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Post fanart requested by the person above!


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Not sure which specific Astrid we're referring to since there's both a Fire Emblem Astrid and a non-FE Astrid, but since we seem to be on a bit of a Fire Emblem character fanart trend, I assume that the user above me wants me to find fanart of Astrid from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. 

sol badguy, order-sol, and astrid (fire emblem and 4 more) drawn by  haru_(nakajou-28) | Danbooru

Well, I found this one while searching on the web and thought it looked pretty cool, so here ya go! :]

As for my humble request: I'd like to see fanart of both Male Alear AND Female Alear in the same image/art-thingy.

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Okay...here's Three House Marianne...as a Pokemon Trainer!


EDIT: Forgot to nominate the next one. Leon from Pokemon, or Claude from 3H. Bonus points if both are in the same artwork.

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I have found some Weavile fanart as requested. In my quest I came across a few unsavory images, but I stayed the path and found this absolutely adorable piece of fanart. image.png.4f2b4112f7b230f09e5a616b4ff2ea70.pngI wanna keep this Pokémon fanart chain going, so I’d like to see some fanart of Hop from Pokémon Sword/Shield.

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