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they revealed some of the concept art for new enemies too

I think they said back at e3 that there was about double the type of enemies they have from doom 2016.

fucking pain elementals and OG revenants are the worst...

and them wanting an invasion system is kind of weird... the new dark souls?

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15 hours ago, shezzy said:

wow looks honestly way better than doom 2016, if thats what it ends up being.

No more walking into a arena, pressing a button, having demons rush you, then moving on. Looks way more fluid.

Also more movement options is always better. I like the grapple. The new guns look great too.

Hopefully the environments can stay fresh though. I liked the aesthetic but anything can get old after a while.


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2 minutes ago, Edgelord said:

why metalhead in particular? musicians and comedians generally have "liberal bias" aside from like country singers

Because classic/glam rock is good and metal is bad and for dumb people

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i know

though personally the comments that are like "wow modern music today is so bad unlike [this song from the past]. I have good musical taste, don't I guys? xDDDDDDD upboat" will have my biggest hate

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brave opening gambit:


This post includes spoilers for Octopath Traveler's story, but who cares? It sucks.

owned all the alt-right gamers

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There was a presidential debate two days ago, and they decided to invite this crazy congressman running for president. He then, during a question, proceeded to complain about how communists want to turn latin america into a single country, the união das repúblicas socialistas latino americanas (union of the socialist latin american republics), and how it's all a plot of the new world order.

So yeah, Bolsonaro is not the craziest person running for president lol. I hope he can steal lots of the nutjob vote, though. This could help keep Bolsonaro out of the second round.

This is how it proceeded

Cabo Daciolo: Ciro, you're one of the founders of the Foro de São Paulo, can you talk to the brazilian population, the brazilian nation, about the "URSAL" plan, the "union of the socialist latin american republics" plan? Do you have anything to tell the Brazilian nation?

Ciro Gomes: My estimated cabo (portuguese for corporal), it's a pleasure to meet you today, but it seems like you don't know me either. I don't know what that is, I wasn't a founder of the Foro de São Paulo, and I think that answers your question.

Cabo Daciolo: Yes, you do know. You know. I'm talking about a plan called "New World Order", the union of the entirety of South America, the connection of the entirety of South America, ending all borders and making it a single nation. Few heard about this, and it won't be disclosed by the media. They know of what I'm talking about. I want to make it very clear that communism won't have any room in my government, I want to make this very clear. I also want to make it very clear to the USA and China that sadly our country's politicians are giving out our nation, but that in my government this won't happen. They will fight between themselves to be the second or third largest economies, because the brazilian nation, in our government, will be number one, with the honor and glory of our lord Jesus Christ.

Ciro Gomes: Democracy is delicious, democracy is beautiful, and I've given and will keep giving my life for it, but it has its drawbacks.

*Audience laughs*


Can you imagine this happening in your country in a presidential debate, with all major candidates (except for the one in jail who will be replaced anyway) and being broadcasted on national television?

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