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Ripped Tileset Compilation & Importing Tilesets Tutorial

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I figured that this might be a helpful resource, a compilation of ripped tilesets from the other, non-FE7 GBA Fire Emblems. Ever wanted the Western Isles tileset, or FE8's improved Plains & Castle for your hack? The idea is, anyone who rips a tileset posts it up here for everyone else. Eventually we'll have all of the meaningful ones ripped, and tileset imports will only be a simple ctrl+c/ctrl+p away!

I've included everything I could find in my archives on this list. If anyone has something to contribute, throw me a link and I'll be sure to update the main listing.


Snowy Overworld

Western Isles - Overworld

Western Isles - Village

Fields & Bridge


Grado Keep

FE8 Plains & Castle

FE8 Town & Dock

FE8 Mountains & Shrine

FE8 Lava Caves

Curious how to make use of these packages and import tilesets? This video should be of help:

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Added the downloads for all of these ripped tilesets. If you've got any, it'd be lovely of you to share.

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