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K.L. Ryan

[Fangame] FE: Conquests

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There's been something I've been working on, just for kicks.


The continent of Barensia was once a unified nation, three years ago...but it was less than a year. In Akaneia year 607, as the King, Alm the First, watched his wife Cellica die of an illness, an oppression force took over to take advantage of the former kingdom of Rigel; a war-torn, godless, overall destroyed northern half of the continent. The oppression soon became terrible. Then, just as Alm took control of the army and attempted to stop its oppression, eight former nobles of Rigel formed a council with which to declare independence from Barensia, which assumed its old alias as the Theocracy of Sofia, and govern itself to its own standards of prosperity. But the oppression never stopped...it continued behind Alm's back, and due to the size of his army he was powerless to stop the oppressionists' barbaric ways along and across the border.

In late 608, a former hero of Barensia's previous war, which pitted Rigel's God Doma against Sofia's god Mila, arrived back on the shores of Rigel: Despite betraying Rigel and siding with Sofia, General Zeke received a hero's welcome upon his finding after going missing for almost two years. After spending some time making up with his love Teeta, he was immediately appointed a General of Rigel once again. While his hands were tied managing the border skirmishes, he took interest in two recruits showing great prowess, Jon and Bea of the Rigelian Peninsula.

In early 609, Zeke took these two recruits in and trained them personally, seeing great potential, even greater than his own. He felt that one day, they had the skill to become Rigelian Generals themselves. Bea completed her training in just over two thirds of a year, while Jon did a full year of training to perfect his fighting skills.

Then, in 610, Jon went back to the Peninsula to live with his father. When pirates attacked the area, Jon and his father Terry were saved at the last moment by a group of fighters calling themselves "free knights".

They were only four strong, led by Jerrod, an expert tactician and master of guerrilla warfare. Among them were two horseback fighters named Clay and Jane, and Bea was the last.

Jon eventually decides to travel with Jerrod to further his training, and together they clear a group of brigands who caused trouble along the east coast, killing their leader. The bandits pursued them further south, then Jon noticed a ship on the horizon.

"Do not mind me or my army," said the captain of the army, appearing to be of royalty. "We are ambassadors to a nation across the ocean." Even though this mysterious man had sent his wife to announce their arrival to the Council, Jon was suspicious. The free knights continued on as though nothing had happened, but that was probably not a good choice...

Support System:

The support system is a little bit complicated compared to other Fire Emblem games. There are three support types: Basic, Loyalty, and Love.

- Basic supports

Each character in the game has seven supports. When two characters who potentially share a support enter a battle (chapter) together, they are closer to being able to have a support conversation; a potential support pairing will also come closer to said conversation if they end a phase within two squares of each other. When this "closeness" is raised to the appropriate level, the two can have a support conversation; this can happen at base or on the field. After the first conversation, they will have a C support; after the second, a B; after the third, an A. This support affects one's growth rates according to the other's elemental affinity.

- Loyalty supports

When certain pairings reach an A support level, they can have a base conversation the following chapter. In these conversations, one character does something along the lines of swearing an oath of loyalty to the other. This will initiate a permanent support which triggers a huge one-way bonus of two of the following, depending on the elemental affinity of the other: Hit, Avoid, Crit, Crit Evade, Attack, Defense, and Resistance.

Loyalty bonuses affect death/retreat quotes and endings. Many characters can be "loyal" to one person, such as Clay, Jane, Jon, and Bea all being loyal to Zeke. Also, if another character is in love with someone who is loyal to someone else (i.e. Jon and Bea are in love but Jon is loyal to Jerrod), that loyal person's lover will also gain a loyalty support bonus to the superior even if the "lover" and "superior" can not support (i.e. even if Bea was in love with Jon, who is loyal to Jerrod, but Jerrod and Bea could not support, then Bea is still loyal to Jerrod, but since Bea CAN support with Jerrod, their support level becomes A automatically and she retains the loyalty to him despite the fact that they could fall in love if it was not for Jon).

- Love supports

When certain pairings reach an A support level, they can have a base conversation the following chapter. In these conversations, the two characters do something along the lines of declaring or confessing their love for each other. This will initiate a permanent support which triggers considerable sized two-way benefits. The characters in love boost three of the other's following stats: Hit, Avoid, Crit, Crit Evade, Attack, Defense, and Resistance. Love bonuses affect endings and, to a lesser extent, death/retreat quotes.

- Clashes between love and loyalty bonuses in endings

Characters can, of course, have both loyalty and love supports, although one pairing can not be loyal and in love (the only exception to this is Paladin

and Falcoknight

, where Falcoknight is loyal to Paladin). In the event that a character has his ending altered potentially by both love and loyalty, either the love ending or the loyalty ending will take priority depending on the character (for example, Jane puts loyalty first, while Clay puts love first).

Other Gameplay Elements:

- Changing classes within tiers

Characters can change classes within the same tier, but they must use a special item called a Book of Arms, which can be picked up at an armory. Once used, the Book of Arms remains in the character's inventory until the end of the chapter or until it is removed from that character's inventory, in which case it disappears. When used, the character can choose a class within his/her respective tier and so long as the book remains in that character's inventory, the character can switch between the classes up to three times. In that case, it disappears as well, leaving the character in his/her new class. When he or she changes classes, stats (except HP), growth rates, and weapon mastery levels are affected.

- Jon and Bea

Jon and Bea are special characters in the game who act as the player's role in the game. Upon starting a new game, the player will be asked whether this character should be male or female (if male, then the name by default will be Jon; if female, the name by default will be Bea). Then the name shall be entered. The starting class can then be chosen (there are no restrictions on class by gender in this game, for example female berserkers and dark mages, and male pegasus knights and troubadours), out of the tier 0 choices. Then, very similar to Chris in FE12, this character's past, present, and future can be chosen. If the female character is chosen, then Jon, by a Journeyman, will take Bea's place in the story. The gender of the character affects support pairings.

- Base conversations

This is where knowledge is shared by characters about certain aspects of the upcoming battle, as well as declarations of love and loyalty. If Flanna was talked to (earlier in the game), and if she is alive (later in the game), she will give auguries based on what she sees in her mind (her class when she joins late in the game is Sage).

Other notable differences from other FE games:

- Jerrod, this game's equivalent to Seth from The Sacred Stones, is a Lord character. The only other time that a main character is a strong prepromote is Siglud / Sigurd from FE4. There is an instance when Jerrod leaves the Free Knights in Jon's care, but when he returns, he is forced to follow Jon's orders; under these circumstances, Jerrod is not required to fight certain battles.

- Tier 3 unit classes return from Radiant Dawn. However, skills only return by class, not by character, like in Sacred Stones. In Chapter 4, there is a cavalier who is an exception to this; he has the Miracle skill. (This skill functions similarly to the way it does in Genealogy of the Holy War.)

- Forrest Knights wield lances instead of bows in this game.

- Gold Knights can wield lances as well as swords and axes. Silver Knights wield swords in addition to lances and bows, and have the Luna skill (as opposed to |Sol).

- Troubadours are now a tier 2 class (Valkyries are tier 3).

- Dagger Bows are bows that can attack directly as well as indirectly. They function like a sword in the weapon triangle.

- There are many instances that some characters will drop their weapon rank upon promoting; for example, if a Cavalier promotes to a Troubadour, they will drop their lance skill. The lance skill that character had will be reobtained through promoting to an appropriate class or through the use of a Book of Arms.

- There is a wedding during the events of the game. (Jon / Bea can get married to his / her love support in Chapter 21x.) During the wedding, Jon / Bea will get an Earth Pendant, giving the romance further statistical benefits for his / her lover, while the person he / she gets married to gets a Sky Pendant, which functions the same. (Jon is told that in Barensia, it's tradition during a wedding to give the other a small yet valuable gift.)

More to come.

Edited by Knight Lord Ryan

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Okay, I'll reveal some archetypes.

- Jagen: Jerrod. Leader of a band of Free Knights that Jon joins. He has a sense of honour, but also an eye for women. ( Don't worry. He's 26.)

- Cain and Abel: Clay and Jane. Clay is skilled with the blade, not to mention strong. Jane prefers a more defensive style of fighting, preferring a lance over a sword.

- Pegasus trio: 1. Her name is not revealed until later in the game. A pegasus knight found unconscious in a forest. Jerrod thinks that he has seen her before. The other two pegasus knights, I don't know about yet.

- Nabarl: Reddy. He is a generous young man who lives on the border, protecting an ill cleric he found from soldiers of the oppression army.

- Lena: Liana. She tried to escape across the border to avoid the brutal oppression, but was stopped. Reddy then offered her refuge from the soldiers.

- Julian: Vanner. The twin brother of Reddy, he offered to heelp Liana seek refuge with Reddy. Unlike Reddy, though, Vanner seems to have a crush on her.

- Draug: Bea. A quiet girl who trained with Jon to become a knight and honor her dead father. She is Jon's canonical love interest. She would rather teach herself than have others teach her.

Edited by Knight Lord Ryan

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You could try making the Ogma archtype a girl..........................................................

Is this continent going to have jungles?

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You could try making the Ogma archtype a girl..........................................................

Is this continent going to have jungles?

Yes. In chapter 5x the pegasus Knight who is unconscious apparently ate a poisonous leaf from the jungle, supposedly trying to commit suicide.

The ogma in this game is Jenira. She defects from the oppressionists in chapter 6 when she judges Jerrod as the more just cause and questions herself and her support of barbaric warfare.

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I'm semi-curious about this; is this a game you're designing on a pad and paper or are you actively writing the game for yourself?

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I want to make this actually playable, but I lack the programming skills to do so on my own at this point. This I'd like to publish as a fangame, perhaps just on this forum, so yes I'm designing this on pen and paper, although only on my own time right now.

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1. Is this a hack, a pen and paper game, or Something Else?

2. I can't say much about Gaiden, as I've never played it.

3. Paragraph breaks would help make the opening much more readable.

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I made significant progress on the fangame and this is what I can tell you right now.

- 40 chapters total in the main story. Not including Gaiden or "alternate" chapters (like 8A/8B).

- There are trial maps; however, the characters you can take into these trial maps are restricted to Jon, Jerrod, Clay, Jane, and their lovers (Bea retires from service at game's end).

- You will see a LOT of characters that were in FE1-5 reappear here. Ton of references. Most of them will not be playable, however, except in the trial maps. The reason for this is partially because of Jon's desire to explore and his search for answers as to why his country was attacked suddenly.

- There will be no playable characters under the "Lord" class, or any other one-person-only class. (exceptions to this are the options for the main character's starting class [tier 0 options]).

- There are anonymous characters that appear in this game, as early as 2x although they are both NPCs. The suicidal Pegasus Knight in Chapter 5x is both anonymous and playable.

- The "magic trinity" from FE6-8 returns.

- The weapon ranks go as E, D, C, B, A, S. Silver weapons are now C-ranked, while Killer weapons are B-ranked. Golden weapons are A-ranked. Weapons with legendary status are S-ranked, although swords known as Master Swords are S-ranked without legendary status; this is because the Master Sword is light and insanely powerful.

- In some cases, characters who are downed in battle will retreat and be able to come back some time later.

- The Wing Spear returns but with a B rank rather than Prf. It joins the Cleave Bow, Halberd, and Rapier as weapons effective against both mounted and armored units.

- As opposed to stronger, hunters are now significantly faster and luckier, as opposed to stronger, than standard archers. Archers, however, possess slightly better strength but far greater Skill and Defense.

- All units have a weapon preference which they are more accustomed to using. When using that weapon type, their Hit and Crit are slightly raised.

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