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Serenes Forest Fantasy Basketball 2012-13


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Well guys with the NBA season nearly here, it's about time to get our draft done. This is mostly for Helios, Fenrir, Emu and beast, but we still have 2 openings that we need to fill out before the draft.

I should also mention that this is a bit of a split league. There are two divisions, once is SF members thus far, and the other is a casual PS3 gaming clan I'm also a part of. It's a 12 team league, so depth will present a nice entry level challenge. This is mostly a for fun league, the majority of players are doing so for the first time.

As of now, I'm planning on having the draft sometime this weekend. Ideally saturday or sunday night. Post what times you are available but keep in mind the season starts tuesday, so monday night would be the absolute latest.

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Oh and I should mention that it's on ESPN.

It's a standard Head to Head points 12-man league. Two divisions (I can add more if this thing blows up over the next 2 days), one Serenes Forest, one Killing in Progress.

Roser is as follows:

Point Guard

Shooting Guard

Small Forward

Power Forward






Bench x 6

Injury Report x 2

Scoring is as follows:

Points: 1

Field Goals Made: 1

Rebounds: 1

Assists: 1.5

Steals: 1.5

Blocks: 1.5

Three Pointers Made: 1.5

Free Throws Made: 1.5

Three Pointers Missed: -1

Free Throws Missed: -1

Turnovers: -1

Double Double: 4

Triple Double: 9

Quadruple Double: 16

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Tentatively scheduled for Sunday at 10PM Eastern time.

Unfortunately ESPN leagues don't allow you to draft until all roster spots have been confirmed. I'm still waiting on phoking beast to confirm his team as well as one person from another site in the other division. If neither confirms by Sunday at 2PM Eastern, I'm cutting the last team in each divison and making it 5 and 5 respectively. Seeding may not be as pretty, but I can't afford to delay the draft any further with the NBA season starting Tuesday.

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Depends on the sport, but scoring is based off the players stats IRL. If a running back gets 100 rushing yards (10 points in fantasy) and a rushing touchdown (6 points in fantasy) IRL, he'll get you 16 points in fantasy for example. There's a lot more to it of course, but that's kinda how things go.

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So I'm trying get a trade done with a guy in my league. It's only 8 teams with standard ESPN roster (QB, RBx2, WRx2, TE, Flex, D/ST, Kicker) plus seven bench slots. Several guys aren't even active most of the time but the rest of us trade a lot. This guy has had the worst run of luck out of all 8 leagues he's in and he't open to trading anyone depending on the trade. His team is really stacked at the top of his positions but very little depth. He has lost a lot of players to injury including Greg Jennings, Danny Amendola, Jimmy Graham and Fred Jackson. He also traded away several solid backs to me in Darren Sproles and Doug Martin :awesome:

Anyway, neither of us is interested in QBs and I'm set at TE with Gronk :awesome: so it comes down to WRs and RBs.

He's got Ray Rice, Alfred Morris, Mikel Leshoure, Fred Jackson and Felix Jones (lol) at RB while Percy Harvin, Reggie Wayne, James Jones, Miles Austin and Denarius Moore comprise a really loaded WR list.

Meanwhile I've got Stevan Ridley, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, Rashard Mendenhall and handcuffs Jonathon Dwyer and Rashad Jennings rounding out an interesting group of RBs. WR is cake with A.J. Green, Jordy Nelson, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Brandon Lloyd and Josh Gordon.

I'm proposing to send him Lynch, Gordon and Jennings in exchange for Morris, Wayne and Moore.

I feel like I'm asking a lot with this trade, though I want all three equally badly, I'd pass on Moore first, which I think is what it will come too. Of course he still hasn't clarified whether he has any interest in the oft-injured Mendenhall or the solid second option Brown, I think he might just not want to do a 3-for-3 at this point.

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>Fantasy Basketball thread

>Posts potential fantasy football trade

Well you're the OP so I guess it doesn't really matter. Chances are you won't be able to get Moore as well get Leshoure instead. Uhh what if you tried just Morris and Harvin?

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I'm a league manager in two leagues on ESPN and I don't have that problem, so that's not it. Have you tried contacting ESPN and asking why it's doing that? Or is it an "insider" problem lol

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