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Return of The Emblem Information & Signup

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All relevant information on the RP can be found on RotE's google site, and for those currently participating in the RP, on Roll20.

Getting Started




Below is the signup template newcomers should reference when setting up their character for approval. Originally, stat spreads and items would be included here, however, now that Roll20 is required to participate in battles, these aren't needed for initial signup. Instead, newcomers will finalize their stats once they join the campaign itself. Intended stats and equipment can still be posted along with the rest of the signup, but they're no longer required for approval. This signup format also applies to NPCs.

Name: (Full name or alias can go here.)
Nickname: (Optional.)
Occupation: (Optional.)
Appearance: (Guidelines: eye color, eye size, hair color, hair length/style, skin tone, build; generally what said character wears. Reference pics are also acceptable.)
Nature/Disposition: (Optional.)
Hometown: (Optional: Check the map and read up on the nations before picking a hometown. If you'd like a name for a marked location or would like to add a new one, consult Phoenix.)
Connections: (Optional: list of people this person knows and their relations with them. These can be expounded on in Backstory if desired.)
Backstory: (Its important that the backstory doesn't conflict with any established canon and is reasonable. It's good to ask for help or information if you need either.)

(All optional: But we love mounts)
Mount Name:
Mount Nickname:
Mount Sex:
Mount Species:
Mount Age:
Mound Appearance:
Mount Personality:
Mount Relations:
Mount Backstory:


Q: Why have everything on a google site?
A: There's a character limit for every SF post and I'd prefer to have just about everything in one easily navigable area. Hence, google site. Enjoy.

Q: Is Roll20 required to join the RP?
A: Not strictly, but your character (PC or NPC) cannot participate in stat battles outside Roll20.

Q: Can I make a custom player or non player character class?
A: No.

Q: Why do we have to start with a specific set of stats?
A: It was that or hard stat caps. This allows for better customization overall while only being a minor nuisance. It was only ever going to be an issue for early joiners since anyone joining after Chapter One would almost certainly be starting at a higher level and therefore have extra stats to distribute.

Q: Can I suggest some new items?
A: Suggestions for items are welcome, but there is no guarantee that they will be implemented, and even if they are, they will almost definitely not be added in their original form. Also keep in mind there is a huge selection of items already and they cover most aspects of the setting and combat mechanics as it is. Again, suggestions are welcome, but the complete item list ought to be completely examined before new ideas are brought up. As a final note, for balancing reasons, suggestions for new AS and SPD boosting items are very unlikely to be implemented.

Q: Can I sign up a non-human character?
A: Dark Avians are the only available non-human race currently for PCs, but others may be accepted as exceptions if we feel the person making the signup is cooperative enough and very familiar with the lore. As a general rule even among exceptions, dragons aren't allowed as PCs (too large).

Q: Can I make a non-human npc character?
A: Yep, but you'll be expected to be on top of any relevant lore. Read the avian, fallen, and (coming eventually) dragon articles when you've got the time. If you haven't read them, the character won't be approved on principle.

Q: Can I start with a ___(item/weapon)?
A: Only if you can afford it. It'd also be a good idea to make sure your character can wield it if that's the goal.

Q: How do items get unlocked?
A: Team leaders unlock items in towns, cities, and major ports the groups visit. Typically each notable stop will see at least a couple of new items unlocked. Items can also be unlocked by beating Challenges.

Q: How are battle averages calculated?
A: Point averages are calculated individually, like so:
With 5 characters being counted ...
Jade: 27
Jeb: 32
Jill: 36
John: 42
Julius: 45
The battle average would then be 36.4 = 36
Point averages round up to the nearest whole number from 5 and down from 4.

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Phoenix and I have already discussed the matter on my character. Here it is.

Name: Wolfgang Cruz

Nickname: Boss

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Class: Vanguard

Affinity: Lightning

Weapon Proficiency: Sword

Weapon of Choice: Vorpal Sword (Ice Imbued Sword) or his personal Combat Knife.

Occupation: Mercenary

Appearance: Wolfgang stands at six feet five inches. He has a strong, well-built physique. He has black hair with the front line waved up and the rest combed down neatly. He has plating along his shoulders down to his elbows. Wolfgang has brown leather armor covering his upper body, fingerless leather gauntlets, and a pair of slacks. He also wears brown leather combat boots. His most standout clothing feature is that he always wears a long white scarf that falls down to his shins. As for scars, he has one over his left eye, and several down his left arm (which is also his sword arm).

Personality: N/A

Hometown: Okha (Raised in Sergei Port)

Connections: Anyone that knows of his mercenary band.

Backstory: "I am Wolfgang. Leader of the Grandzenschtraum Mercenaries." Wolfgang was born in Okha. Not even a month after his birth his parents moved with him to Sergei Port. As an inborn citizen of Neviskotia, when he formed his mercenary band at the age of sixteen, he has been rather accepting to who's joined his group. He's even recruited one dragon and two dark avians; however the dragon tends to only be around in their home country due to other views on dragons. Over the years, Wolfgang's developed a strong reputation throughout the continent. He's accepted jobs from high and low ends of the social status scale, and once in a while from royal families. His band's whereabouts are currently unknown, or his current job. (Eh, enough to get started, interactions with the group will expand this.)

Important Mercenary Band Members:

Hans - Sniper

Wallace - Wyvern Lord, Gromit is his wyvern.

Kain's Stories Members:

Kain - Rogue

Mario - Chaplain, Rita is his horse.

Ariost - Druid

Other Minor Members:

Karene - Reaver

Descan - Dragon

Janaff - Dark Avian

Avion - Dark Avian

And about forty other generic members.

If anyone notices the changes here, that is because their roles of where they will be in the story has now altered. As for "Kain's Stories", I will probalby be writing at least one chapter per...well, chapter. The first Chapter will explain what it's about.

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Right, we already talked about this so that's approved.

To everyone else: Please note that Wolfgang is a sign up NPC hence the no starting stats and other various things.

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Name: Synthia Azubah

Nickname: If she has one, it’s not made by me

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Class: Mage

Affinity: Thunder

Weapon proficiency: Staves


Healing Staff

Wind Tome(basic tome) She can’t use this btw, I’m not thinking she can

-She should have 10 points left

[spoiler=Stats]Raw Stats:

HP: 3

STR: 0

MAG: 5

SKL: 4

SPD: 3

LCK: 2

DEF: 1

RES: 2

Simplified Stats:

HP: 9

Mt: 0

Hit: 4

Avo: 5

AS: 3

Def: 1

Res: 2

Occupation: None, traveling

Appearance: She’s about 5’ 11” tall with long black hair and light violet eyes. Her clothing normally consists of a purple blouse, blue skirt of modest length, and blue leather boots, though she also owns a light piece of leather armor and cloak for traveling. The only piece of jewery she has is a beautifully beaded band in her hair.


Nature/Disposition: Grumpy, most of the time. She’s not really against helping others, but it often seems like it as she’s not willing to unless there’s something in it for her. However, once someone has done something for her she will do all she can to repay the favor. Her morals are good, but she has a pretty bad temper.

Hometown: Ursaea in Ursium

Connections: Valter Morph

Backstory: Synthia lived a fairly normal life with her parents and 4 siblings in Ursium. She spent a brief stint in religious training where she learned to use staves, but caused a major incident and was quickly dismissed from the service. When she returned home her parents called her a failure and disowned her. She found work at a small town inn for a short while before hitting the road again. She studies magic in her spare time.

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Name: Domovoi Echeskov

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Class: Wyvern Rider

Affinity: Anima

Weapon Proficiency: Lances

Inventory: Iron Lance, Vulnerary, Antidote

Raw Stats: HP 4, Str 5, Mag 0, Skl 3, Spd 3, Luck 1, Def 4, Res 0

Simplified Stats: HP 12, MT 5, Hit 3, Evade 4, Defense 4, Resistance 0

Points: 20

Occupation: Sergeant in Neviskotia army

Appearance: Black skin, blue eyes, hair tied tight into a short ponytail. Black hair. Wears sky blue armor and combat boots, a belt for various items, and his spear on his back.

Nature/Disposition: Harsh, aggressive, dutiful, patriotic

Hometown: Kievan Rus

Connections: Aleksander Petrova, Zhukov

Backstory: Domovoi is the son of a woman from Rex-Avas and a minor officer of Neviskotia. His mother died when he was young, so he grew up with his father and as such, is very close to him. He trained in the military all his life and all his work has made him a sergeant. Despite his relatively low rank, he is quite happy to serve his nation and has been in many successful missions time and again.

One day, he found his father was killed in battle against a Ursium soldier, who later fled from his comrades and the battle, his whereabouts unknown. Enraged and determined bring the man to justice, Domovoi decided to search for the killer before the Ursium soldiers found the deserter. He was assigned by his superior Aleksander Petrova to head to Sergio Port gauge the enemy activity over there and report back. Domovoi obeyed, hearing the killer was there. Domovoi hopes to find him there.

Mount Name: Miskavolv

Mount Gender: Male

Mount Species: Wyvern

Mount Age: 10

Mount Appearance: Medium sized wyvern, with red scales and curved horns. Has sharp fangs and green eyes. The tail is somewhat long, with a couple of spikes near the tip.

Mount Personality: Miskavolv is a glutton and loves all sorts of food. He will eat anything except carrion, but his favorite foods are fruits, deer, and fish. Miskavolv is an energetic wyvern and is his master's best friend. A young adult wyvern, Miskavolv is still quite playful and loves to hang around and do all sorts of tricks in the air. Miskavolv is very loyal to Domovoi, and the two are nearly inseperable.


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Name: Evessa

Nickname: Eve

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Class: Cleric

Affinity: Fire

Weapon proficiency: Staff

Inventory: Heal Staff, Vulnery, Antitoxin (20 points left)

Raw Stats: HP: 3 STR: 0 MAG: 4 SKL: 3 SPD: 3 LCK: 3 DEF: 0 RES: 4

Simplified Stats: HP: 9, MT: 4, HIT: 3, AS: 3, AVO: 6, DEF: 0, RES: 4

Occupation: Maiden-In-Training

Appearance: A young woman with shoulder length red hair. Her life in the desert has left her tanned on her skin. Her green eyes contrast her dark brown cleric's robes. She has her things in a pack on her back.

Nature/Disposition: Cheery, very shy and introverted. Does not take to strangers easily, but good with people she trusts.

Hometown: Sanctuary

Connections: Her older sister is a maiden of Queen Aisha. She joined the queendom to work with her sister and serve her highness.

Backstory: A young girl in service to the Queen. In training that is. She has been sent on a pilgrimage she must complete before being noticed as a true maiden. Her sister, having completed hers several years ago, tells of the wonders of the outside world. She has never left Sanctuary before and is very curious to what the outside world holds.

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You cannot have weapon proficiency Staff and weapon proficiency Light at start up. Weapon Proficiency costs 60 points, so you don't have enough points to buy an additional one. Choose one or the other.

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Synthia approved.

Domovoi approved.

Okay while the sign up itself isn't bad, Psych, I(and a lot of others) know from personal experience that you

A: Try to find any little loop hole around a given rule

B: Are a known dice cheater(overall)

C: God mod entirely too often

D: Try to argue all the aforementioned stuff away with whatever makes sense to you at the time.

So with that, I need to tell you straight. I can't accept your sign up. Sorry.

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Ooh, actual signups! I'll have to give this a shot when I feel like it.

... What does this mean for LoAF, though? Is GMship being changed, or are you doing both, or what?

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John approved.

EDIT: Oh but you might want to list your AS for convenience.

Edited by Phoenix

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((@Phoenix: Please tell me if anything needs fixed/revised alright?))

Name: Edwin Atlas

Nickname: "Honestly why would someone go and ruin an already wonderful name?"

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Class: Nomad

Affinity: Wind

Weapon proficiency: Bows

Weapon of Choice: Honestly, if I chose anything other than a bow would it make any sense?


Weapon 1: Iron Bow

Weapon 2: Nothing

Special Weapon: Nothing

Item: Vulnerary (10pts), Anti Toxin (10 pts)

Special Item:

Not Directly Tied Into Combat Items: Traveling supplies such as rope, lantern, matches, food provisions, hunting supplies, cooking supplies etc found on Rosie (the horse)

Raw Stats:

HP: 4 STR: 3 MAG: 0 SKL: 5 SPD: 5 LCK: 1 DEF: 1 RES: 1

Nomad Ability: Can perform two actions per phase following these restrictions: Atk/Item, Def/Item only.

Simplified Stats (Stats simplified to in-battle specifics) with an Iron Bow

HP: 12

MT: 3

HIT: 5

AS: 5

AVO: 6

DEF: 0*

RES: 0*

*Due to bows inflicting a -1 RES/DEF penalty in exchange for not taking a round 1 counter


"Lets see what all have I been at one time or another? I've worked as a scout plenty of times, done a little mercenary work in my day, was employed as a librarian, a kitchen and even a school for a little bit. I've worked at many bars, I've been known as an adventurer. I tried my hand at being in a militia and as a bard, with about the same success at both. Oh and I've even done a little work in 'acquisition' and information gathering if that's what you are interested in. But lets be honest, this is more about what you need me for, not what I've already done."


Edwin is a tall man with short brown hair, darkly tanned skin and pale green eyes. He wears a green beret with a white feather on the left side that he seems to never to take off. He also wears a turquoise ear ring. He always seems to be smiling and happy but his eyes tend to say otherwise. The man wears light brown leather armor that covers most of his torso and a green tunic underneath that fits quite comfortably. On his left sleeve is a white patch that has just enough space to fit an emblem on it comfortably. He wears a green cloak that is ideal in forest environments, and is often associated with rogues. His brown cargo pants are fairly loose fitting, and has a large number of pockets which he keeps anything from the book he's reading to his lock picking kit. He also has a pair of reinforced leather boots on his feet that are very comfortable, and very durable.

Edwin normally wears a brown back pack around his hips that holds most of his goods. On his back is a brown quiver made of leather that holds around 50 arrows comfortably. Across his chest is a long bow made of ash wood, steel, iron and string is made of yak fur. It's weighs a good deal, and is highly durable because of it. On Edwin's left hand is a steel bracelet with a turquoise gem at the center. On the left side of Edwin's pack is a steel lantern that shines light where ever he goes, making exploration of ruins and dark areas much easier. On the bottom of the lantern is a rope is wrapped around the base.


Most of the time Edwin is very confident about most things leading to an air of arrogance. In truth he's highly intelligent, very resourceful, articulate, analytical and somewhat pompous because of his perceived superiority. If you couldn't notice thus far, he's overly sarcastic, cynical and has a general distrust of anything he can't control. For the most part, Edwin acts quite flaky and relies heavily on luck and circumstances to explain the things he does rather than taking a serious look at the world. Although he'd rather pretend that he's being 'forced' into things or that he's merely going with the flow, he tends to be drawn towards people like a moth to the flame.

But beyond the facade Edwin's the heart filled with anxiety, fear and regret over a lot of things. The traveler can rarely allow himself anything beyond even the most basic of friendships, because he believes that they will end up hurting him in the end just like so many times before. He is quick to make quick friend or enter into casual relationships however anything deeper than that he starts to pull away. Yet he cannot stand to be truly alone so he seeks out someone new, and someplace he can start fresh again. Because of that, it's not all that out of character for him to abandon people if they get too close to him, or try to push them away however he can. It's not because he is naturally interested in betraying others, but he's afraid that if he ever let his guard down that he would be the one that get's hurt instead of those he leaves behind.

Hometown: "I suppose everyone was born somewhere but that's not my home. I've been traveling for a long time now... anymore a nameless inn, a nice peaceful spot in the woods or even in some lair of a beastie is my home more than where I was born. I was reborn on the road, so everywhere is my home town now."

Connections: I left home when I was 15 years old, and have done more things than you could imagine. I've been on heroic adventures as the leading man and I've played the villain. I've done everything in between too. In my life, I've ran across so many people it would be shocking if I could remember them all. But I'll make you a deal, if we run across an old friend or an acquaintance of mine I'll be sure to tell you. If we run across someone who wasn't so much a friend... well I'm sure they'll let you know real quick too."

Back Story:

Edwin left his home town at 15 years old for a lot of reasons. He wanted to see the world, he wanted to escape the life that he felt had been planned out for him and most of all he just wanted to feel free. In the middle of the night, the then naive kid snuck out his window and raced across the field with the moon high above chasing after the city lights in the distance. He found himself in a wonderful, horrible, dangerous, exciting world that he had been sheltered from and loved it there. Since then, he has lived however life afforded him. He's worked a lot of jobs, done a lot of things... some that he is proud of, and others that he wishes he could forget. Anymore though, he just does whatever it takes to get by and enjoy the lifestyle that he chose for himself the day he cast away his family name, and started calling himself an Atlas. Its been fourteen years since he left 'home'. He just goes from job to job, town to town looking for some new source of income, or a new adventure that promises lots of gold. Now I could go into detail on what exactly Edwin has done, what he looks for and everything like that but I think a little exert from another adventure Edwin had a while back might explain everything you need to know:

"This is the part where I tell you all about myself isn't it? Where I grew up, how I learned to survive in the big, bad world and what made me into the type of guy who would risk his life for a few coins and a little bit of prestige. That's how these first meetings usually go isn't darling? I suppose I could tell you about the dainty house that I grew up in, the thrill of my kiss, the feeling I got from my first kill or we could talk a little about 'business' and compare our lives. We could order a drink, and talk about all the friends we've had, all the blood, sweat and tears we've shed to get where we are today. But that's not really what you are interested in is it my dear?" Edwin just smiled, as he leaned back in his chair. The bar was as lively as ever, although he couldn't help but notice the stares that his newest companion was getting. Of course, how often did you see a beautiful woman, who also happened to be armed to the teeth. The woman was maybe in her mid twenties, and had flowing red hair."You are looking for someone to work with, wasn't that right? Normally I would love to spend a little more time getting acquainted I suppose we should get down to business, lets go over the basics. First, I never work for free. I want half the payment before we start. After all, people rarely hire me for anything that doesn't have at least a small chance of death. Secondly, I don't plan on spending any more nights out in the wild than we have to so I expect you'll be footing the bill for an inn, and for food. After all, this is your adventure I'm just coming along for the ride. Lastly, I don't plan on getting myself killed. If we are forced to fight, I want a say in how things are done. I don't plan on throwing my life away, thus far I've enjoyed it and I don't want it cut short because your strategist is an absolute idiot. And if we manage to live through whatever you have planned for me, I promise we'll have all the time in the world to share our war stories, and talk about the friends we've lost or left behind in our pursuit of fortune, glory and a better life than what we started with."

Edwin smiled, as the waitress came over with two glasses of mead. He always loved the honey aftertaste, and it rarely got you too drunk to remember what had been said the night before. "Thank you every much. So what do you say my battle weary beauty? Want to share a drink to our new partnership?"

Mount Name: Rosie

Mount Nickname: "Who's a good horsie?"

Mount Gender: Female

Mount Species: Horse

Mount Age: Four

Mound Appearance: Rosie is a well nourished horse, with white spots on a brown coat. This unfortunate beast of burden is usually hidden under all of Edwin's supplies, including a saddle, a lantern, some rope and a large pack that sits just behind the saddle on her hips. She also has two large bags just in front of where Edwin's legs are when riding. The right is filled with whatever loot the nomad has picked up, along with around a dozen books. The left contains that week's provisions. Generally the horse is anything but 'cheerful' and her owner is quite aware of it. He sometimes jokes that whoever named his horse had a sick sense of humor.

Mount Personality: A fairly well trained horse, but she can get annoyed with Edwin sometimes. She is a bit skittish around fire, or large numbers of people intent of killing both her and her master. When faced with that type of situation, she does the most natural thing in the world; she runs. Usually with Edwin in toe...

Mount Relations: "Do you really want to know about a horse's relationships? Honestly, that's getting a bit too personal. I haven't asked about your pet's grooming habits or whose noises have gone where have I?"

Mount Back Story: Edwin sometimes wonders exactly what Rosie would say if she could talk. He thinks most of the time it would either be tireless amounts of complaints or threatening Edwin's life if he picks up one more random piece of junk on the way back towards town. However, he almost has to wonder what would happen if he hadn't bought her two years ago at the horse auction. Would she have been living on a nice field somewhere? Maybe a show horse, with some scandalously clad girl riding on top of her twirling batons? Rosie might have even been some knights 'noble stead'. But unfortunately, all those things would never be true. For the last two years, this unfortunate animal has survived alongside Edwin in his adventures. Rightfully both should be dead by now, but somehow they've survived long enough to get here.

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You don't need any plot items listed(plot being stuff that isn't a stat related thing). You can list stuff like rope, lantern, matches, food provisions and such else where if you want though.

@ Bows

Specifically the bows only prevent the first counter, after that they take counters.

Other than that I don't see any issues. Edwin Approved.

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Name: Jeanne Fersed

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Class: Pegasus Knight

Affinity: Earth

Weapon proficiency: Lances

Weapon of Choice: None

Inventory: Iron Lance

Raw Stats: HP: 4 STR: 3 MAG: 0 SKL: 3 SPD: 5 LCK: 2 DEF: 1 RES: 2

Simplified Stats: HP: 12 MT: 3 HIT: 3 AVO: 7 AS: 5 DEF: 1 RES: 2

Occupation: Mercenary

Appearance: Jeanne is a relatively small woman for her age, with a thin, flat body that wouldn't exactly be considered stunning. Her hair is a light green, wavy, and falls just past her shoulders. Her facial features are soft, complimenting her light skin, but her brown eyes seem to be drooping perpetually from boredom. She wears a brown travelers cloak over her pure white armor, so as not to attract too much attention during her work. She carries her lance around with her openly often to attract work.

Nature/Disposition: Jeanne is a generally stoic individual, and a bit of a loner. This is primarily due to her awkward conversational skills, and a fear of embarrassment. She does not have much confidence in any of her abilities, but she will work hard to get the job done. Jeanne's only motivation is to make a living off of her mercenary work, and her boredom with her lifestyle shows. The only one that she openly speaks to is her pegasus, and she occasionally questions her sanity due to this. Overall, her self esteem is very, very low.

Hometown: Wanders, thus none

Connections: N/A

Backstory: Born with an uncle serving the church, Jeanne began training to be a pegasus knight as soon as she was able, under the watch of her wealthy parents. She grew to strongly dislike the leaders and politics of her home country Ursium during her training, but she continued until the age of eighteen. It was then that her uncle was executed for performing blasphemies against the church, and her family steadily lost their fortune. Not wanting to be a burden, Jeanne decided to leave and sustain herself, with no objections from her parents, who did not think they could afford her any more. She kept her pegasus (few seemed to care, to Jeanne's surprise) and decided to live as a mercenary, and she has been for the past four years. Her luck has not been great with jobs.

Mount Name: Megaera

Mount Nickname: N/A

Mount Gender: Female

Mount Species: Pegasus

Mount Age: 15

Mount Appearance: A white pegasus with a somewhat gray shade around the wings. Megaera is equipped with a brown saddle that carries Jeanne's seldom worn casual clothing, and a holder for Jeanne's lance.

Mount Personality: A loyal and calm pegasus, though very likely to not give her all in any situation, appearing to be weak and lazy.

Mount Relations: Loyal to Jeanne, and Jeanne often speaks to her about her problems (to little response naturally).

Mount Backstory: A pegasus provided to Jeanne during her training as a pegasus knight, and one that grew to recognize her as her rider. Jeanne kept her as she left her knight training, and the original seller did not seem to care due to Megaera's general inferiority.

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Name: Andrei

Gender: M

Age: 17

Class: Pegasus Knight

Affinity: Wind

Weapon proficiency: Lance

Weapon of Choice: Javelin

Inventory: Javelin

Raw Stats: HP: 4 STR: 3 MAG: 0 SKL: 5 SPD: 5 LCK: 1 DEF: 1 RES: 1

Simplified Stats: HP 12 MT 3 HIT 5 AS 5 AVO 6 DEF/RES 1/1

Occupation: Messenger

Appearance: Short, slight. Medium-short, chronically messy brown hair, brown eyes, slight tan. Dresses for cold-weather flying: boots, trousers, fleece-lined coat, gloves, hat (he tends not to wear it when he can avoid it), flight goggles.

Nature/Disposition: Cocky flyboy. A messenger by trade, prides himself on his pegasus' training, speed, and agility. Quick to flee from fighting, though; trained more to get away than to stay and fight.

Hometown: No idea, will settle on one at some point. Somewhere in Neviskotia.

Backstory: Working for his parents' pegasus training outfit, Andrei was consigned to messenger duty when they got tired of his attitude. He treats it like some sort of honor, unwilling to admit that he's just a delivery boy with too much ego. He still gets along with his parents though, and adores his little sister, making sure to bring her presents every time he returns home.

Mount Name: Nadezhda

Mount Nickname: Nadya

Mount Gender: F

Mount Species: Pegasus

Mount Age: 10

Mount Appearance: Blue roan coat, with gray extending onto the wings, hawk markings on the wings.

Mount Personality: Sweet-tempered and calm, in contrast to her rider's flighty arrogance.

Mount Relations: Has a foal old enough to be separated.

Mount Backstory: Nadya was raised and trained by Andrei, and has saved him from some scrapes.

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Name: Veronika Rusayev

Nickname: Nika

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Class: Myrmidon

Affinity: Water

Weapon proficiency: Swords

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Inventory: Iron Sword, Vulnerary

Raw Stats: HP:3 Str:3 Mag:0 Skl:5 Spd:5 Lck:2 Def:1 Res:1

Simplified Stats: HP:9 Atk:3 Hit:5 AS:5 Avo:7 Def:1 Res:1

Occupation: Noblewoman

Appearance: About 5'10 la.png?t=1294096538

Nature/Disposition: Serious, occassionally haughty

Hometown: Kievan Rus

Connections: Knows of the royalty and military personnel of Neviskotia, though not personally.

Backstory: Veronika's father is a military leader in Neviskotia, giving his family prestige and rising them to the ranks of the nobility. Veronika is the middle of three children. She eventually fell in love and become engaged to a soldier named Pavel who disappeared over a year ago on an undisclosed mission on the promise that he would return soon. Several months later he had still not returned and she began to investigate, uncovering that his mission may have had to do with locating the legendary Fire Emblem. She left her family and set off on a journey to possibly locate this artifact and thus find Pavel.

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(Got permission from Phoenix to start off with 2 characters; Maw was also discussed)

Full Name: Gytha Thirdgem

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Class: Mercenary

Affinity: Fire

Level: 1

Weapon proficiency: Sword

Weapon of Choice: Her old two-handed blade

Inventory: Iron sword (plot inventory: sword is a blade and then there's her flintlock pistol; points remaining: 40)

Stats: HP: 4 STR: 4 MAG: 0 SKL: 4 SPD: 3 LCK: 2 DEF: 2 RES: 1

Simplified Stats: HP: 12 MT: 4 HIT: 4 AVO: 5 DEF: 2 RES: 1 AS: 3

Occupation: Mariner

Appearance: Thick, black leather belt with a large, iron, rectangular buckle, light navy blue short-sleeved tunic with a square neckline, cream-colored canvas trousers, brown leather boots that go halfway up her lower leg. She also has a cream-colored bandana with a light navy pattern that she almost always has tied onto her head. She has a rather large build, boasting muscle definition (though not to the extent of most pirates due to being a woman). She is usually smiling and has brown-blue eyes. Her hair is usually down, though sometimes she weaves it into a loose braid. The color of her hair is orangey-brown and it cascades down to her middle back in large waves. Her skin is tanned from her seafaring. Much to her annoyance (due to unwanted attention) she sports a rather large bust. She blames this on her large build (and rightly so).

Nature/Disposition: Cheerful and somewhat lazy though in a battle her fervor rises. She is strong and though she'll listen to reason, she's not timid or submissive.

Hometown: Stubbsgrit Port

Connections: Captain Reese Thirdgem of the pirate ship: Saltstraumen (her father), Mrs. Helmine Thirdgem (her mother), Mr. Corry Salvage (1st mate and fill-in navigator aboard the Saltstraumen), Ms. Helen Gale (2nd mate aboard the Saltstraumen), Maw (her shorthair silver tabby), Captain Miles Grater of the pirate ship: Deadlock (her first captain)

Backstory: She grew up in the rough port town of Stubbsgrit Port with her mother, always anticipating her father's return from the sea. Whenever he returned home, the family would celebrate and catch up with each other. It was a good life and Gytha often dreamed of traveling the ocean alongside her father. When she was old enough, she helped her mother with tending to their small pub. Like her mother, it was natural for her to take on any of the guests who didn't know their place and so Gytha quickly established that though she was new, she was by no means a confused pushover. So long as the guests respected her, though, she would talk and laugh with them, much like her mother. In fact, correlation people made between her and her mother was often in effect. Gytha never minded so much but she, herself, didn't usually see it. Finally, one day, she was allowed to join one of the crews heading out as a fighting deckhand. She took along the sword she was used to as well as her own flintlock pistol her father had brought back for her from one of his voyages. After they had been out at sea for a time without sighting so much as sail of another vessel, many of her shipmates were beginning to blame the poor luck on Gytha herself, pointing to the old myth of seafaring women being bad luck. Some defended her, others fought against one another. By the end of the battle, roughly three-sevenths of the crew had been killed. The senior officers all remained intact. The captain had been a friend of Gytha's father, and so had been one of her defenders. However, he was superstitious and so when they pulled into the next port (which was actually a cove near the actual next port town), told her that they would be shipping off in a week rather than in the few days that they were actually planning to set sail. When she awoke to find that she'd been stranded with her meager belongings, she cursed the pirates she'd been sailing with and set off towards the nearby port town: Fairgale Port. She would remember the lessons she'd learned aboard the ship and from home. She'd been double-crossed. She wouldn't say where she was truly from, of course, being a pirate by blood. Instead, she would become a mariner and do battle with the pirates that had betrayed her.

Pet Name: Maw

Pet Nickname: N/A

Pet Gender: Female

Pet Species: Cat

Pet Age: 2 years

Pet Appearance: shorthair silver tabby; fur in pretty good condition; sleek and healthy bodily; right ear is partially torn off; missing left eye, right eye is blue, bandages are wrapped around the cat's head to cover the eye socket.

Pet Personality: Self-assured and intelligent; will attack if she feels threatened or harassed

Pet Relations: Gytha (the one who takes care of her and gives her jobs)

Pet Backstory: Along with her littermates, she was raised only by her mother who was no more than an alley cat. Not everyone survived, but Maw did. Back then she didn't have a name. As she grew older, she learned how to survive: stealing fish, hunting rats, running and hiding. Though it was harder to run and hide from a fellow cat than from a human. Her assailants were usually tom cats, especially if she'd managed to get some food. Maw got into several fights and though she sometimes lost and had to pay whatever the price had been for that particular battle, she never backed down. Cats who backed down were targeted, though all cats understood that if a cat had a human ally, then they were safe. However, that was only so long as they were near their human. If they were alone, they were a bigger target than if they were just a timid humanless cat. Humans were dangerous – sometimes even if one of them was your ally. However, they also brought a lot of food and made hiding places with wood and stone. One night in front of her hiding spot (a pile of wood) while Maw was eating some fish she'd stolen from the humans, she was attacked by the famous, giant, black tom. He was much bigger than most of the alley cats and his pelt was pitch black. He'd sprung a surprise attack on Maw, but that wasn't going to stop her from fighting back. He was too fast and powerful, though. He took what he'd wanted from her and given her a frayed ear and a gouged eye. She would never fight or hunt as well as she had before again. That night she was too terrified to move, thinking of how she'd suddenly lost everything and would surly die. However, the next morning, she woke up rising off the ground. A female human was talking to her. Terrified, she hissed and squirmed. The human complained in a gentle voice and kept a firm grip, not allowing her claws to reach her. The human took Maw into her house, cleaned her wounds and brushed her fur. She fed her and gave her water and bandaged her head. Maw was still apprehensive. It was too late now, though: the other cats had likely seen her with the human and the human's scent was on her. The human's name was Gytha and Gytha named her Maw. They travelled on ships and Maw found that she could still hunt the rats well enough and Gytha still took care of her. This was Maw's new way of life and it was good indeed.

(Saving Norbert for ch4. You'll get to meet him then. ;D)

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Name: Nanahm

Nickname: Nan (Non) or Nahm (Nom)

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Class: Fighter

Affinity: Heaven

Weapon proficiency: Axes

Weapon of Choice: Any heavy weapon in the shape of an axe.

Inventory: Chopper (Iron Axe)

Raw Stats:









Simplified Stats:

HP: 15

MT: 5

Hit: 2

AS: 3

AVO: 5

DEF: 2

RES: 1

Occupation: Wood carver/Mercenary

Appearance: Short kinda messy Red hair, Green eyes. A very physically fit man especially for his age, standing roughly 6 and a half feet tall. Tanned skin, I guess. Wears some kinda baggy pants and a long sleeve shirt with a leather vest usually. His hands are usually bandaged in simple white cloth due to his hobby.

Nature/Disposition: A man who calls it as he sees it. Generally content with life, and confident in himself. A simple man with simple pleasures. Enjoys chopping things, mayhaps even humans, it remains to be seen.

Hometown: Ohka

Connections: Eh... I'm gonna say no, to simplify this.

Backstory: Born in Ohka, made his living carving small wooden figurines with his dad. Became a mercenary to make ends meet along with his figurine crafting. (Look, I'm just here to participate, anything I deem relevant will be revealed when needed. It's like canned character development!)

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Veronika approved.

Gytha approved. (Norbert approved for later, but can't participate yet, or you can switch this to Gytha, either way)

Nanahm approved.

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Name: Daloth

Gender: M

Age: 19

Class: Mage

Affinity: Earth

Weapon proficiency: Anima tomes

Weapon of Choice: Anima tomes. Specifically Ice tomes.

Inventory: Ice tome

Level: 2

Raw Stats: HP: 3 STR: 0 MAG: 6 SKL: 4 SPD: 4 LCK: 2 DEF: 2 RES: 2

Simplified Stats: HP: 9, MT: 6, Hit 4, AS; 4, Evade 6, Defense/Res; 2/2

Points: 37

Occupation: Unemployed storyteller

Appearance: Daloth stands tall with a stature of 6'1". Thick robes of dark blue, lined with a trim of white turned into a dirty grey by the dust and long travel he has traveled, cover his not-quite-so-muscular-and-maybe-a-bit-heavy body. Not a terribly intimidating man to look at in the least, with his slightly tanned but still white skin and poorly kept long red hair, he seems like a normal traveler. He even comes complete with a thick robe made of wool to help keep out the nightly chill. His large green eyes constantly flit about, observing some things as he tries to weave tales about the world around him.

Nature/Disposition: A normally happy man, he is usually truthful and honest... or outright lying. He never does it maliciously though and does it for one simple reason. He loves to tell stories, and is perfectly willing to lie in order to keep the tale going, or if he thinks the listener will find it more interesting than the truth. He does try to tell the truth as much as he can though... He's just willing to ignore it for the sake of the tale. He often acts well-informed, even when he doesn't know what's actually going on. He's not trying to be a know-it-all, but rather has just gotten so used to telling tales that he subconsciously makes some of them up on the spot and forgets to tell everyone else.

Hometown: Unknown exactly, but likely close to Urcenter or Groznygard. More likely the latter than the former.

Connections: None that come to mind.


"So you want to know a story, eh? Not just any old tale though, but one that happens to be true? Well pull up a chair and order yourself a drink, for I have just the one for you. Many years upon the highlands to the north, there lived a small family, father, mother, and son. They were known as the McMillians. There they lived on the highlands for many years, farming the land for foot. Carrots, beats, and the like. Now, as you know, the mountain ranges to the north are huge places filled with many beasts. Wolves, bears, and worst of all, ogres! What's that you say? Ogres aren't real? Well, I'm a honest man who would tell no lie, and you asked for a story that is true.

Every autumn, the Ogres would come down from the mountain ranges to the farmlands, not only of the family but of all the others, to take their crops for the long winter months ahead. Many years ago, the village people had adopted the custom of leaving out a offering of many baskets of food for the monsters so that they would take them instead of busting down doors and taking whatever they pleased. But this year, bandits came to the town. Seeing the food, they quickly assaulted the town and stole the food away. They were about to plunder the town when the ogres themselves showed up. Mad at their loss of food, the ogres slew the bandits, then burst into the houses to cart away the food. Though the villagers pleaded with them to wait so that they could provide more food, ogres are stupid. As such, they not only took the food, but several villagers as well in order to teach the town a lesson.

That is where our child comes in again. The boy was taken by the ogres along with a older man clad in the robes of a mage. Returning to the ogre dwellings, the prisoners were put to work as slaves for the ogres; cleaning their noses, washing their behinds, and generally doing futile tasks. During this time, the boy started to grow close to the older man as they had been given the same master. Slowly, over the years, the older man taught the child the art of magic and reading. He could no longer use it, he said, as his mind had become too old and feeble. Something about a parasite in his head, eating his thoughts. The man was clearly insane, but not too insane for the child to learn from. Over the years, he learned the arcane arts in secret, toiling away until he could not even remember that he was a McMillian.

Sadly, as the lad reached the cusp of adulthood, his mentor had become old. That winter, the chill was far too harsh for the man to survive. Without his mentor, the child finally decided to risk it all and try to escape from the ogre's control. Fleeing into the night, he didn't stop until three days later. Once he had stopped though, he realized the gravity of his situation. He was alone, without his mentor, his family, or even his master to tell him what to do. He did not know where he was, nor have any clothes of his own. The only thing he owned were the rags on his back, and the tome his mentor had used to teach him. Over the years, the child journeyed from town to town, stopping just long enough to tell wild tales and getting just enough for him to afford to replace his rags with proper clothes. Many places did he see and people he told tales too, until one day he entered into this bar and sat down in this very chair. He struck up a conversation with a man too drunk to know the truth or even offer to pay him, and told him a false tale just so he could watch the smile on his face at th-AIIIIIIIIEEEEE! MY ARM DOESN'T BEND THAT WAY! HELP! UNCLEUNCLEUNCLE!"

- An account of Daloth's life, told to a drunkard who repaid him with a twisted arm. Most of it is false, except for the twisted arm, which is sadly real.

Daloth was born in a small town outside of Groznygard. When he was a small child, the local crazy man broke into the family house and ate the winter supplies that the family had stored up for the upcoming months. Looking for food and warmth, they approached one of the local farmers who happened to know juuust a tad of ice magic (he used it to stave off the frostbite from his crops) and begged for food. The farmer agreed, but in exchange, wanted the boys help with the crops. Come the following harvest, he went out to aid and, as the winter months approached, the man taught Daloth a small bit. When he was ten, the man decided to leave the farm behind and invited Daloth to come with him. Planning to study magic more intently, the pair left. Five years later though, the man caught a cold and did not recover, leaving Daloth alone. Not wanting to go back to his family for fear of the boring farm life and the loss of the interesting life of magic and the road, Daloth continued on his way, traveling as much as he could.

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