sure whether this will be his sprite in the patch, or if it will become an "older" version of him (since he's a mamkute, it's no wonder he doesn't look older).


The second one is a sprite that I should have sprited a while ago, but until today I always forgot^^"

It's Tracohnis, the king of Mymîr, and his face was a bit of a challenge. Why, you ask? Well, he has to look good and evil at the same time, so the choice of his face was hard to make. I think he turned out well in the end^^


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Hmmm interesting sprites, and looking at them, I'm assuming the ones at the bottom (of the first post) were done more recently then the ones before it, there's something messy about your splices, one definete cause of such an image is the front hair (The hair that covers the forehead) Take a look at Carolyn's messy hair >_<

I'd have to say Alex is my favourite out of the lot, also noticed you stop spriting/mixing hair styles as you approached the newer ones. Given up?

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Exion should wear nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!


My apologies for giving criticism, but I believe that the main problem with some of these sprites is that you do not take into account the shape of the head itself; for example, Alex can't have the hair style he does without having a serious skull deformation. I would recommend deleting his hair, then drawing the outline of a skull in with the Pencil tool. If you then apply the hair, you'll notice that in points, the hair would dig into his brain. Ouch ^^;

Going down the list, I have noticed a handful of other things (I apologise for the mass criticism, I really like your work. But I am not an expert on such works, so I'd recommend looking at some tutorials or asking one or two more advanced spriters than I. I fail at making splices for heaven's sake ^^;;):

Spoilered because it's kinda mean and not particularly constructive.

-On the older Ariana, her eyes seem to be made from the uncanny valley. Her left eye looks like it's too small, I think.

-Azrael's neck seems off, I think. And he looks a little bit insane XD

-Altair's head seems to be suffering from the problem mentioned in the first paragraph.

-Dana's collar lacks shading, you may wish to change this.

-Dave's head has the problem mentioned in the first paragraph.

-Dream's hair seems to irregularly jut out from her hood. Try making her hair flatter (by shading it?), or change the hood a bit. *shrug*

-I think Howard needs some harder colours in his face, since it looks a bit too smooth at the moment ^^;

-Janik has a patch of unshaded neck, next to his hand.

-Both Kevin's have problems like Alex, plus Kevin I doesn't seem to be shaded.

-Laurence's head seems to be unaligned with his neck. Perhaps you could bring his head back a bit, then put the collar over his face somehwat?

-Michael has the same problem as Alex.

-Nigel's lower-right portrait seems to have something wrong with it. I assume it's a sleeve of some sort?

-Raphael looks kinda sickly XD; I assume it's intentional?

-Rohan seems to be a jack-in-the-box; his head comes out of armour too much. Try bringing his head back.

-Sephiroth's forehead seems to be a little too large for his face.

-Siegfried's initial portrait seems to have some problems with his fringe.

-Siegfried the Elder has something up the centre of his forehead.

-Brannimond's forehead seems to have some shading problems; in addition, the right-side of his hair seems to be a little... off. Perhaps you could add some more... uh, messiness(?) to it.

-Mark has the same problems as Sephiroth.

-Zihark's outline seems a little too dark, I would recommend adding some more shades to the outline ^^; -

My apologies for the undue criticism; it was unbecoming of me and I give you my most sincere apologies if you have taken any offence to it.

Incidentally, Roland looks awesome and Exion is my favourite character, regardless of what his character is actually like. He doesn't need pants, either. *nuked from orbit*

Edited by Allan's Aokage

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Well, as I mentioned before, I am currently respriting some of the characters, the first victim is Lucifer's druid-form:


Crazy smiles are easier than I thought o.o And I think he looks now even madder (grammatically right?) than the old sprite o.o maybe I will also change his Pyromancer-sprite (I think "Sorcerer" sounds better, guess I'll "change" his class).

Oh yeah, when I gathered the "pieces" of Lucifer and had them put all together and "cleaned" everything up, I was somehow...fascinated by his face, by his look...I spent the last three days praying to him...XD Joke aside, I'm really fascinated by this sprite o.o The new Lucifer looks cooler than I imagined him to be when he's normal o.o


@Nadesico: You're not completely right: most of the sprites are mixed up in the date they were created o.o Although the 8 Heroes and the ones completely at the bottom are newer than most of the sprites above. Oh yeah, I've done Carolyn's messy hair on purpose o.o It was something of a little experiment.

@Allan: You've wrote too much critics, so I'll just answer the most "important" ones (this is afterwards: guess somehow most of them were important^^")^^" And because I don't know how to hide things, I'll write it unhidden^^":

Alex: I'm currently thinking of a good new look for him, and I think his hairstyle will change after that^^

Azrael: Hmm, I'm not sure if his head really is off o.o Also, the crazy look in his eyes is intentional^^

Altair: I'll resprite him soon, so he won't have any brain-ache anymore because of his hair^^

Dana: She will also undergo a bit of stylechange, the shade-problem will be gone by then^^

Dave: I think he looks completely normal o.o

Dream: I shaded it, but since most of the front-hair isn't under the hood, the shadow is not really dark o.o

Howard: I don't agree in this point o.o

Kevin: I don't think his hair digs into his brain o.o also, he is shaded. But the hair color is pretty close to some of the shadow-colors o.o (maybe you just have to save it and then zoom in to see it o.o)

Laurence: same as Howard.

Michael: same as Alex, although I don't think his hair style will change o.o

Raphael: he's pretty weak, and can't fight at all. He's wise, but that all about him^^" So yes, his sick look is intentional^^

Siegfried 1: don't really understand what you mean by that o.o

Siegfried 2: He's nothing but a prototype (just wanted to see how he looks older^^), I will watch out for this problems in the final version^^

Bramimond: I know, the shadow on his forehead is too dark^^" I'll change it (and the hairstyle^^) when I redo him for the strategist-patch^^

Mark: I'll also work him over a bit for the patch^^

Zihark: I don't plan on redoing him^^" I wanted to see if I could manage to sprite him in GBA-FE style as a bonus character for "The Lord of Hatred", but he didn't turn out well, so I somehow abandoned the sprite^^" (even though his one of my top-favorite characters of FE at all o.o)

Also, I'll tell Exion, but I think he likes his pants too much, so he will never be nude^^

This is how I want him to look in human form in battles ^^: exion_mamkutemitzopfsoxf.png

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Oh well, I had the idea to this sprite a while ago, and yesterday I began to work on it.

Maybe it won't be considered as a master piece of art, but I don't think that this is necessary^^

Oh yeah, in the end I thought the sprite resembled a member of the Organization XIII o.o


P.S.: He may look a little bit like a druid, but is actually a swordmaster.

He just wears a coat to hide his face.

Edited by Xiltas

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although i'm no expert (I just started a few days ago) i'd say this one might need some more work


the head just looks like it has been pasted on.

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@Cake: I'll take care of Rohan later o.o

for now, I'll use the moment for a reminiscence o.o

You know, Alex (or rather Alexander back then) was one of my first sprites when I started to sprite one and a half years ago.

Looking back, this is now my 3rd/4th version of him, and I thought it would be interesting to show you how his appearance changed while my spriting skills got better^^

Very first version/Alexander:


1st (and 2nd) remake, about one year ago (means 6 months after I started to sprite):


Today, I've created two "versions" at once, yet I can't decide which one looks better and shall be seen in my hack. What do you guys think?



Just to remind those of you who didn't know or forgot, he's an Axeknight^^ (using an editet version of Hector's battlesprite)

Edited by Xiltas

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Okay, okay, another remake of mine o.o I'm threatening the universe again XD

My very first sprite of Kevin was made at nearly the same time as Alexander, but it was...a failure. Full-Custom hair, edited body... well, you can see him here:


The second version was made soon after the first one, because... well, you heard he was a failure.:


I sprited this one about one year ago. Most of my first sprites were resprited at that time o.o:


Most recent one, I finished him today^^ (the body is based on Legault o.o):


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Yeah... but I don't think so o.o

Well, I've redone Andrew and Dana a bit. I gave Andrew a new body (and 5 new hair colors o.o) and gave Dana a new body color o.o

Which hair color do you like best?







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