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kr sthrz

help with battle animation

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I had replaced lyns lord animation with clouds animation which was in feditor animation v2 . In the mode selection it showed the animation but in the battle the animation was all glichy and the portal is also not working properly

post-5927-019304900 1351069963_thumb.png

post-5927-089308100 1351069984_thumb.png

post-5927-009990700 1351070028_thumb.png

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Seriously, it's not that hard to use the search function or to look through the Hacking Resources subforum.

1. I highly doubt you got permission from Vampire Elf to use his Cloud portrait so be warned; we don't like it when people use our stuff without our permission.

2. Portrait issue fix: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35301

3. The palette issue is due to the fact that in the character selection it uses the default animation palette and in battle it uses Lyn's palette. Scoot on over to the Character Editor in Nightmare and go to Lyn's spot. Scroll down and where it says "Battle palette - unpromoted" instead of selecting "Lyn unpromoted" scroll up and select default. Alternatively, change Lyn's palette manually. I like using Cam's method but there are heaps out there.

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