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Descirbe your stats IRL


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Hp= 3

I can do some work without being tired.

Strength= 4

I'm pretty damn strong and can lift heavy shit with no problem or struggle.

Skill= 5

Ask my bitch how good my skills are.

In all seriouiness, I am a bit talented in music and composing.

Speed= 2

Handspeed and reflects are good but running, yeah, no.

Luck= 2

Average at best. Some days are good but other days. Meh.

Def= 5

I can take hard hits and recover quick thanks to my past stupidity.

Res= 5

Playing the dozen, making fun of people, and being a general dick to people and folks doing the same to me, I've learn to take people fucking with me and not let it get to me.

Con= 3

I'm a bit overweight but I'm not a total fatass and i try to stay active.

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Hp:3 i have NO endurance

Strength:3 ...eh

Skill:7 i do not miss ANYTHING in my eyesight

Speed:6 I can run

Def:2 ...i can't take a hit

Res:2 ^

Lck: 1

Con:8 ...im fat....

YEP imma fat mymidon

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HP-4 (srsly i can take some punches)

Str-2 (lol)

Skill-4 (i dont suck at things)


Luck-4 (yeah...swag)


Res-5 (dont mess)


Mag (Imagination!)-5

Id be a fine mage.

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HP: 1.5? 2? (I get tired easily, and it can usually be hard to keep going unless it's important, then I'll pull an ike from chapter 8)

Str: In proportion to my size, it's probably a 4, but see my Con and you'll understand why that's not what my actual strength is. 2.5

Skl: 1 Accuracy of a flying pig. If you're talking about how accurate I am when talking about something, that's very different. 4 if that's what it is.

Spd 2 I beat a slug in a race, but lost to a winded old cow. (kidding)

Luck 1, only because negatives aren't allowed. When I was younger, I used to play risk with my big brother. I always lost on the die roles. (Die roles determine whether or not you win battles, for those who have never played)

Def: 3 Punches don't harm any much more than the next guy, although pinches and scratches are a different story. (who fights like that, anyway?)

Res: 3, I guess

Con: 2. I'm a little bit more than 5 and a half feet tall (maybe an inch) and between 130 and 140 pounds. There are definitely smaller, though.

Mag: 4? 5? let's just say in magic i'd be a growth unit...

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