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Hurt and Heal: Tellius Edition

You Know Shinon Is God

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...And because it's midnight I have to wait another twelve hours. -Sits-

Why 12 hours?

wait is it every 12 hours or every 24 hours for this?

You can vote once a day. There's no "time limit", per se.

Hurt Marcia, heal Nephenee.


Shinon - 66

Nephenee - 450

Marcia - 375

Vika - 331

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Once a day. So if it's 11:50 PM and you vote because you haven't voted yet, go ahead and vote again in ten minutes; but that vote at midnight will count as your day's vote, and you'd have to wait another day to vote again. That's pretty much how all H/H threads, if I'm not mistaken.

Heal Shinon, Hurt Vika.

But no really I never expected to see Shinon in the top five. I always thought everyone hated him. ;A; -Goes to proud corner-

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