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Looking for nice snow/ice area musics


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TL;DR version, post tunes from games with good ice/snow/cold area music. Video link optional.

Long version: I've found that of most music in games, I tend to like the calm, soothing, gentle music that tends to play in ice areas the most. On top of this, research has shown that music with light/no bass helps concentration, compared to no music or music with heavy bass, which tends to be what's typical from ice areas.

So I've decided to make a collection, for use when I need to concentrate on work or just want something to relax to. Similar styles of music are also okay, but really I'd like to keep the collection somewhat 'pure' to it's conception.

Right now I just went through my old VGM music playlist and found that about 90% of the videos have been deleted, which made me sad and meant I've basically lost access to my list of songs. The ones I do have are:

Sonic Advance (Ice Mountain Zone 1+2)

Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave

Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts

Any more suggestions would be great.

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Metroid Prime Music- Phendrana Drifts

search it on youtube. Best ever.

Because that wasn't in my original post rite?

Everything else, I'm about half way through. A lot of it is just what I'm looking for. A few others (DKC2) are ones that used to be on my list before the songs got deleted, so I'm happy to have them again.

Ooh, just thought of a few more I need to get. Xenoblade Valak Mountains (Day & Night)

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Alright, so my list now contains:

DKC2 Arctic Abyss

Banjo Kazooie Click Clock Woods Winter

Tactics Ogre A Cygnet

FE4 Dance in the Skies

Banjo Kazooie Freezeezy Peak

DKC3 Frosty Frolics

DKC1 Ice Cave Chant

Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts

Xenoblade Snowy Valak Mountain

Xenoblade Snowy Valak Mountain Night

FFXII Stillshrine of Miriam

Okami Wep'ker

There were some good songs others posted, but they were generally a little too upbeat for purpose. I'm still interested in finding more, I'm sure I have more... ah well. I'll check the Paper Mario games next methinks.

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*Is dissapointed to have not recieved a new song*

Frost Kibatodos Stage 1

Frost Kibatodos Stage 2

Wow cool all three of these are by Toshihiko Horiyama! How cool, I didn't notice that at first.

Hey cool, these two are also both by Yuzo Koshiro!

I don't remember any more that would fit your criteria, I'm afraid.



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