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Previously, Manafort had confirmed the authenticity of some of the messages to Politico. They appear to reveal the private face of the man who was Donald Trump’s campaign manager. It is not a flattering picture.

One daughter purportedly tells another that their father regularly made their mother have sex with a “room full of men”. (It appears that the texts are reproduced with the same spelling and punctuation as originally written.)


"why is dad a cuck?"

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16 hours ago, Nobody said:

Literally same situation here haha

also at 10.5%

not anymore
11% now

I learned the heights and depths of a gacha.
In last legendary I was blessed with eight 5* units with ~100 orbs (including Hector hattrick).
Now I have pulled nothing with more invested orbs.

Justicia owned me and let me pay the price right now.

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8 hours ago, shezzy said:

please do not discuss f*** e***** h***** in my christian thread

It was designed by Satan to lead the faithful astray

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That's par for the course for him.

i saw an interview with him yesterday, and all he says is shit like that.

Among his declarations, you have "i won't rape you because you don't deserve it", (when asked about money he got for housing -which every congressman is entitled to) "I used it to fuck whores", "if I had a gay son I'd beat him until he turned straight", "We have to confiscate amerindian lands", "Quilombolas (black communities living in rural areas in ways similar to natives) are useless do-nothings who should be put to work", "There was never a military dictatorship, the indirect elections were completely democratic and people who were killed were communist bandits", "If I were president, I'd close the parliament the next day (this was a long time ago, he pretends he didn't say this one now)", "FHC (brazilian president at the time) should be executed by gunshot", "the best way women can stop domestic violence and rape is by owning guns".

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I should warn you, though, I googled the article you posted and it's from Telesur, a Venezuelan state owned news source. That Bolsonaro declaration is true, but Telesur is owned by a dictatorship and has no commitment to truth.

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