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Who's your favorite character from each fire emblem game you've played?

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FE4: Levin, Sety, Aira

FE5: Fin, Leaf, Asvel

FE6: Rutger

FE7: Hector

FE8: Tana; Ephraim, Lyon, Innes

FE9: Jill, Mia, Ike

FE10 Haar, Nephenee

FE11: None

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  • FE6 - Percival, Klein, Clarine
  • FE7 - Pent, Florina, Lucius, Canas, Ninils, Sain
  • FE8 - Seth, Saleh, Lute, Artur, Gerik, Innes
  • FE9 - Ike, Titania, Boyd, Soren, Ilyana, Tanith, Reyson, Nestling
  • FE10 - Boyd, Ilyana, Micaiah, Ike, Soren, Sigrun, Pelleas, Tormod, Nestling, RAFIEL, Jill, Leonardo
  • FE11 - Frey, Caeda, Merric
  • FE12 - Luke

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FE6: Miredy and Lance.

FE7: FLORINA! and Hector.

FE8: Lute and Joshua.

FE9: *snigger snort* Soren and Marcia.

FE10: *guffaws* SOREN! and Sigrun.

FE11: :/ Uhhh...that one cavalier with the turban...

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FE5- Shiva,Brighton,Asvel,Seram

FE6- Lance,Rutger,Shin

FE7- Canas,Guy, Legault

FE8- Forde,Knoll,Innes

FE9- N/A

Fe10- N/A

FE11- Castor,Catria, Etzel

Fe12- Etzel,Catria,Elrean

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FE7: Rath (Heath and Guy are close behind)

FE8: L'Arachel (Lute and Saleh are cool as well)

FE9/10: Tormod (Ike, Pelleas, Marcia, and Reyson too)

FE11: ... Merric

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FE 9 and 10: Mordecai and Ulki.

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FE4: Sigurd in 1st Gen, Fin in 2nd Gen.

FE5: Fengus.

FE6: Gonzales.

FE7: Jaffar.

FE8: Ephraim.

FE9: Ike.

FE10: Ranulf.

FE 11, 12: Ogma. I'm a sucker for Heroes.<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">

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FE3 Ogma

FE4 Sigurd

FE5 Othin

FE6 Rutger

FE7 Hector

FE8 Duessel

FE9 Boyd

FE10 Skrimir

FE11 Barth

FE12 My unit

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FE4 Gen1: In gameplay, Ayra, just because it becomes hilarious when she breaks the game. Overall, my favorite would be Levin or Eltoshan because they seem the most human out of the cast. Levin is trying to run from his responsibilities out of fear until it eventually catches up to him, and he realizes how much of a mistake he made. Eltoshan shows a lot of the flaws of the "knightly" attitude, loyalty without a base, and suffers dearly for it.

FE4 Gen2: Gameplay, Levin!Arthur just because of how he completely breaks that part of the game, which I honestly find funny. See my entry for FE6. Story-wise, I would say Ishtar for many of the same reasons as Eltoshan. I like seeing tragic characters, I can't help it...

FE5: Gameplay, Othin. Pugi + Axes indoors + Being able to capture + great growths = awesome unit. On the story side, I don't really know. The characters did not stand out to me as much. I would say Salem because he has balls for defecting from the Loptous Sect.

FE6: When I feel like screwing around in game, Rei. Give him stat boosts and tons of Rizziah tomes and laugh as he never dies. This only works in normal mode when I am just messing around. Actual gameplay, Alan. He usually turns out better than Lance for me, and is a good unit overall. Story-wise, I would say Roy and Clarine because Roy is a pimp and Clarine is funny. I do not remember much about the personalities of the rest of the cat, unfortunately.

FE7: Gameplay, Hector. He almost always turns out a useful unit for me, and this (along with parts of FE5) is the first game where Axes do not universally suck! Story-wise, I guess Ninian. Again, my fondness for tragic characters plays through, even though she gets a happy ending. Kind of.

FE8: Gameplay, Lute. I like archery in general and I also like mages. Unfortunately, archery is kind of terrible in the games since FE4 (no useful ones in FE5, Shin is slightly useful in FE6, and all are meh in FE7), and FE8 isn't an exception. Lute is the anima user with growths that make her a good nuke character. Yes, most of the cavaliers/pallys/lords are far better, but I just like using magic users. Story-wise, L'arachel and Dolza are hilarious but not my favorites. I guess that would be Ephraim because he is a bit of a badass.

FE9: Ike. For both. A bit generic, yes, but he gets a lot of development in the story and is one of the best lords in the series, I would say only behind Sigurd and Celice. Not at the levels of breaking the game until you get Wrath+Resolve and the Ragnell, but that's really late game.

FE10: Gameplay, Harr, just because he's a flying M-1 Abrams Tank. Story-wise, I would say Elincia because she gets a good amount of development without becoming a Mary Sue (Micaiah...how many mary sue tropes can we cram into one character?) or without her development being reversed (Ike and the Black Knight). Granted, these are my personal opinions, but that's one reason I'm not as fond of this game (I *really* don't like Micaiah).

FE11, 12, 3: Gameplay, Katua/Catua because she is an overall great unit. Story-wise... the cast of these games had personalities?

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*points to sig*

The qualifications for being a favorite of mine is being cute and good at what I need them to do.

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FE4 - Levin

FE6 - Dieck

FE7 - Heath

FE8 - Franz

FE9 - Astrid

FE10 - Sothe

FE11 - Sedgar

FE12 - Cecille

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Most - Ethlin

Also - Briggid, Faval, Tinny


Most - Hicks

Also - Eyrios, Misha, Cyas


Most - Zeiss

Also - Lott, Klein, Shin


Most - Lucius

Also - Canas, Fiora, Louise


Most - Colm

Also - Ross, Neimi, Tana


Most - Bastian

Also - Astrid, Tanith, Ranulf


Most - Warren

Also - Linde, Yumina, Cain


Most - Basilio

Also - Frederick, Sariya, Brady

(haven't played it yet but this is where I'm leaning, of course)

Most choices are based on their personalities, or at least what I know of and favor concerning the characters in question.

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FE1: Linda

FE2: Sonia

FE3: Sheema

FE4: Arthur

FE5: Misha

FE6: Sophia

FE7: Lucius

FE8: Lute

FE9: Nephenee

FE10: Haether

FE11: Nagi

FE12: Michalis

FE13 (never played): Azure & Emelina

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FE6: Echidna

FE7: Farina, followed by Dart

FE8: L'arachel and Ephraim (dat support)

FE9: Ike, Soren, Titania, Jill, and Haar (it's actually harder to pick out units I don't like...)

FE10: The FE9 people, Elincia, Geoffrey, Shinon

FE11: Caeda

Most of my favs are a mix of personality and gameplay. FE9 is chockful of characters I really like and no one I really, really hate (well, for non-gameplay reasons).

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FE2: Not even finished Chapter 1 yet, but so far I'm liking Luka, Cliff and Silk. Python's not bad, either, but maybe that's just his steel bow. Cliff's a mage, (well, presently a sage,) and all of these are obviously for gameplay purposes because almost no one seems to get much characterization in this one. Wait, does Doma count? Because I like him. Not in the "want him to win" sort of way, but I like his design, because he is a green cycloptic slime-dragon god. I just wish his... not-head anatomy was a bit more discernable.

EDIT: Having made it further I'd like to add that I also like Celica's whole early party. Boey and May would make an interesting duo with a bit more characterization, and Jenny seems like she'd be really sweet. Of course, I can't forget Saber, either. That guy amuses me. He's obviously drunk but Celica doesn't even seem to notice and still recruits him.

FE6: I liked Gonzales for being a recruitable Brigand, because I am someone who actually cares about that sort of thing, and the fact that he's actually very nice is a neat touch, although I suppose that's just fitting a different stereotype from the one typically alotted to bandits. Also, I'm fond of... well, a lot of less-popular characters, actually. Wendy, Oujay, Cath, Treck, Archers in general... Shifting away from less-popular people, I really like Miledy, too. She's probably my favorite from FE6.

FE7: Oh boy... Hm... Almost the entire magic-using portion of the cast, with the exceptions being mostly prepromotes because they come later than everyone but Nino so I don't end up doing much with them. Also fond of Lyn's team, Sain and Wallace particularly amuse me, and Lowen. You know what, I'm not really sure I even have a favorite in this game. I like almost everyone in some capacity and don't actually have any playable unit in this game I dislike.

FE8: Probably Kyle. He was far and away my best Cavalier last time I played the game, and that certainly won him a ton of points with me. I like some others, but there aren't many characters in this game I feel particularly strongly about.

FE9: I haven't finished it, but I like Ena. I like characters with tragic stories that don't involve their demise... Probably because it leaves a lot of room for later character development. Out of people whose points in the game I've actually reached? Probably Nephenee.

FE10: Anyone who's not from Path of Radiance.

FE11: The new characters minus Frey plus Roger. The sidequest characters get a little chapter each to focus on them, which gives them a heck of a lot more development than almost anyone else in this game. Roger shows personality and makes quite an impression considering he has all of one or two short scenes of dialogue, and he makes a great Knight for my group, because Draug is boring. And Norne's just cute. Also, Tiki, because she's a sweet kid and I feel bad for her being forced to basically skip over large sections of her lifespan like she does.

FE12: Picking from only the new characters... I always pick Cecil over the other two Cavaliers, (I don't use that many Cavaliers, usually) so I like her, I guess. I also like Feena. To be honest, I just don't know that much about the actual characters in this game; just their portraits and their stats. But MU will always be my favorite

FE13: Haven't played this one, but from just reading the support conversations, I like Henry, Olivia, Chambray, Lucina and FeMU, (she counts, since she's actually given a personality.) To be honest, though, I don't actually much care for most of the magic users, so far. I'm kinda neutral on the healers, but I'm not too fond of Sariya or the Mages. I actually kinda like Brady, though. And Donny, even though he's not a magic user. I like Velvet, too, but I'd like to see more of her supports before really passing judgement.

Man, I'm really bad at picking things in small numbers. Fire Emblem's loads of characters don't really help, either.

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FE1: Wendell

He is Bishop with 14 base speed and joins on the fifth map. In a game where healers can only get exp by being attacked. Yeah, he is pretty cool. Too bad his speed got nerved in the remakes.

FE2: Cellica

Mage fighter are cool. ...Well, it's a Famicom game. What else can I give as a reason?

FE3: Palla

16 Speed unit on the fourth map. Take that, Wendell.

FE4: Fin

He manages to be awesome in two generations.

FE5: Leaf

A protagonist who actually has some personality and character development. A nice change of pace. And as Roy shows, that's not something to be taken for granted.

FE6: Echidna

I like her design. That's about it since we don't really learn anything about her in any of her supports. She just makes other people talk about themselves.

FE7: Glass

Just because he is level 3 doesn't mean he can't challenge the gods.

FE8: Valter

I have to say, I'm not to comfortable with this guy seeing how he is a sadistic rapist in a game that was rated "A" by CERO. At least I think it was.

Ratings aside, he is a very chilling antagonist, being a bloodthirsty beast without any moral restraints while still being high intelligent and manipulative. He is pretty much the opposite of Narshen.

FE9: Jill

Thanks to her we get some insight into the perspective of the average Daein. As a result they appear a lot more human. Plus, she is very admirable, given the sacrifices she has to make in order to follow her coincidence. And it helps that this game doesn't just ignore the implications of deserters fighting their own countrymen and family, so that does help as well. Plus, Dragonknight with dark red armor.

Sadly, they never adressed much about how Jill contrasts Ike in regards how she accepts the reasons why Ike killed her father while Ike himself doesn't care at all why his fathers killed what he did. Though at least Ike himself seems to realize the similarities, given that he heavyhearted admits to Jill that she has the right to demand revenge.

FE10: Micaiah

Despite her prominence on the games cover, she is really only playing the role of an antagonist and rival to the true hero Ike. Heck, IS even added additional scenes for the opening featuring him once you reach part 3.

Given that IS has a history of putting girls with mysterious pasts and pasts in their games (Tiki, Yuria, Sophia, Ninian, even in Advance Wars they had one... gee.) it's quite interesting to see on of them in a position of authority.

Micaiah wonderfully demonstrates why these characters usually aren't heroes themselves. She is a huge screw-up. Her over-reliance on her powers get people killed and her self-sacrificing attitude makes her ignore her own fragility. As a result she passes out in the worst moments and turns into a complete pathetic wreck when Sothe's life is threatened. And her devotion makes her blind towards the negative attributes of the people she fights for and instead adapts their hatred towards Ike.

FE11: Ichi (aka: Eins, Zas, Unil)

When Marth's army suffered heavy losses, this brave redshirt rose to aid the hero in his hour of need.

FE12: Katarina

Seriously? They gave the player character a cute best fri... Hey! Stop killing my Lord!

Still, I can't help but think I would take Roro over her if I would have played the game far enough.

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FE4: Patty

FE5: Fin (Gotta respect that man for living through the hell on earth he did...)

FE9: Stefan

FE10: Lucia (I know, I'm weird)

FE11/1/3: Julian

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FE 4 gen 1: Sigurd, Lex, Aira, Briggid, Levin

FE 4 gen 2 : Celice, Yuria, Aless, Altenna

FE 5 : Leaf, Fin, Nanna, Fergus, Karin, Shiva

FE 6 : Ugh...I don't know, maybe Dieck and Thany.

FE 7 : Lyndis Legion, Hector, Rebecca, Priscilla, Pent, Louise

FE 8 : Renais's twin, Tana, Innes

FE 9 : Ike, Titania, Jill, Kieran, Marcia, Haar, Mia

FE 10 : same with FE 9

FE 11 and 12 : Marth, Shiida, Whitewings (except Est), Minerva, Lena, Chris (MU), Katarina, Wolf, Sedgar.

FE 13 : So far Krom, Lucina, Sariya, Soiree, Frederick, Henry, Serge, Sairi, Noire, and MU.

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FE2: Cliff.

FE4: Lex!Skasaher/Lakche.

FE5: Shanam Fin, for capturing everything w/ dat Brave Rance.

FE6: Rutger.

FE7: Lowen.

FE8: Ross.

FE9: Ike.

FE10: Mia.

FE11: Star Wolf.

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FE6: Lilina, WENDY, Yuno, Cecilia, Noah

FE7: LYN, Eliwood, Canas, Karla, Ninian, Fiora, Rebecca, Louise, Serra...

FE8: Marisa, TANA, Vanessa, Franz, Amelia

FE9: Ike, Astrid, Mia, Mist, Ilyana, Nephenee, ELINCIA, Marcia

FE10: Same as before + Meg, Sothe, Volug, Micaiah

FE1/3/11/12: SHEEDA, Marth, Castor, Katarina, Sheema, Whitewings, Roger, Maria, Roshea

FE13: Sairi, Tiamo, Sumia, Richt, Sol

I can't decide!! :(

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FE1/3/11/12: Catria and Jagen (As a character, not so much as a unit)

FE2: Cellica

FE4: Oifey and Levin

FE5: Leaf

FE6: Marcus and Rutger

FE7: Lucius, Heath, and Marcus

FE8: Natasha, Seth, and Lute

FE9: Shinon, Lucia, Ike, and Haar

FE10: Shinon, Lucia, Ike, and Haar (again)

FE13: Lucina, Loran, Sariya, and Serge

Yes, plenty of characters, haha.

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FE4 - Gen.1: Probably Fin. Between this game and Thracia, you really get to see the character pour out of him. He's a minor character, but you sure get to see a lot about him. It's kinda neat.

FE4 - Gen.2: Ishar. Her design is flawless. She's the only tragic villain I enjoy, probably due to her design. Even if Blume is a tool, Ishtar wins my heart over every time I play FE4.

FE7: Uhh, I don't really like anyone from this game. I guess if I had to pick someone, it would be Ninian, because I like the design.

FE8: Between Marisa, L'Arachel and Tana, I have to say L'Arachel. She's absolutely hilarious.

FE9: Gah, I love this game. Definitely Jill though. To get this much character development from a character in a Tellius game is rare, barring Ike, Mist, Micaiah, Elincia or Sothe.

FE10: What, there's character development in this game? I'll pick Astrid for this one because I just feel sorry for her (nerfed to heck and back, marries Makalov, etc).

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FE11: Marth, Frey, Sheeda, Nabarl, Merric, Minerva, Horace, Tiki

FE6: Roy, Dieck, Chad, Rutger, Lilina, Echidna, Fa

FE7: Lyn, Kent, Erk, Eliwood, Hector, Raven, Jaffar

FE9: Ike, Oscar, Soren, Mia, Rolf, Lethe, Volke, Stefan, Ulki, Haar, Elincia, Nasir

FE10: Micaiah, Edward, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga

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