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First, I was like :):, I got my car back.

Then, I saw this thread.



Please stick around anyway!

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This calls for even more drastic measures. I haven't broken this thing out since I got the results of my last philosophy exam.


Anyway, I admittedly haven't been around here too long, but from what I've seen, you seemed pretty cool. You'll be missed.

Farewell. May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

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Personally I would just think of that position and think "ew I hate that type of job" and would feel proud of Night for finally leaving such a position xD

But aawwwwwww now I don't have an admin who's a close friend of mine and so if I ever end up doing something bad the new admin might not let me slip ;-;

Guys he didn't say he was leaving here but he didn't say he wasn't either.

*Acts surprised*


EDIT: Oh hey Night your name will show up as green at the bottom now won't it? =o *<3's green*

Edited by Freohr Datia

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