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My hack (s)

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I finally got around to downloading Nightmare and a ROM and Emulator and everything. So I can finally start hacking. Since Riku (Or whatever he is now) has apparently lost interest in SSBFE, I'll prolly end up making it.

At any rate, I'm making a hack for FE8 and one for FE7 (unrelated until I figure out how to change the dialogue) right now.


Gerik's base stats have been overhauled, but his growths are like, slightly better than Yodel's. He still has his Hero Crest, though.


I got the game to freeze by making an NPC Merc that kills the first Bandit in the Tutorial.

As for the difficulty, the FE7 hack is largely unworked on, but the FE8 hack should be a bit harder than FE7's EHM. Every map (Besides 5x) has FoW, and the bosses got beefed.

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