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I know they're not really supports, but I'm pretty much gathering the Chapter 11 confession scenes.

Maybe you can add those to Chrom's categories?

Sumia, the SPECIAL one:

Better than "Pie-er Emblem: A-bake-ening".

And here's Maribelle's:

And nope. Not as special as Sumia's with the lack of a hug.

Oh dang, I forgot to full screen zoom them. OH WELL.

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It's not really "support", but here's the Chapter 12 confession flashback for the two of them:

Where were you when I needed you?! D:

I transcribed this on Saturday. Then the end of Ch13 a few hours later. ....Didn't think to post them in here, though. >_>;

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More Chapter 11/12 forced marriage stuff for ya.


Generic Village Girl:

My thoughts of ChromxSully.

Chrom's manliness: |----------------------------------|

Sully's manliness: |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

...Yeah no.

As for the generic village girl, at least make her look pretty and fit to be Chrom's wife not...THAT!

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Why do you measure a woman's worth beauty? For all we cares she could be really cool and shit and IS just doesn't tell us since she doesn't have battlefield skills and can't be used as a unit. Krom likes her and she likes him back. All that matters.

On another note goddammit every time Fred supports remind me of how smooth he is at proposing. Damn man.

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This is BS.

Where's my ring?

Even Olivia gets one.

I think the rings are more for the significant because of the children. For pretty much all children but Morgan and Lucina, all of them show their mother's ring which they got after their mother died.

I think Yarne is the only other one that doesn't show a ring either.

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Regarding the generic village girl..

During the chapter when Lucina reveals herself as Chrom's daughter, how is the scene for the generic mother depicted. For example, Sumia was doing flower fortune and Maribelle was trying to control her anger.

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Got another one done. The game's biggest ham and the game's biggest womanizer don't seem to get along too well, from the looks of things. Here's Owain X Inigo!

[spoiler=Owain X Inigo]

[spoiler=C Support]

Owain: Shadow DRAAAAAGON!

Inigo: Ah! If it isn't Owain.


Inigo: And how are you today?

Owain: Busy! …Which I would have thought was obvious.

Inigo: Ah, I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll come back when you're done playing.

Owain: Hey! This is serious!

Inigo: Seriously…childish? Seriously…embarrassing?

Owain: Seriously none of your business! Now leave me alone.


Inigo: Sigh.

Owain: Okay, just stop. You're not even sighing. You're just saying the word "sigh."

Maybe that's why all those girls keep turning you down.

Inigo: You're guaranteed to lose 100% of the jousts you never attend, my friend.

Perhaps you should name your next move "Eternal Chastity." (Author Note: OWNED! XD)

Owain: Sure, why not? I've got the perfect teacher for it right in front of me! (Author Note: OH SHIT! XD)

Inigo: Why, you little–!

Owain: What, you want to go? Come on, chump! Have at me!

My Shinon Strike will wipe the floor with you!

Inigo: Few things in life would give me greater satisfaction than to knock you on your rear.

…But one of us has to be the adult here.

And it's obviously not going to be you.

*Inigo leaves*

Owain: Yeah, that's right. Walk away. You just keep on walking.


[spoiler=B Support]

Owain: Eliwood's…RAAAAAAAAAAGE!

Inigo: Oh, look. The little boy is playing with his dolls again.

Owain: Do you see a doll here? No, you don't! That's 'cause this is serious business!

I'm honing my psyche so I can grapple with nefarious beastsof the night.

Inigo: Well, at least you'll be grappling with something tonight.

Owain: Oh, real mature. Now is there a point to this visit, or are you just–

H–HEY! Don't read that!

Inigo: …Is this your diary? It's filled with bad drawings of heroes and their weapons.

Owain: Don't! The Manual of Justice is more than your mortal eyes can handle!

Inigo: Oh, that's just adorable! You even named the book and everything!

Now let's see what we've got…

"Page 1: Owain. When danger nears, his sword hand twitchesand his eyes turn red."

…Oh, come now. Really?

Owain: Give it baaaaaaaaaack!

Inigo: "Every ally hurt within a hundred paces adds a power multiplier…"

"At +5, a special move is unlocked that can fell the enemy boss in one hit." (Author Note: Did he just describe Lethality? Too bad I just reclassed him to Bow Knight from Swordmaster. ._.)

Well, that IS impressive! I'm surprised you even need us around, frankly.

Owain: Why are you doing this to me? We're supposed to be allies!

Inigo: Let's jump ahead here, shall we? Hmm… How about…

"Page 15: The Awesome Catalogue of Ultimate Techniques!"

The Axe of Dorcas… The Laguz Leap…

Oh, you drew flames around this name! Does that affect the pronunciation?

Owain: Either stop reading or just stick a sword in me and be done with it.

Inigo: Oh, please. You're overreacting. Besides, genius of this ilk must be shared.

I'll say this: your bizarre fantasy world is certainly…robust.

You go all out on everything, Owain. And in a way, I respectthat.

Owain: …R–really? This isn't just a way for you to make fun of me again?

Heh heh. Maybe there's hope for you yet.

Inigo: Yeah, see? Like this right here… "Page 27: Weapon Names–D through F."

What's that about?

Owain: Well, um… I guess it's kind of a mental–warfare type of thing.

A sword is just a sword, you know? But a sword with a name is an ally!

So I came up with lots of possible names in case someone ever needs a suggestion.

Inigo: See? That's actually interesting.

Owain: Are you sure you're not still making fun of me?

Inigo: No, it really is interesting. …A little bit. Not a lot.

Owain: Really?! Awesome! Wait right there!

I'll get you a quill and paper, and we can get started right away!

Inigo: Get me…started? Um…

Owain: Oh, and cancel your dinner plans, because this is gonna take a while.

But spending weeks on minutia is half the fun, right?! Ha ha ha!

*Owain leaves*

Inigo: Wait, Owain! I never…

What have I gotten myself into now?

[spoiler=A Support]

Owain: Well? Have you come up with a name for that sword yet?

Inigo: I'm still not sure where to start. …Or WHY to start, honestly.

Owain: Come on! A fine sword like that practically shouts its name at you! Just listen!

Shhhh… Liiiiisten…

Inigo: ……

…Nope. Apparently I don't speak sword.

Help me out here, Owain. What does it say to you?

Owain: Hmm… This sword wants to be named…

Flameclaw Wyvernborn the Foe–Slayer!

Inigo: That's very…long.

Okay, then. What about this spear?

Owain: Ha! I already named that one!

That's the Skyfire Lightning–Slicer!

Inigo: Um…you don't really slice things with a spear, Owain.

Owain: Skyfire Lightning–Poker!

Inigo: ……

All…right then.

Owain: Left speechless, huh? I can't blame you.

Inigo: Remind me again how this is mental warfare and not just you being mental?

Owain: You'll understand once I carve the name into the weapon. Here, watch…

Impressive, right?!

Inigo: Strangely enough, yes. It does look better.

Owain: A weapon with a stronger name makes the wielder feel stronger, too!

It fills you with confidence on the field of battle and lets you fight to your fullest!

Inigo: That kind of makes sense. …Which scares me.

Owain: So let's get you started. Think of a good name, and then carve it into your blade!

Inigo: All right, I will!

*time passes*

Owain: All done?

Inigo: It's…a masterpiece!

Owain: Ha ha! That's the spirit! Let's have a look.

Inigo: Mmm, what do you think?

A vast improvement over your ridiculous names, I thinkyou'll agree.

Owain: Inigo, these are just the names of girls who spurned your advances.

…Gods, there must be two hundred names on this thing! (Author note: God dammit, Inigo. XD)

Inigo: Mental warfare, my friend. With no more room for names, I HAVE to succeed!

Owain: Yeah, but you carved out half the metal! The sword's totally worthless now!

Inigo: Oh…Whoops.

This is probably the greatest damn part of this support.

Inigo: You're guaranteed to lose 100% of the jousts you never attend, my friend.

Perhaps you should name your next move "Eternal Chastity."

Owain: Sure, why not? I've got the perfect teacher for it right in front of me!

Priceless. Haha

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After discovering something very odd with the post I made (it was supposed to have both supports I claimed, but FemAvatar x Gerome got lost when I was editing, it seems), I'm posting said lost support again. Very, very sorry about that. Third time's the charm, after all.

[spoiler=FemaleAvatar x Gerome Romantic]

[spoiler=C Support]Avatar: Hello, Gerome.

Gerome: Avatar.

Avatar: What are you doing here all alone?

Gerome: I'm doing nothing in particular. As for being alone, that's my normal condition.

Avatar: Um, please don't take this the wrong way, but…

If you really want to be left alone, why do you wear such a conspicuous mask?

Gerome: The two are unrelated.

Avatar: Are they now? Hmm…

Gerome: Why are you so obsessed with what I do, anyway?

Avatar: Oh, I wouldn't say obsessed. Maybe…concerned.

I just think you could do a better job of getting to know your comrades-in-arms.

Gerome: Why? I'm not like them. I don't share their convictions.

I didn't travel back here to try and relive some lost golden age of peace.

Avatar: Well, I don't think that's why any of you came back.

Gerome: Enough. I'm done talking about this. …And with you.

I'm trying not to associate with anyone from this era unless necessary in battle.

Avatar: Fine enough. I'll leave you to it, then.

Gerome: ……

[spoiler=B Support]Avatar: How are things, Gerome?

Gerome: I thought I was clear that I didn't wish to associate with others.

Avatar: Supper is ready. Or are you eschewing food as well as company?

Gerome: …I eat alone.

Avatar: …Don't you think meals are more enjoyable in the company of friends?

Gerome: Food is fuel for the body. Nothing more.

Avatar: I disagree. Mealtime is much more than just filling some physical need.

It's an opportunity to get to know your allies: learn their habits, their quirks.

Such things can prove very useful when you step on the battlefield together.

Gerome: Bah. I've fought well enough without such knowledge until now.

The pack doesn't need the lone wolf, and he doesn't need them.

Avatar: I'm not so sure…but we can leave it there.

Hold on a moment, and I'll bring your meal out here.

Gerome: Didn't I make myself clear? I don't need your help in this matter, or any matter.

I'm capable of getting my own meal.

Avatar: Good heavens, but you are a stubborn one. All right then. I'll leave you be.

…But I expect to see that plate clean. I won't have anyone wasting food.

Not even the "lone wolf."

Gerome: ……

[spoiler=A Support]Avatar: Hello, Gerome.

Gerome: What do you want, Avatar?

Avatar: Heh, you sound so pleased to see me! Am I interrupting your training?

Gerome: Yes. Whenever I'm alone, I work through a set of muscle-strengthening exercises.

I'm always trying to make myself stronger.

Avatar: Very admirable. Well, I don't want to get in your way. I'll leave you to it…

Gerome: You can remain if you like.

Avatar: I thought you preferred to be alone.

Gerome: Most of the time this is true. But recently…

Well, perhaps the idle chats you all engage in aren't a complete waste of time.

Avatar: Oh? Are you saying you'd like to have one of those idle chats with me?

Gerome: That would be…acceptable.

Avatar: Well, this IS a surprise!

Gerome: It's not like you would leave me alone anyway, am I right?

Avatar: Heh, perhaps not.

Gerome: That's what I thought. So go one then. You want to talk? Talk.

Avatar: Heh heh, right then. So, what do you think about the…

[spoiler=S Support]Avatar: Thank you for attending the war council yesterday, Gerome.

You made some excellent suggestions. It was nice to hear you speak up.

Gerome: After our chats, I realized there's no point in going only to say nothing.

I used to think councils were held so you could hear the sound of your own voices.

But I was wrong. Exchanging views, deciding issues, getting to know your comrades…

A lot of good happens around the great map table.

Avatar: I'm thrilled I had a part in your change of heart.

And I'm even more thrilled that you're comfortable enough with me to say so!

Gerome: Just because I enjoy solitude doesn't mean I don't know how to be grateful.

Avatar: You know, you're quite adorable when you let your guard down…

Gerome: Wh-what's that supposed to mean?

Avatar: Heh heh, your neck is turning red… Are you blushing under that mask?

Gerome: H-how absurd!

Avatar: Then you won't mind if I take it off and have a look.

Gerome: NO! Stay away from me!

Avatar: Gracious, Gerome! What has gotten into you?

Gerome: …Er, I'm not sure. I'm sorry, but I'm always...on edge when I talk to you.

I get delirious and…light headed…

Avatar: Oh?

Gerome: …Blast. I might as well just come out and admit it. You see, Avatar…

Avatar: Gerome? Y-your mask! What are you doing?!

Gerome: There. Now I can look you in the eye and tell you exactly how I feel.

I've always tried to be strong so I can fight alone on the battlefield.

And I still want to be strong, but now it's for a different reason.

…I want to be strong for you.

Avatar: For…For me?

Gerome: These feelings are…new to me. But I know they run deep.

If you don't feel the same, I'd just ask that you say as much now.

Avatar: Oh, Gerome! I care for you, too, so deeply…

Gerome: Music to my ears.

Avatar: And to prove it, I'll make myself stronger so I can help you as well.

Together we can build a better future for everyone!

Gerome: Yes, for everyone. My life of solitude ends today.

Confession: From today on, we'll hone our edges, together. We'll carve a path to happiness, through whatever fate may bring.

Also, I wanted to let you know, the Female Avatar x Libra link didn't take me to the post it's in, but the page after it.

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But since she stays at the castle, I assume she DOESN'T get a scene.

This reminds me... I need to kill off one of Chrom's S supports in Classic before Chapter 11 and before Chapter 13 to double check the script there... and skill inheritance, for that matter.

I've also got to add all this script stuff to the wiki. And post my supports, for that matter...

Also, I wanted to let you know, the Female Avatar x Libra link didn't take me to the post it's in, but the page after it.

This... is a weird thing SF seems to do where it tries to link to the post, but looks for it on the wrong page. I think I might be able to correct it manually... although I'm not completely sure how right now.

EDIT: Oh, and updated =)

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Now for a generic support: MaAvatar X Gerome(Parent-Child). Please note that I used Lon'qu and Gerome's Parent-Child Support as a base, so I didn't have to type out the whole thing. Which is why it is typed out similarly to that support.

C Support


Hello, Gerome.


What do you want?


Oh, Nothing in particular. I just-


Then why are you talking to me? I'm not here to make friends.


Apparently not. But what of your family?




I was thinking: we're father and son...

Perhaps it's time we started acting like it.

Lucina calls Chrom"Father", you know? We could start there.


You may look like my father, but you are not the same man.

My father is dead and gone. ...You are a stranger.


Gods, is everyone so tactless in the future?

I know your true father is gone, and I know you must miss him greatly.

...But I thought perhaps our relationship could heal that wound.


Then you are a fool.


Mind your mouth, Gerome. I'm only offering this out of a sense of-


This conversation is over. I have business elsewhere.

I must feed and clean Minervykins before bedtime.




Er, that is... I did not mean to...Bah! Your stupidity is contagious!


*Sigh* That boy…

B Support


Hello, Gerome. Have you been taking good care of little Minervykins?


I did NOT call her that! The very idea is ludicrous!

...You must have misheard.


Heh, Don't get your smallclothes in a twist, Gerome.

Cherche sometimes calls her wyvern Minervykins, too.

Eventually, I picked up the habit as well.


Oh... Er, right. I knew that.


Heh heh. You know, you're kind of adorable when you're flustered.




All right, all right. No need to glare now. I meant no offense…


…Apology accepted.


Heh, well that is most generous of you, Your Grace…

Though I must say, seeing you so angry reminds me quite a bit of Cherche.


What do you mean?


Mmm? Oh, er, nothing. Hey! Is that your Minerva over there?


It is.


Hmm, more intimidating than Cherche's... Scarier, more ferocious...


Truly? In the future,people oft remarked she was the prettiest wyvern in the realm.

Just look at those big, smokey eyes... She's such a cutey-poo!

Er, I mean... Um... You tricked me into saying that!


I didn't trick you into anything… You said it all by yourself.


That's it. I'm leaving. WE'RE leaving. ...Minerva, to me!


Heh, adorable when he's flustered indeed…

A Support


Hello, Gerome. Spending quality time with Minerva again, I see?


...Why do you insist on following me everywhere?


It's nothing so sinister as your tone implies, I assure you..

I wanted to talk about our relationship again. About being father and son...

Now that I've seen your sensitive side, I thought we might-


I have no sensitive side.


Er, right. But remember when you said Minerva was a cutey-poo?

The look of love that flitted across your face was so tender and sincere, I-




...Er, Minerva?


Minerva would never attack me, Gerome. She knows I'm family.

There, there, little Minerva. You remember me, don't you?



...Do you truly consider this buffoon part of our family?


...I see. Very well, Minerva. If that is your wish...


Er, what did Minerva say?


Hmph. You claim to be part of the family, but you can't understand her?


Er, well... It's an acquired skill.


It matters not. Minerva says you are family, and I am thus duty bound to accept you.

I'm... I'm sorry I treated you poorly. ...Father.


...Did you just call me Father?


Don't get used to it.

...Minerva, to me! We're leaving!


W-wait, Gerome! Son! Let's hear it just one more time!


Bah, enough already!

Please note this is identical to Gerome and Stahl's Parent-Child Support.

I guess I'm kinda reposting it, because I might as well, but it seems to pretty much be identical to Stahl's support with Gerome.

Also, FeMorgan X Cherche's support is identical to FeMorgan's with Cordelia. Not reposting it, because I don't want to waste my time like I did with the MaAvatar X Gerome Support.

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If they're still unclaimed, I can do Gangrel, Walhart and Yen'fay. Gotta wait for the spotpasses but I already have Gangrel on my support library.

Edit: Nevermind, I see Gangrel has been done and finished (I was going by the unclaimed spoiler tab) In that case I'll just take Walhart and Yen'fay. Again, if they aren't claimed yet XP.

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