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[Help!] The forum I like won't respond to my posts (´・ω・`)

Lord of Gabriel Knight

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the larger version of those icons looks pretty cool, I must say(I really like what you did with the divine sword).

on the smaller version of the top left one, it's a bit hard to see the tassel thing; I'd suggest a darker background

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(Can't make a comment about eye shadow, looks alright to me.)

Right now the mug is cross-eyed (whites of the eyes aren't towards the same direction/distribution), and I think it's a little small for a standard mug, but seems to be progressing well! Neck usually comes off the base of the ear, too(?) It's hard to give much else at this point.

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i think the body is right size, she's not buff. She could actually use a little more shoulders.... XD It's just fe that makes super tiny gurls. FU FE

Anyway her bewbs are wrong °w° also a bit low maybe...?

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What Alfred said is about right! there's a few little things about the shading that are not right... i won't say pillowy, but not really detailed! Also it's a matter of proportions imo, but you can easily fix it by moving things around!

How does dis sound:

Add me on skype and i will guide you as you revamp this ^_^

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The left looks much better!

Think you try working that fourth tone in throughout the fur a little more and alias the outline where it meets the chestplate, but as-is it seems to fit the current style you have going on.

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