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Raven's "Ask Me Anything" Thread


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Do you like macaroni and cheese? =I


Where's the catch? ;/

There is no catch. Ask a question, and I will answer.

Are you a pedo?


Are you drunk RIGHT NOW?

Not drunk but a bit tipsy, yes.

How awesome are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

According to my friends, I'd put myself as a 6.5.

When will I have to start hacking for your hack?

You're an event writer and we're currently working on the first chapter... We will get in touch via Skype/PM soon, if that's alright with you. I am very busy with University this year, so apologies for any set deadlines I may enfringe on. There is work I and the staff must do which is set within the staff board which I hope staff members are working on in their spare time.

What really happens when you divide by zero?

Nothing at all happens. You have 2 apples, divide them between 0 people, you still have 2 apples.

do you like Mike Hawk, or maybe Mike Hunt

Who and who?

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Where do babies come from?

Missed this one, but:

Sexual intercourse between a mature male and female is the natural method for babies to come into existence.

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Why everyone respect Al Davis (owner and head coach of the Oakland Raidens) now when he's recently passed away but when he was alive, everyone hated him?

The people who did not like him turned the other cheek and said "d'aww" or shut up, probably out of some form of respect for the dead, while those who secretly did like him have suddenly come out of the woodworks.


How not?

How do you stop the Rail Tracer?

Don't ride a train.

why do fools fall in love?

A foolish person may fall in love because he is as human as the next person.

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