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I've no idea. It got fixed... for the most part. One thread is still kinda wonky, so it seems every thread needed to be individually fixed and no one mentioned that one. It's also long abandoned, or still abandoned as it were. Not every big thread got affected either, since the old FE4Thread was unscathed.

Although, this particular thread certainly got hit HARD, losing thousands of posts and hundreds of pages. Apparently those in the middle of the thread or so.

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Of course, this hasn't been the first time something like this has happened. Back in 2009 there was a site-wide glitch that resulted in around three months worth of activity to be gone, *fingersnap* just like that. Since I think they had to resort to restoring the forums from an earlier system archive, which was three months old from the current date.

It's been referred to as the Time Crash.

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Well, I'm not the one just quoting someone else's posts and typing nothing to them in response.

I'm not the one who brings this thread back to the forefront.

I'm not the one who just writes less than a sentence in post and/or with bad grammar in them every single time.

I'm guilty of stuff, just not those.

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I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't a tad annoying to see the same nonsense responses in forum games, but hey. It's forum games. Not much I can say about it, tbh.

If you're going to play forum games, at least do something different or fun, y'know?

And don't act like Wraith. 😛

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I don’t even know why this thread is being continued.

I mean, I used to post nonsense posts in here, but I quickly learned to put it to rest, so...

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