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Fire Emblem: Dream of Five


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how did you get around the inability to build supports in lyn mode? i know that the lyn mode ending can be removed its in blazers tutorial but i dont think it mentions how to circumvent the lack of lyn mode support building

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So is it all inclusive or did you just change it so it uses the parameters of eliwood's mode?

let's see you answer this one in a single short phrase

Changed to make it Eliwood mode from the beginning of the game to the end by changing one byte. or was it two.

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Woah, a mage named Enjolras! I thought I was the only Les Misérables fan here. I'm going to download this tonight, it looks really cool.

Blame it on the fact that I'm one of the hugest LEs Mis freaks ever and used to be heavily involved in this hack until I had no more time to do...anything, which I still hate :<

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