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Once Upon a Time....

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In the far away land of Akaneia, NG had to completely restart Shin Monshou no Nazo because her wi-fi setup is a complete douchebag. so now I have to run the entire game Raw. No potions, no stat boosters. Just completely raw.

"But what about your FE 6/4--", I'll get to that later. I promise.

[spoiler=Chapter directory (fan names used)]Prologue 1: "My name is Silver."

Prologue 2: Friends.

Prologue 3: Transparant Wings.

Prologue 4: Vun Voman

Prologue 5: *not avalible*

Prologue 6: A Test of Skill.

Prologue 7: The Final Exam

Prologue 8: Protect the King!

Chapter 1: Grust's waning fate.

Chapter 2: Of Dragons and Men.

Chapter 3: Reunited.

Chapter 3x: A walk through the forest.

Chapter 4: Behind the mask.

Chapter 5: Take the bull by the horns.

Chapter 6: Doppelganger

Chapter 7: The Crimson Swordsman

Chapter 8: Crossing the bridge.

Chapter 9: Magic City.

Chapter 10: Medics and Mercenaries.

Chapter 10x: Bloodied axes everywhere! Who's the real Rolo?!

Chapter 11: Grains of diamond.

Chapter 12: Graveyard of scorched bone.

Chapter 13: Frozen Land

Chapter 14: The Divine Dragon Child: Chiki.

Chapter 15: Prince of Light. Star and Savior.

Chapter 16: A Sickening Feeling.

Chapter 16x: I believe in you!

Chapter 17: Gra's last stand.

Chapter 18: Reclaim the pass!

Chapter 19: Determination.

Chapter 20: Dark Emperor Hardin.

Chapter 20x: The Abyss.

Chapter 21: Dragon's Den.

Chapter 22: The Torn World.

Chapter 23: Sword of Naga's fang- the Divine Falchion reborn!

Final Chapter: "For the sake of new life! We are Heroes of Light and Shadow!"

Anyway, rules are rules, so they are as follows:

1. I'm following Shadow Dragon canon so anyone who died in my original playthrough STAYS dead. No zombies, no "Oh, this never happened, I did a full completion with all characters alive in my sleep"- nothing. Those people are as follows:

Gordin.png (Killed by Pegasus Knights in Pro. 4. Replaed with Norne.)

Draug.png (Died walling off the back exit of Akaneia Palace from enemy Cavaliers and Thieves who were trying to make off wirth important goods.)

Wendell.png (Died trying to fight off an enemy Draco Knight in "A Knight filled Sky".

Vyland.pngRosheaSD.png Killed by enemy Archers in Chapter 5.

Bord.png Killed by enemy axemen in chapter 4.

Shiida-FE11.pngStabbed to death by enemy cavalier's javelin while trying to recruit beck and failing because I completely forgot to talk to Anna in the previous chapter.

Jeorge.png Died in the arena.

2. Levels WILL be doctored/ Save stated. I do not trust the internal clock and I can't clock abuse anyway. The emulator won't let me.

3. Feedback and contribution is welcomed. Units are up for debate if my team seems unsatisfactory.

4. Yes, I WILL be reclassing units for appropriate stat growths and chapter survival. Canon class means nothing to me.

Anywho, with that, let's begin.

[spoiler=Pro. 1]Nothing interesting happened. Plus I didn't screencap anything like a dummy for this chapter, so you'll all have to settle for text.

1. Our MyUnit is created. Her name is Silver. She's a starting Cavalier who is an orphan (past), kind- hearted (present) and a truth seeker (future).

*Did I mention her horse- pegasi hybrid's name is Peanut Butter? *shot*

2. Silver goes up against an enemy soldier during her training. She doubles him with no problems and the soldier only does 1 damage to her.

3. Jeigan enters with a javelin but doesn't bother launching it when Silver's in double range. why he doesn't take the oppurtunity to do this I will never know.

4. Silver comes in for her turn and strikes Jeigan with an Iron Sword. This does 10 damage, but, naturally, doesn't double like last time since Jeigan is a Paladin. Jeigan moves in to counter attack, but Peanut Butter lowers his head and helps his rider dodge the attack.

5. Silver takes the next turn to take down Jeigan with the IS for another 10 damage and we get our first level up, which consists of HP, Stength, Speed and Luck.

On to Prologue 2!

[spoiler=Pro. 2]28iaq06.png

Silver sets up to attack Luke from Melee range.


Oh, um, say hi, guys. This is our protagonist.


I won't be using Ryan this run. That's where every other archer/ general/ berserker etc. etc. comes in. Here we see him running away screaming like a litte girl. like brother, like brother.


Ryan takes a Melee range hit.


Silver stabs Luke. flashy flashy.


Not Leaf comes in to revenge kill Silver. Things don't go well for him.


Silver gets her first crappy level up of the game, and with that, on to Pro. 3!

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Why, yes. Yes I did. Is that a problem?

Moving on. Prologues 3-6.

After dealing with a few generic enemies, we have our first real boss: Shiida.


Silver decides to stallmate for everyone while they sit back and heal for the next turn. Shiida can't double because Cav- Peg. speed growths and stuff. Next turn, Luke comes in and chips off a good 9 damage from Shiida and Silver takes the kill from there. Her level up consisted of HP, Skill, Luck and Defense. no speed yet.

Onto the next lesson.


Athena is our boss this chapter. I have Ryan hit her from behind a large wall.


I'm still having mixed thoughts about you, but this is a nice level up nonetheless.

After dealing with a myrmidon and a mercenary, which Shiida promptly double- killed, Athena entered the area, attacking Rody. He chips her for 11 damage using an Iron Sword and her turn ends. You can probably guess what happens next.


Prologue 6. Cecille joins our party. Merric range doubles a generic soldier and Cecille takes care of the generic on the bottom right. Shiida flies over to the archer to the northwest and doubles with a steel lance. Silver follows her close behind for some support. wrys heals Cecille and our turn ends.


The mage makes the rather stupid mistake of melee attacking Shiida and he pays the price.


And Shiida levels up, getting a nice base- pool out of it.


Draug comes in for the final battle and Merric doubles him. He looks like he got caught in a nuclear blast wave.

The final test is next.

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Very interesting how you spend all this time doing this...

But it's interesting, nevertheless... So, do whatever you want. I certainly enjoy reading this. (Or you can say "looking," as the pictures stand out more...)

Oh, and what's the difficulty?

Difficulty's Normal- Classic. Permadeath's imminent because I REALLY don't like Casual mode. It takes all the challenge and "mourning" out of FE in my personal opinion.

@eclipse- No,no, please. If you have something to say, then say it outright. I don't mind a bit of criticism from other players.

[spoiler='Prologue 7]


Thus, we reach Prologue 7a. Cain is our boss.


"NG WRY U SET UP SHIIDA WITH ARCHERS DATS NOT COOL BITCH" But they're stationary so I do what I want, comprende?


This is why I'm glad I have a physical wall named "Peanut Butter". This Myrmidon was stupid enough to think he could double Silver, but all he did was chip off a few hairs in the horse's side. real smooth.


He was promptly stabbed through his rib cage and diedededededed.


Merric took out that Armor. up in that center island. He now gets to double everyone else even more.


Bit of healing EXP for Wryses peanut butter cup.


Draug, being out stationary LOLtank laughs hus ass off as he stabs another Myrm through the heart.


As with my Shadow Dragon run, here we see Wryses peanut butter cup getting shitty level ups.


Athena was in range of this archer, so it's only natural that she get shot in the face.


Such is the life of the wandering mage-- LOOK AT MY PIMP HAT EVERYONE IT GIVES ME DOUBLE LOLZ.


Athena gets revenge on the Archer that shot her in the face. 10,000 G's of Laguz plastic surgery aren't going to waste, now, are they?


Shiida decides to be a pal and double Cain, leaving him with 9 HP. Silver takes this oppurtunity to take this match and... he faints.




This reindouchment Peg. Knight was completely out of my periferal *hinthint thanks to early life laser i have no periferal >> <<* So I didn't see it attack Silver. She kills it. End chapter.

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[spoiler=Prologue 8]


Oh, no! Someone's trying to assasinate the Prince! Draug starts us off my tank-killing this thief to our right.


Shiida gets another based level by stabbing the thief to our left.


Merric range kills this thief. nothing spectacular. Just.. pointy hats n' shit.


Athena's like, "lolwut" and dodges that arrow like it was nothing cause she's half laguz.


Did I mention she just LOVES archers?


Horray, our main protagonist does something good for once!


Oh.. OH?? Is this a crit??? YES IT IS. TURN THOSE PAGES, M'BOY.


This is Cain's very first turn in battle, I swear to god. He's critting. His first ever move in this game as a blue unit.. is a crit. How wonderful. ;w;




*GASP* Is this what I think it is? Is Silver.. actually doubling something?


Our protagonist likes stabbing people in the face.


Cat lady gets her first level.


Draug like ORKOing things with squishy bodies.


AND IT'S A CRIT? Holy shit, dude! I'm supposed to kill you off. Stop flattering me!


Why do these people even try?


Okay, ladies are we ready for today's workout? And, one, two, step, stab. One, two, step, twist your body around like a contortionist and stab. There we go!


Oh- ho, this outta be good. This is also my favorite boss theme in the entire series aside from FE8's main boss theme. Too bad Desmume decided to lag on me so I got shitty output. orz


Merric doubles Kitty and we're all set aside from enemy reindouchements.

Next chapter everyone's getting pallet changes because I said so and there's also the fact that i like the variety the GBA games had. So stay tuned for that.

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Of the two people you WILL miss, one's barely salvageable, and the other's a favorite of mine (but that's because of some of the shenanigans I have him do, which all flies in the face of efficient play).

Now, for the actual dead people. . .

- Gordin's decent this time (as in, I think he's worth training)

- Draug's stil Draug

- The Pope has his own niche

- Roshea and Vyland come ridiculously late

- Bord's purpose in life is to Hammer things, but that's kind of not vital early except one chapter

- Caeda's not quite as ridiculously broken as last time, but her Spear's not useless, either

- I have a soft spot for Jeorge 'cause he's cute

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Of the two people you WILL miss, one's barely salvageable, and the other's a favorite of mine (but that's because of some of the shenanigans I have him do, which all flies in the face of efficient play).

Now, for the actual dead people. . .

- Gordin's decent this time (as in, I think he's worth training)

- Draug's stil Draug

- The Pope has his own niche

- Roshea and Vyland come ridiculously late

- Bord's purpose in life is to Hammer things, but that's kind of not vital early except one chapter

- Caeda's not quite as ridiculously broken as last time, but her Spear's not useless, either

- I have a soft spot for Jeorge 'cause he's cute

Jeorge was actually one of my favorite Snipes and I was very sad that he died in the arena when he did. But, unfortunately, units are units and life must go on (unless you're Merric. *shot*)

Anywho, guys, I need your opinions. This is the beta version of Marth's new pallete garb. Do you like it? Are there any colors you'd like to see on him? How about the other units or maybe some new coat colors for the horses and pegasi? Feedback on this isn't required, but it's always nice to see some creativity on the board. :)


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Marth looks pretty cool in black, I'd like to see how he looks in white or red though.

Are these okay? *I'm not exactly the biggest fan of bright glaring reds that the main game's pallet uses, so I went for a darker, slightly more natural looking maroon with reversed silver lining*


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Wow! Those are pretty awesome palettes. I especially like the maroon palette, although the white one is awesome too. The red cape and pin are nice touches. Love the gold outline on the white palette and the silver on the maroon one. happy.gif

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I'm just gonna make Marth black garbed for now until we can all agree on a color scheme because if I kept going through the rainbow, we'd be here for days without any progress.

[spoiler=Chapter 1: Everyone gets reco-- painted.]


So I decided to reclass Silver into a Peg Knight because she needs speed growth babying and Peanut Butter is a Pegasi/ generic brown Fire Emblem horse hybrid. LOOKIT THAT... IRON-- WING SPEAR. YEAH. TTLY ORIGINAL.


This is our map. ... I have a feeling someone's gonna blow up. A certain bearded guy with an eye patch who babysits whiny little brats named Yumina and Yubello.


Ryan doesn't get a fancy color change cause we're not using him. He clips this pirate.


Like you guys haven't seen this shot.. how many times?


Ah, Arran, you make such an amazing Sniper~ I love you. ... Why do you have to die at the end of this game?


AND YOU CAN DOUBLE TOO? I told you to stop flattering me! I don't care if you kick ass as a pirate here, you're supposed to be dead! Goddammit, Draug!


Pfft. Caves being gaurded by thieves. Hey, old man! I already visited that village, so there's literally no point in fight--




Our first pallet swap that's not Marth. She likes wearing mint turtlenecks.


"Mr. Lorenz, why are we standing here?'

"I don't know, the plot demands it."

"Mr. Lorenz, can I have some crackers?"

"I don't have any crackers, please be quiet!"

"Mr. Lorenz, Yubello has to go potty!"

"Don't make me take out the dynamite!"

"Mr. Lorenz--"

"Argh, that's it! Ogma, get them out of my site before I kill us all and fail to get script out to our generic hero!"


Meanwhile in the land of doubling...


Marth levels and gets some much needed Strength and Speed growth.




Marth runs to the fort to lick his wounds cause pirates are so evil and generic and... EVIL. .. WOOOOOO. ~(0w0)~


And my healers are right within range of those archers. Luckily, they're fast, and didn't get hurt badly, so they survived.


Lorenz died an anticlimactic death to the hands of suicide. He was happy to be free of annoying children. ...I forgot to do the CG? Seriously??

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I'm cool with Marth in black garb, I'm not too picky about colors.

So, Draug makes an awesome pirate, but he's supposed to be six feet under. Hehehehehlaugh.gif that's really funny!

Poor Lorenz, Yubello and Yumina drove him crazy.

Arran dies at the end of this game? I didn't know that.

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Ryan is my favorite FE12 character and I wanted to see a recolor :P

But i dun wanna recolor Ryan cause i'm not using him ;w;

Okiedokie~ Just as soon as I upload Chapter 2.

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[spoiler=Chapter 2 (Fuck YouTube's pissmoaning. This is how you recolor.)']


One of the funnest things to do in your base is forging your favorite weapons and giving them creative names that do not steal from other franchises.


Hello Catria. Glad to have my favorite Peg. Bitch back in action~


Welcome back, Person-I-will-never-use!


Right now I'm just biding my time in this forest. Gonna let them come to me so the bloodbath can start.


I might as well have Draug help since he's not slowed down anymore, y'know?


I'm actually glad Draug doesn't have a D in axes this chapter, otherwise, Warren'd be a splattered mess all over the ground.


Catria talks to Warren. You guys see her new set of threads? All three of them (*whitewings*) are getting their armor redesigned.


Warren helps out by killing a generic.


Just prepping for the shit storm that's about to roll in.


Draug decided to ORKO a soldier and we get a free vulnerary out of it.


OH THIS? Um... during the two years since we last saw him Marth.. joined a Rhydon summoning cult. They meet every Tuesday in the courtyard back at Altea Castle. No big.


Y'know, after thinking about it, i'm really starting to despise the AI. Not because they're hard, but because they're really, REALLY stupid.


Malessia gets her first level up.


Peanut Butter's a weird one. Looks just like his mom but has his dad's.. everything else.


Remember how I said that Reclassed Lena liked to crit a lot? .. This is her reincarnation.


We get the series' title card.

End Chapter.

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What? No Excadrill? tongue.gif

When are you going to kill off the, um, dead people?

Chapter 9's the bane of my existance at this point. Just gonna pile them all at the reinforcements area in the south end of the desert and let Astram have his way with them. Shiida needs to stay alive for a little while longer cause I need her for Beck, but other than that, it's back to the single's bar for Marth.

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What if you were to kill off, say, one person a chapter? It would be easier for you to thin your ranks while not making it too hard to finish.

That's a good point. I have my hands full with Etzel at this point (fucking 6% and Blizzard, jesus holy christ on a cracker....), and I need Minerva to start my wide variety of Dragon and Flying- type bird thingymajigers. Who to pluck off first...

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[spoiler=Chapter 3]


I'm sure we've already established the fact that I'm not good at picking out names. ...We did? Okay, good.


We get a Bridge Key for visiting random ass village number 1.


Palla and her Pegasus Virgo get new coats of paint. All primary pegasi get new coat color combinations except for Shiida. She gets to keep the classic yellow and white scheme.


OH NO MATTHIS. .. um.. he died. .. Okay? ._. I know it's hard to see, but Linde has a pretty floral pattern on her cloak. Mages, Sages, Bishops and cloaked units (Sav. Dark Druids) get new patterns on their clothing.


Marth gets rid of this ballista.


Sir, you are a pathetic general and I don't like you. You die now.


This sword has two options :"Crit" and "Off". Oh, Jesus, it looks like a bone. *insert Marowak joke here*


Yoohoo! Dracofags! Over here! (Changed Silver's eye color and armor)


Palla gets her first level up, and we get to see part of her new armor set.


Hi, other axe user I will never use and have to kill off eventually cause you're a zombie and that's no good.


Hi, favorite thief ever!


Guys, this is literally the second crit in a row he's done this round. i think i broke the Rapier.

And we end chapter. Quick question; since Marth's in all black garb this run, should I make his hair a more natural looking blue- black or is that pushing things?

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Green Pegasi, that's pretty cool, also love the floral pattern Linde has on her cloak.

Personally, I think Marth looks okay with his standard blue hair color and black garb so I'd keep his hair color as it is.

That's my thoughts anyway.

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