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Hurt and Heal: Tellius Edition

You Know Shinon Is God

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If Nephenee wins, I'm definitely searching fan art of her.

...But she's hot, so I kinda want to now. A lot.

Hurt Zihark, heal Marcia.

Sorry Sal and the cool, cool Myrm himself.

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Boyd was down a long time ago...I think a long time ago... Either way, re-vote?

...I need a snack...

Hurt Kieran, heal Nephenee.


Shinon - 204

Kieran - 157

Nephenee - 399

Zihark - 89

Marcia - 341

Vika - 331

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Meg's down. The remaining people are on this list.

Hurt Kieran, heal Nephenee.

Shinon - 200
Kieran - 149
Nephenee - 403
Zihark - 87
Marcia - 343
Vika - 333

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