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Downloadable content- Where to distribute?

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I mentioned in my FE4 topic that i've been spending my week playing FE 12. Now i've noticed the downloadable content floating around, and I was wondering how to distribute it properly among my units as of chapter 7. I can't access it right now because Desmume doesn't support wi-fi (for whatever reason), but for future reference. So are there any classes I should consider when thinking about my unit options? Should I give these items to the weakest member of my squad? what about MyUnit (yes, I mean THAT MyUnit- little overpowered bitch that she is. Makes a better Shiida than Shiida.)? Should I just stockpile the Maturity Drop, Rainbow potion and Bond drop in my convoy until much later on? I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences with the DLC. :)

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The Bond and Maturity Drops will have a greater affect if you use them earlier, and you can use the Rainbow Potion three times a chapter and still not run out until nearly the end, IIRC. People usually use the Bond Drop on MU, since he/she supports everyone, I think, too.

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